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Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

As a person who has mixed it up with KU legally, I can say that they are vicious. I don't believe for a second that attempts at settlement were anything but one-sided, they certainly weren't in my experience. I am sure that Sinks pushed any number of legal boundaries (hence the "willful" portion of the decision) , but I am confident that their end goal is to put him out of business. Even if he is smart enough to stay away from anything resembling the licensed text/font/emblems they will still find something. The most we can do is patronize his fab shop, in hopes that he can find a way to avoid or pay the fines while staying in business. Good luck Joe College and I'll try to pick up something ASAP.

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Riding the Obama Train: All the Way to the White House, or will McCain's VP choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin derail it?

All morning I've been fighting the reflex to vomit in my mouth. The selection of Gov. Palin is the most blatant pandering I have ever seen a politician attempt. Furthermore, as a woman I am deeply offended that the McCain campaign apparently believes working class woman (his obvious target) cannot distinguish between legitimate female candidates such as Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro and Gov. Palin, who's entire history can be summarized in a single, unimpressive page on Wikipedia. I could have handled the absence of a woman on either ticket, but I cannot abide such condescension. Women who gathered behind Hillary are not the sort to gather because of the sex of a candidate. They rallied behind Hillary because of the ideals she has spent her life working for. They rallied for Hillary because she was Hillary, not because she was a woman. This is a fact that McCain/Palin will figure out in the next two months.

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