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County offers dust treatment for residents on gravel roads

chip and seal would be way more effective and over the course of time would pay for itself. whoever decides to gravel the heck out our busiest county roads is just not thinking clearly.

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Investigation into crash that killed Lawrence Police officer could take weeks

totally sucks that people act the way they do. no matter what this dude did he is a human. we all make mistakes. the loss of a friend is difficult enough without a bunch of people acting like they are god. just remember judge and ye shall be judged. no one is better than anyone else.

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Paving contractor causes sticky situation for motorists on 19th Street

i got it all over my car. shouldnt they pay to have it cleaned

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Investigators bust marijuana farm

a plant that is 15 feet tall could easily be worth a grand if not more. depending in the strain

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A bad idea

some people need help. some people need beer. if we could somehow decipher whom is whom them the people that really need help could get it. our system supports to many bad habits and the people with real jobs are forced to pay for it. i suppose we could just treat the homeless like the elderly just put them in a home and toss the key.

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Farmers’ Turnpike to get $1.6M facelift

books screw that I'll just watch tv

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Farmers’ Turnpike to get $1.6M facelift

another reason to drive an suv so when i see jack tooling down the road at 45 while watching out for deer and tumbleweeds and accidentally plow into him going 100 zillion miles an hour my safe vehicle will protect me. hopefully all the extra fuel i have on board wont create an explosion. i would hate to see global warming take on any extra exhaust on my behalf.

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Farmers’ Turnpike to get $1.6M facelift

thats good to hear just trying to get you riled up

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Farmers’ Turnpike to get $1.6M facelift

lol. i bet you dont have you air conditioning on either

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Farmers’ Turnpike to get $1.6M facelift

i agree with norml. and as far as two major car companies go im pretty sure they went bankrupt because of greed with no intent to help the small guy who does all the work. just look around the rich get richer and the poor get poorer just the way the machine wants it

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