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Town Talk: Talk of a West Lawrence recreation center involving KU Athletics heats up; a car wash project and a discussion about whether the city is business friendly

Do you want to share a sewer line with your neighbor? It's the same thing. How dare ignorant commissioners claim requiring developers to comply with their own code as development unfriendly. How dare the city of Lawrence expect developers to pay 10% more on a project simply to do it the correct way. That's so unfriendly. How dare a lazy commissioner deride the staff for doing their f'in job. Disgusting.

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One person dies after being struck by a piece of metal that fell from an oncoming vehicle on the SLT in Lawrence

People really need to secure things they're hauling. This is so avoidable. Construction trucks are the worst.

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Board of Regents calls 7.5 percent pay cut to state employees ‘unfair’

I don't know for sure, but I think if you really asked those people if they would prefer a 7.5% pay cut or a pink slip they'd probably take the cut.....

Ya'll don't seem to get it, do you? Jobs are sketchy right now no matter where you work. They have been all over this country. Try being unemployed for over 4 months and see how long it takes you to recover from that hit. It could happen to anyone. You, included.

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Kansas and Douglas County see more households leaving than coming in 2010

Lawrence is a vortex. I finally got out after 20 years, and then promptly got sucked back in. Not happy about it. The only reason I'm here is b/c of the economy. Stinks here, but it's worse other places. I'd leave again in a heart beat.....winter sux. Among other things.

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Eight suffer injuries in shooting at south Lawrence apartment complex

"An AK-47. When you absolutely, positively, have to kill every m'r f'r in the room."~Samuel Jackson in Jackie Brown

This kind of crap never happened when I was in college at KU. Man up. Fight without a gun. Geesh.

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I am a stripper.

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I am a stripper.

When did the journal world go xxx??? Seems like a pocket of soft porn to me, just something to beat off to so the wife won't find the evidence in the history pages.

I waited tables at a place like that for a year. Every dancer I knew there was sexually abused as a child and/or currently abused by their boyfriend. They all claimed to love dancing too~they would also giggle while telling stories about stabbing their dude because he pushed them down the stairs. Just one...I have some stories too, Anna :)

Enjoy your power trip, because that's all it is. Men are led by one thing~we all know what that is.

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County appraiser: Housing values, real estate sales down from last year

Like we (you and me) said...I just don't want to badly enough to live here and pay more to work harder and get paid less. You are absolutely correct. I don't want to. I don't want to spend the time and money to live in a mediocre home in a town with a horrible development plan/standard and have to deal with what it would take of my time away from my children and other things I'd like to do in order to make it what I deem to be liveable.

I'm a picky snooty tooty who is too good to live here......I'll say it, and it'll be fine if you do too. :) Oh wait, you already did. So dis me all you like~as I said, it's a personal choice. You all make yours everyday, and so do the planners who keep building multi-family "affordable" housing. The new starter home in Lawrence is a duplex on a slab. Welcome to the American Dream.

And we did find a fab home in a great neighborhood that we love. It isn't in Lawrence, and I'm way okay with that. I've never settled for anything, certainly won't start now. I sincerely doubt we're the only home buyers with a larger than starter budget leaving town to purchase.

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County appraiser: Housing values, real estate sales down from last year

My main requirement at this point is to NOT live in Lawrence....I'll not elaborate too much since you've all ASSumed what you will. But...

We've looked at every home listed in Lawrence under $300K in the last four months. Some cost even more than that. Just because they have a bunch of square feet doesn't mean they're great, and just because there's a lead paint ban and a disclosure law doesn't mean it doesn't exist and won't be a problem during a remodel.

Then there's the foundation issues many have and the need for new roofing, mechanical systems, and they pretty much ALL need new kitchens. We even saw one in the Deerfield school district (LOVELY neighborhood, don't ya know) that was $249,900 ~ the cooktop was cracked and in my opinion unsafe, the cabinets were from the '60's, they had painted over wallpaper in most of the downstairs and most of the windows needed to be replaced.

Oh, and the animal smells in 90% of the homes for sale in this town will never be gotten rid of simply by replacing carpet. yuck.

Then there's all the homes in west Lawrence built in the last decade for sale at $300K or above~ all on the same streets. All the same, all huge, all overpriced ticky tacky homes that will fall down in ten years waiting to go into foreclosure. Buy it for the listed price, and you'll be underwater next year.

I could go on and on, but I simply choose to not pay the premium required to live in a craphole in Lawrence. I guess I don't consider Lawrence to have the "charm" needed to make that sacrifice.

It's a personal choice, we all make them.

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County appraiser: Housing values, real estate sales down from last year

I'm very picky. I have two small kids I'd rather not eat lead, and I'd like them to have a yard to play in without high tension lines in the back yard or high volumes of traffic by the front door. Plus, I'd prefer to stay out of the flood plain and would rather not live next to all night partyin' college students or meth dealers.

Dang, so picky, sux to be me.....

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