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Spiritual gatherings emphasize all faiths

MRW -- I don't know much about Unity, so I can't give you a straight answer, but with Three Feathers is more about spirituality than religion. It is about connecting with each other, the earth and a higher being (whatever you want to call it) and using all kinds of tools to do so.

KC -- That was kind of a judgmental statement don't you think? You really should learn more about Three Feathers, Rick and Kath, before you make such statements.

I'll be attending the retreat this weekend, and can not wait! It is a chance to connect with other women, the earth, and myself. I love how inviting and inclusive Three Feathers and everything about it is!

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Obama: ‘Time for bickering’ now over for health care

I enjoyed the ELECTED Presidents speech on health care reform. I really liked the parts where he told us that if we already had health insurance we could keep it. Does that mean that there will be no single-payer system?

I have an honest question... why can't we just buy into Medicare at any age?

And Tim... what does The Anointed One mean?

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Should students watch President Obama's back-to-school speech on Tuesday?

I plan on watching the speech, and if I had a child in the public school system (no children yet), I'd keep them out of school to ENSURE that they had the chance to watch the speech. It's amazing that we have a smart, Harvard educated President in office that wants to talk to the nations children about staying in school, studying hard, and doing their best and people have a problem.

To the woman who is a "self supporting individual without government help", I hope she doesn't drive on paved roads, use city utilities, or plan on ever dialing 911 for fire or police assistance.

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Part of finger bitten off at health protest

We had a very peaceful candle light vigil in Lawrence. It's a great thing that people can assemble and dialog in America, no matter what side they are on. Research the facts.

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Candlelight vigil set on health care reform

It was a FUN, peaceful event... the dems may not have all the answers, but at least they are trying to keep the dialog going... it was also nice to see Rep. Ballard there...

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Barack Hussein Obama: Rampant Criminal Health Care Spammer?

Seriously Marion... I may have continued reading your blog if you had started with a credible source... I CAN NOT take anything from FAUX news seriously... just can't, it's against my religion... :)

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What would you do with a quarter of a billion dollars?

First I'd call Dave Mattern (not even sure he's still in the investment biz) and make his career... then I'd pay off my student loans, give nice lump sums to my family and friends, buy a building at KU to be named after someone special and then semi-retire to Boston. I'm still pretty young (28) so full retirement just doesn't seem right, but it would be nice to go to work knowing that you were just there for the enjoyment and to accomplish things... maybe with that kind of money I could find a way aound office politics?!?

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KU professor advocates accessibility around the globe

I had the privilege of taking one of Professor White's classes at KU 8 or so years ago. He is a kind, loving, hardworking man who I believe paved the way for my career in human services. I recently ran into him at a disability conference we were both attending. He is still the same wonderful man! It was great to catch up and see that he is still working hard and promoting independence.

Thanks LJW for running stories such as these. It's nice in the humdrum and often bad news of life to find a gem like Glen, and reading about him is even better!

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Lawrence booms with festivities

I watched the display from a hill up by Hutton Farms. It was AWESOME!

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Ninth-grader self-publishes first book in four-part series

Yeah Katie! You are AWESOME!

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