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New Kansas law would limit spending of welfare benefits

So if you receive public assistance you can't take your kids swimming in the summer to cool off if you can't afford air conditioning and you can't buy a bra if you have had a mastectomy. How short sighted and mean spirited.

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New two-lane Wakarusa roundabout may be a little confusing at first, but it's safer, city official says

Recently, I saw a driver coming north from this round about blow through the following four way stop at full speed as if it was not marked. Watch out for drivers who may assume the round about is the only traffic device between 6th and Bob Billings Parkway. I found the round about a little confusing, but I think I will come to like it.

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Today in Lawrence: Get your tickets to see the president

What does LFK stand for?

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Lawmakers question Brownback's allotment cuts

" And he has said KPERS can absorb a temporary cut this year because it has enjoyed much higher than average earnings on its investments in the past year." This is the thinking of legislature after legislature that caused the unfunded liability in the first place.

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WOW working on long-distance calling issue

As a follow up, I was able to contact Debra Schmidt at WOW today and feel hopeful that having a local representative work on our telephone issues may result in them being fixed soon. Thanks Journal World for the helpful article.

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WOW working on long-distance calling issue

I have been having trouble with WOW's phone service for at least 18 months. I have spent hours on the phone with them explaining the issues. I suspect it is something systemic and will require more than individual fixes, which never seem to last more than a week.

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What is the first album you ever remember owning?

I was in the sixth grade. "Song to a Seagull" by Joni Mitchell. I liked the way the cover looked. My dad got me a Pete Fountain and a Herb Albert and the Tijuana Express album the same day.

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Delays expected on southbound Kansas River bridge on Friday

At 11 am traffic was still backed up to Lyon Street and moving even more slowly than it has been in recent weeks.

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Making sense of KPERS, 401(k) plans

With a defined benefit plan, the state can get away with offering lower wages, because the employee knows what to expect in retirement.

With a 401(k) defined contribution plan, employees will want higher wages since the returns on their retirement funds are much less certain.

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