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Televison at its best: We don't do heroin. Let's have sex.....

Now, to go back to an optimistic side; yes I do think it is possible. But, I think you're best approach may be like you said, watch it with you child and show them how what they are watching is not real, but ficition. I think it is the absence of that commentary that takes it down the path of becoming the guiding standard. As far as the show doing it by itself, not sure that may be realistic. I wish it was, but I'm afraid it might not be.

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Televison at its best: We don't do heroin. Let's have sex.....

I do think that your latter comment is close to the mark; they are so intertwined that it can be hard to decisively delineate which leads which. But, I think your question shows a good point. You ask where is the duty of the writer to ... It is important to remember that shows are created for certain audiences, despite how we think they should have a greater appeal and that they are created more often for profit. It may be cynical, but also realistic.

I agree with what you say. So many important topics are treated in such a flippant manner.

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Threaded comments now enabled on our Web sites

Liking the new approach.

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Neighborhood Coyote

I've also been hearing them a lot lately. Right at dusk or dawn is the usual time. I live in southwest Lawrence and several times in the past week I've heard the distinctive yelping of coyotes around the water plant off Wakarusa.

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What do you call the first decade of the 21st Century?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not know that the 'On the Street' poll was going to be about this past decade and what people thought of them, just in case anybody wondered.

But, it did introduce another way of spelling/referring to the decade, the Aughts. So, that it is another option.

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The Crazy Little Things They Do - Pet Stories

Its good to know that our cat is not the only one who thinks she is a dog, and plays fetch!

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Story for all ages: KU alumnus writes children’s book on John Brown

“I think he was much more akin to Martin Luther King than John Dillinger,” Hendrix says.

Remind me, when did MLK advocate violence and killing?!

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How did you celebrate Memorial Day?

Linda, that is a great way to celebrate the day!

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Finally - The Inauguration Speech

Thanks for the thoughts. I was curious to hear what people thought about the inauguation speech. They have such symbolic value, importance, etc.. attched to them. I too thought he did a fine job, especially at the end. Measured, but thorough. Inspiring in a grounded way. He is a very good speaker.

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Litigious society lacks common sense


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