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Local girls become beauty queens for a day

KansasPerson - They do that in school all day. They learn about the brain and have reading assignments already. Look, it doesn't matter how little a girl is, she can be 3 and want to dress up, it is inherent in little girls. Girls love beautiful things. Its why we pick flowers instead of stomp on them. Its why we are gentle instead of rough like little boys. There is nothing wrong with promoting beauty. Its about admiring the beauty of who you are. Its about understanding that you hold beauty too.

Again, I don't know why anyone is having a problem with this. We need to be promoting femininity and beauty to our girls today. Too many girls don't know that they are unique and special and beautiful. make up and hair doesn't create the beauty, it enhances the beauty that is already there. Today girls are told that if they look too much like a girl they must not be smart, or they won't be treated equally with boys - that is a lie. We girls can want to look beautiful and admire beauty and be successful in school - hey your talking to a girl who finished her degree in under 3 years.

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Local girls become beauty queens for a day

What is wrong with being feminine? When did it become a problem to be girly? Girls like to dress up and look pretty. Its fun, its a part of our design. Why is letting little girls dress up for a day enhancing the rape culture? The fact sir, that you believe girls putting make-up on and doing their hair is enhancing the rape culture is the rape culture!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful. Women have been doing things to enhance beauty for centuries. -- Aren't you happy we aren't breaking our ribs anymore to look skinny?
Being a feminine woman is a beautiful thing. It isn't something that needs to be demonized. Letting little girls play dress up isn't teaching them that that is the only way to look beautiful. It's teaching them that they are graceful and beautiful. It teaches them that they are someone to be respected.
Don't steal their childhood and innocence away from them by telling them its bad to look pretty, its bad to pretend to be a princess.
I once put a night of beauty together for women who lived the safe houses in Lawrence. We provided free manicures and hair cuts for women who hadn't had a real hair cut in years. They left completely different women than they came. They left with a new sense of self worth and confidence. That was the whole point of the night. To remind those women of the treasure they are. Dressing up and looking nice is a way that we women do that. Don't take that away from us.

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