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Place to hang out

If Aspen wants a skating rink, she and her friends could organize car washes and bake sales to help finance the thing.

After she succeeds, some KU film student will make a movie about it and she'll be rich and famous.

It's a good thing, to work for what you want.

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Are you bothered by panhandling in downtown Lawrence?

timetospeakup says For the ones that are genuinely mentally ill and can't hold work, well we have institutions to help that type too, if they're willing to take the help.

Actually, we don't. Reagan's legacy was to close the state-owned mental health institutions. I know someone in Topeka who lived there during that time. After Meninger's closed, they have had a terrible problem with homeless mentally ill, and it has never gotten any better.

There is no longer money in this country to service the mentally ill. Most of the homeless are people with psychiatric disabilities. They may look able, but they aren't, and if you talk to them for a minute you'll know.

That's Reagan's true legacy. That, and that he fired the meat inspectors and air traffic controllers.

As for the guy who turned down the pizza, he might be crazy, or he might have too much pride to accept someone's leftover meal even though he accepted money. You don't know that man's story.

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Abercrombie & Fitch to close Aug. 18

It's a little early to blame Wal-Mart for this, but it does support the arguments of people who say that Lawrence has more retail than it can support.

If A&F is the lowest producer in the district and this is a college town, something is very wrong with the health of retail in this town.

Hack & Co. will not be happy until they have squeezed every penny out of every possible development deal, and Lawrence is abandoned like Topeka.

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Wal-Mart wins city approval

thinkaboutit (Anonymous) says:
It was clear to me that the decision for wal-mart had been made before the meeting even started last night. Wonder who has a big block of wal-mart stock or who is involved in real estate that might make some money off this?

It's darker than that. Doug Compton, the landowner, used to date a Wal-Mart heir and is godfather to her grandchildren. Sue Hack's husband owns an insurance company and Compton gives Alan Hack the business of insuring his many properties. Compton has threatened Hack about taking his insurance business somewhere else. Hack received $1000 from Wal-Mart in some kind of teacher award.

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More think Supreme Court 'too conservative'

"Hope that he can hang on 'til we have a new President."

Wishing for his immediate recovery and retirement (not his death). Reason: Congress won't give Bush a free pass on any more nominees. The sooner we replace Bush judges, the better. Bush trying to get someone confirmed now would be a circus and a huge embarrassment for Bush - but more important, we would get a judge that was not a Bush puppet because Congress won't stand for it.

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Exxon efforts

Good thing for Exxon they have George Bush to send people off to kill and die for Exxon's profits.

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Exxon efforts

You are the "silly goose" if you are still parroting that old lie about what Al Gore said about the internet. You know it was misquoted, and you know what he ACTUALLY said is true - and has been supported by guys (some of the guys) who DID invent the internet.

Look stuff up on the "internets" once in awhile and you won't show your ignorance so blatantly.

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Gonzales warned to get his story straight

And then what? A strong reprimand for Gonzo? When will our elected representatives start doing their jobs for us?

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Dairy demand puts prices at a premium

Cow's milk is actually not good for you.

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Boyda defends decision to step out of Iraq hearing

Good for Boyda. We should protest the lies of this administration and its puppets in any and every way we can. It's time to stop being cowed by them. All the Democrats need to grow a backbone.

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