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How are Haskell Indian Nations University employee bonuses being distributed?

Employee accountability would be a start. I like the idea of student input on employee bonuses as long as every student receives a questionnaire that would keep them from being identified. Who best knows how employees perform ....the students.
Better yet forget the bonuses and go for new BA programs. I think room checks are the most ridiculous policy I have ever heard of for college students.

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Inexcusable Customer Service by Haskell Indian Nations University Employees

Haskell is a federally run school under The Bureau of Indian Education which is under the U.S. Department of the Interior. The U.S. Department of the Interior receives taxpayers dollars as do all federal agencies. Therefore Haskell is run on taxpayer dollars. bobandmywife would be correct.
WASHINGTON – As part of a major efficiency initiative that will leverage modern technology to save up to $500 million in TAXPAYER DOLLARS by 2020, the Department of the Interior today announced a contract award for Department-wide cloud email and collaboration services using Google Apps for Government.
Link: http://www.doi.gov/news/pressreleases...

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Who checks employee work stations at Haskell Indian Nations University?

I don't think it's petty. Haskell staff needs to be held not only to the standards they hold their students too, but above and beyond that. Why should students endure room checks when the staff that judges them sits in dirty offices or behind cluttered desks? It would not happen at KU.
Haskell has lower standards for their staff then for their students??????

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Haskell president: NAIA probation traced to academic fraud involving two students

I know some Haskell students and went down with one of them to get a copy of their transcript to sent to another school. We dropped into admissions so I could be introduced to a Patty Gram? I may have her name wrong.
I was shocked to see her office filled with students working with and having access to other students records! You will NOT see this at KU where I attend. I said it then and believe it now that, that is illegal. One might think that a person in charge of admissions might know this. No wonder a student could change their ACT score without being caught. No telling how many others have been changed. I don't understand why all the other sports programs are sanctioned, for the wrong doing of two students. I thought this was going to end up being a lot more students then two. Maybe someone needs to check and see if any other students have had grade changes in the last two years and I don't mean just the sports students.

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Free slave labor from Haskell Indian Nations University Students in Lawrence, KS

I have a male friend that lives at Roe Cloud he told me he regrets going too Haskell. He did not know they were going to lose their sports programs then he got written up for a messy room and had too go too the Roe Cloud office. They told him he needed to sign a paper stating his room was messy! He refused. He is a good student . He is not coming back too Haskell next semester. I think they lose a lot of students over ridiculous non-sense like this and a 100 other ridiculous things that go on at Haskell on a daily basis. He was in a room with no air and no one cared. Surprise !

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The Lawrence Journal World persist in having problems getting requested records concerning Haskell Indian Nations University

I am a grad student at KU. I have friends that attend Haskell. The Lawrence Journal World is correct in following up on records they requested. Why can't they get them? The LJW should call for an investigation of the entire school. How students are treated ( it's apparent they are not the school's priority or they would not have been left to suffer in a 100 + degree heat ) they have more two year degrees than four, the campus is not well maintained and food they are served is awful. I feel sorry for them. I hope someone will help them. Keep pushing the issue LJW.

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Mr. Chris Redman President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS shakes things up.

I am a KU grad student. Some Haskell students are my friends @ tuschkahouma You need to grow up. You are an apparent Haskell employee who sounds in fear of her job. The government has done a terrible job educating Haskell students. You are spouting off about treaties when your real concern needs to be for the Haskell students. I have been on your campus. Awful food, poor education, awful housing and I never feel very safe there. Instead of talking treaties and giving students grades for protesting things like beaver safety, the Haskell students should be protesting for a better education and an investigation into their school and how does the budget THE STUDENTS budget get spent. I read through some treaties but could find a thing that said the federal government is responsible for educating Native Americans through college could you please post that here? For now I must join the community college people. I think it would improve Haskell . They could get their two year degree then come over to the hill, which is what a lot of them do now because of their poor four year degree programs. I believe they have a total of 4 choices.

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Is Keith Moore a study of Naiveté Native?

This is who Haskell has to rely on? It's worse off than I thought.

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Sound off: My granddaughter has been threatened in school. What should I do?

@ TheSychophant
She did not say she has custody of her granddaughter and if she does maybe her son or daughter died, you never know. Maybe mother and daughter live with grandmother so she does not have to live alone.
Your comment was mean and cruel. Talk about bullying !
Don't let bullying continue. Call the police.

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Haskell reaches deal to bolster interaction with Environmental Protection Agency

About two thirds of Haskell students are enrolled in 2 year associate degree programs because they only have 4 four year degree programs: Elementary Ed, AIS, Business, Environmental Studies..so why do they need the EPA? EPA needs cheap labor.

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