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Six-story hotel complex planned for downtown Lawrence

Fine with me so long as they pay for it themselves. I'm talking to you, Fritz.

Say no to TIF.

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ADA needs

Ohh, Sven.

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What did you think of the Dear Lawrence project exhibition?

Hot soup is best with lima beans.

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Town Talk: Vermont Street BBQ deal for Mass. location falls through; Berry Plastics project delayed but still moving forward; a new fee for city sidewalks?; artificial turf turned down

Why do they need to move the Varsity House for the new development? Seems more like a ploy than a necessity. I guess Werner just wants some curb appeal, but at what cost? Moving a 61 year old structure is quite drastic.

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City commission considering law requiring all special sales tax districts in Lawrence to post signs notifying shoppers of the higher sales tax rates

Perhaps the Oread can take down some of their wind-torn flags and put up ones that read "TIF"

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Sprint says 'network capacity' issues from the return of KU students are the cause of delayed text messages, lost hours

The piece of technology I've grown entirely dependent upon isn't working! Wahhhhh!

How did people even communicate before texts? Gosh.

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Crowding complaints follow freshmen onto Lawrence high school campuses

Split the freshmen and sophomores into one school, and do the same with the juniors and seniors.


August 23, 2011 at 6:14 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Racism alive

It must be distressing to see one's "dominate" status eroding. Equality for all is such an intimidating thing!

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