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Violence decried

Why does this shake your hope for the orderly conduct of a representative government? Our political system will not change because of this heinous act. Yes, it will change how our elected representatives move through society, but they will still represent us and our political system is still one of the best in the world.

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Violence decried

Why do these murders shake your hope in our political system? I could understand that comment if the murders in AZ were politically motivated, but they were not. They were committed by a mentally ill person who by all accounts was not political.

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Abortion rights group criticizes Brownback

Restrictions on speech? One's rights should be uninfringed up unto the point that they infringe upon someone elses. Thus, you cannon slander or libel someone because your exercise of your right harms another.

Restrictions on abortion? Aborting viable babies, especially those that are at or near full term. At that point it is not just a fetus, but is a child and should be protected from harm unless the mother's physical health is at risk from delivering the baby. Remove the mental health exception because that is the point where the mother's rights infringe upon the baby's rights. As long as it is a fetus that is not viable it has no rights, but once it is a baby that can live outside the womb it does.

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Brown's district

Maybe Brown doesn't know it and those in his district don't want to admit it?

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Predictable result

It does not strengthen your argument by referring to me as naive. I could simply restate the same thing toward you, but again it would have no meaning. Facts man, show me the facts :)

Give me an example of hate speech by Palin or Rush or where they have used speech to incite violence.

Show me where a Palin or Rush follower committed an act of violence because of his/her devotion to them?

You can label it hate speech if you want, but that does not make it so.

You're right, you have no obligation to me so counter with facts if you want or don't. Your choice.

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Predictable result

I am not a tea party member and I speak against hate, hate language and violence regardless of the source. There is no place in this country for hate. Focus on the issue and disagree vehenmently, but leave the personal attack out of it.

If a tea party person wrote a letter with hate language in it I would criticize them too.

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Predictable result

And you not being able to respond to my request for verifiable sources for instances of encouraging violence explains a lot about your post.

There is no evidence to suggest or prove that the killer was motivated by anything Palin or the others said.

He is a nut job who only listens to the voices in his own twisted head.

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Kris Kobach's Kansas election fraud bill to cover mail-in ballots

I will wait to see the bill before commenting on it otherwise it is pure speculation with no value other than an opportunity to either support or bash someone based on politics and not substance.

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Predictable result

Really, just because someone uses a derogatory term in political speech does not make it acceptable. I am sure offensive words toward blacks, hispanics, gays, transgenders, etc. have been used in political speech before, but I doubt that you'd allow them.

The term teabagger is meant to incite negative connotations toward a group of people who share a certain political philosophy. It is meant, as the N word was, to dehumanize them because it is easy to hate something that isn't human.

I would urge you to reconsider your policy.

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Predictable result

Okay, I have an open mind. I don't think that those that you mention preach violence, but perhaps I am misinformed. So enlighten me by showing me where they have overtly encouraged violence with a verifiable source.

Do so, I'll condemn them and admit you're right.

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