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GOP nominee criticizes state treasurer about ads

So these ads are not even on TV anymore? They were stopped some days ago at McKinney’s request? That is a nice change from Lynn Jenkins CPA. So asked and answered.

This is par for the course and frustrating to see this this guy get hit when I don't recall these same people complaining when Republican Lynn Jenkins was running ads that featured her all the way until two weeks before the election when she was up for reelection in 2006.

Dennis McKinney has shown the kind of guy he is by pulling them himself after national higher education savings month was over. Part of his job is encouraging parents to save for their child's education. This article says over 55,000 Kansans have account with this savings program. Impressive.

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LHS Hall of Honor inducts new members

Impressive candidate for the hall of fame. Someone that really makes Lawerence proud.

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