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Twinkie manufacturer Hostess moves to liquidate after crippling strike

In non-"right-to-work" states, the union is a virtual mob: the unions collect dues from all workers, even the ones who do not want to join, and fights all "freedom of choice" options.

Do you think it is fair when workers are forced to join an union? It is a "legal" extortion of monies from those who do not want to be apart of an union...

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Should people be allowed to avoid immunizations?

If you don't want to get vaccinated, then don't. For those of you who do (like me), get vaccinated.

I mean, really, isn't that the point? You get vaccinated so that people who have XYZ disease, obviously a person who is not vaccinated from said sickness or one who refuses to get vaccinated from said sickness, can't spread it to you?

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Fantastic future? KU football coach Turner Gill ecstatic with No. 34 recruiting class in country

Great for the recruiting but let's face it, a ranking means absolutely NOTHING. Case in point is go back the past five or ten years and see who ranked where in the yearly recruiting classes. My favorite is seeing North Carolina in the top 15 virtually every year and yet, every year their team is in the middle of the pack in the ACC...so rankings really mean nothing...

But give Gill his four years and let's see what happens on the field...

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Governor-elect Sam Brownback names Kansas jobs team

The "crappy" jobs in the private sector pay for those union-backed government jobs that some of you think are the greatest things out there.

"... Employers will try to get as much out of an employee for little money..."
And there we have it: the reason why government employees are 99% the worse workers out there...

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Officials gather in Franklin County to mark completion of that county's portion of U.S. Highway 59 rebuild

And no one is saying that the new highway will eliminate accidents... that doesn't make any sense.

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Signs point to recovery: Stimulus funds give $60M boost to area economy

How is a "stimulus" a sign of "recovery"? If the area was truly in "recovery" then you wouldn't need the "stimulus"...

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‘This is terrible’

Hey you idiot MObetter, you still have to play your second game today and since you probably don't understand how the tournament works because YOUR team never is in it, let me explain it...Thursday/Saturday games--that's what KU, K-State, and Baylor had and then Friday/Sunday games, that's what your pathetic team has...UNI would have beaten your Tigers by 30 yesterday...

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Will the KU football team make a bowl game this season?

Sad day...it's almost like the "olden days" when in November we started to turn our complete attention toward basketball...

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U.S. 59 bridge project closes North 1 Road

logrithmic, wow, you're really waaaaay out there!

How many people have died in the past ten years on US-59 between Ottawa and Lawrence? The current road is NOT safe. A side note: the new highway isn't six lanes, only four.

"...Furthermore, 56 highway will tie into 59 highway, providing a quick short cut to I70 from the truck depot in Gardner. All at a cost to every taxpayer in the state..."

And how much money will that bring into the state via taxes?!? Millions! Also think of all of the jobs that the link will help create!

"...Meanwhile, the slashing of health and education budgets continues unabated...All of this highway spending continues unabated while education is being cut..."

Where does the money come from that funds those health and education programs? Magic? At least with infrastructure projects, the state is able to recoup monies spent by allowing the private sector to grow, to create jobs...shoot, 95% of all social programs are a bottomless pit when it comes to money, there's no return on any monies spent!

"...Get a clue folks. It's clear what the state values more - truck traffic - over your kids education..."

Ah, yes, the old threat of doom--death to your kids education!!! Yea! Turn the state into a crumbling infrastructure mess with dangerous roads--and be happy about it!

The state cares about safety, creating jobs and attracting businesses. What more do you want?

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