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Farmers’ Turnpike to get $1.6M facelift

or big old boatramps

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Farmers’ Turnpike to get $1.6M facelift

i love suvs and i drive all over the place in my suv for no apparent reason but to go to walmart and help overheat the globe so kansas can be flooded by the ocean. i dont really see why we should improve infrastructure we should all just sit around and wait for doomsday

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‘I’m proud to be a soccer mom, frankly': Don’t expect to find these local parents on the sidelines

if you notice she has 4 children in the car probably plus a husband get off you high horse and leave people alone. its negative people like you who judge others that are the real problem.

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Two men hospitalized with stab wounds after fight in Burger King parking lot

go home flaming dragon we dont want you in the usa anyways.your opinions suck

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Three cats die in fire that destroys Lawrence home

i saw the fire it was pretty bad hope all is ok

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Jim Ellena, former auto dealer, dies at 61

jim elena was a lawrence icon. i graduated with his daughter and his son was one year older than i. i wish them and all of the family peace in this difficult time.

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City wants ideas for homeless campsite

most ridiculous idea ever. i have lived in lawrence my whole life and have seen the homeless population grow tremedously. these people have choices just like you and i. give them free stuff and ill tell you what their choice will be. it will just increase drug problems and other crimes. what happens when we find more dead in the camp . it will be the citys responsibility to pay maybe get sued. it all comes back to the pockets of the taxpayer.

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State seizes dozens of dogs

my dog could probably spell better than u waka. dogs rule you drool

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Friends, family pay tribute to accident victim at crash site

we all make mistakes. this was a bad one. just remember judge and you shall be judged.probably all of us have gotten behind the wheel after a few two many we were just the lucky ones.

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The real housewives of Douglas County

judge and you shall be judged

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