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Double Take: When teachers bully

Thank you Dr. Wes for your instruction. Follow the proper chain of command. Talk to the school principal (Ed West or Matt Brungardt). If that doesn't work, talk to Dr. Doll. He is a good person. I know it is not easy to reprimand bad teachers, but it is possible.

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High school graduation dates to change in 2013

"Sounds more like some administrators looking to keep a little additional time off instead of having to put in a couple of extra hours on a weekend to me. Of course they are just in it for the kids..."

Do you personally know an administrator? Most Principal positions are on an eleven month contract (August-June), and are salary so they will work evenings/weekends anyway.

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High school graduation dates to change in 2013

ECM: "The seniors will not be effected by this change. Why should they care."

Uh... aren't they the ones graduating?

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What do you do when you have trouble falling asleep?

I do the same thing! There is a fine time line for correct Tylenol PM consumption. You have to take it early enough that it won't disrupt your ability to hear the alarm.

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Self: Thomas Robinson will not make trip to Colorado with team

I wish the DC Jayhawks could meet him at the airport and let him know we are behind him. Prayers for the Robinson family.

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De Soto boy found in attic recovering at hospital

SRS is NOT responsible for child support. That's the courts decision. Did you adopt the child? Sounds like a case for family court, not SRS.

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Christmas holiday to close offices, public services

I know that people who receive meals through the Meals program at Douglas County Senior Services get shelf stable meals that can be used on the days that a meal is not delivered. The Community Christmas Dinner volunteers deliver dinner on Christmas.

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Community Blood Center closes its doors

Bigprune is a BIG TROLL...

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Sedgwick County deputy sheriff killed, suspect also dies

Prayers go out to the Wichita community. This young man gave his life in the line of duty and we should all be thankful for his service.

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KU student reports sexual assault attempt

I agree with Wally and I'm a fairly independent woman... NO ONE deserves to be violated, but we should all (man, woman, adult, child) keep ouselves out of situations that could perhaps put us in harms way.

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