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What Floats Your Boat believed to have raised record amount for Van Go program

Thank you, Tomatogrower for bringing up a great point; the point about your son understanding the importance of fundraising for agencies like Van Go. Great comments.

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What Floats Your Boat believed to have raised record amount for Van Go program

Both of my kids were artists at Van Go. Neither of them had a "huge fail" when they went out on their own. One of them graduates in the fall with a BFA from a well known art school. The other is working on her own and saving up for nursing school. So, no..... way off..... if my two kiddos 'got it' and were not 'let down' imagine all of the others just like them! Van Go is one of the most amazing agencies in Kansas. Both of my kids learned how to work for themselves and with others. They learned how to be proud of the work they produced. They learned how to get along on the job. They learned how to work as a team, how to appreciate and produce art. You are selling the artist apprentices, short.

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Hidden photo treasures

Wow, this is incredibly cool! What a find!

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Lawrence police unveil list of calls from previous 48 hours

I think there were 7 suicide attempt calls within a 48 hour period. I wonder what kind of training officers receiive responding to calls such as this?

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Suicide rate in Douglas County doubles in 2010; Headquarters counseling center offers suicide resources, warning signs

This statistic is really upsetting to hear, and I can assure you from personal experience that behind those numbers are families and friends and co workers and neighbors who feel that loss every, single day. I do not know why Lawrence has a higher rate of suicide than other counties. What I do know is that we are blessed with the amazing resource of Headquarters. When one is in crisis, sometimes that happens at 2 in the morning, sometimes that person is unable to get themselves to a hospital, sometimes that person needs at first to make contact with a trained person. Headquarters provides this service and it does not cost the caller a thing. We can spend a lot of time wondering on this forum about why Lawrence has a higher rate. But I suggest that instead of wondering why, we spend our time keeping our eyes and ears and hearts available to those people in our lives who are vulnerable. Think about the person at work who has missed alot of work. Reach out to them. Think about the neighbor you notice has little contact with others, or whose behavior has changed. Call them, offer your support. Ask your son or daughter how they are dealing with the end of that relationship or not making the team or being bullied at school.... keep the lines of communication open! And unfortunately, sometimes even with alot of support from others and access to mental health resources, suicide still happens. Regardless, keep trying. Keep reaching out. A simple call to someone and asking, "how are you doing?" can be the start of someone getting connected to the help that they need! I know!

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Elder abuse often hidden, hard to prosecute

Elder abuse and neglect goes on daily, right here in Lawrence. SRS needs to do a much better job at investigating and assisting the abused! The current level of support from SRS is inadquate. And, when it comes to an older adult being in a dangerous situation, time is of the essence; they don't have time to 'wait'.

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Soup for the soul: Fans swear by Lawrence restaurant recipe

I think Panda Garden/Plum Tree is better, but I'll try this recipe. Thanks for providing it!

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Double Take: Helping suicidal friend requires aid of others

Another resource that is helpful is Headquarters; 841-2345. It is confidential and staffed 24/7. Why wasn't this mentioned in the article?

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Desperately seeking diagnosis

Jenny: you are an amazing young woman. I have also struggled with serious health problems for several years but at least I had a name for my problems and doctors that would help. With Dr. Graf, I suspect that you will someday find a name and a treatment for your condition. I hope you are getting the emotional support you need. Peace to you!

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