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Lawrence VenturePark proposed as new name for business park on former Farmland site

Does anyone know the length of the sewer line in Abatement Acres for comparison to the linear feet in Rock Chalk Park to see the cost difference between a competive bid price ($5.5M) versus a Fritzel no-bid price?

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

Unbelievable. Humane Society is a service which the City must have by law. Humane Society has solid financials to support its need for additional funds to meet a city mandated service. No matter, Corliss says the taxpayers can't afford to pay for what is mandated by law. However, Corliss "thinks" LCS is in a good position to repay the debt so as usual the doors to the taxpayers' vault are wide open and unguarded by our tax and spend commission.

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Drug-related home invasions on the rise in Lawrence

Fact of the matter is that LPD when investigating these cases, tells its "drug dealer victims" that they are not interested in their activities, it just wants to get the "bad guy armed robbers" off the streets so they will cooperate. Then local DA simply refuses to prosecute the "drug dealer victims" who make themselves the obvious targets in the first place. Pretty simple really, just prosecute the "drug dealers" whether "victims" or not. So, if you get rid of the "dealer" you rid the community of the "bad guy robbers." Kill two criminal birds with one prosecution. It's a two-fer.

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House Democratic Leader Davis forms gubernatorial campaign committee

Brownback, Davis simply doesn't matter. Both choices are bad for Kansas. Neither team is worth a vote. Davis says common sense approach, blah blah blah. Davis' website talks of the travesty of the higher education funding slashed by Brownback and how much the rates have increased. But a few simple keystrokes and one finds that the increased costs he laments were actually worse during his team's administrations. So, go on and fool yourself if you think that either team has your best interests in mind when they move their lips and utter their collective BS.

Mr. Davis, I will vote for you only if you have the conviction, integrity and honesty to stop the BS as noted above. I will check your website which I encourage all voters to do and I will not cast a ballot in your favor if you continue to mislead voters. If you want to be Governor, then try a new campaign strategy, brutal honesty. Treat us like adults and stop the BS rhetoric.

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Douglas County commissioners to hold public hearing on 2014 budget

It's unattended because public input is never taken into consideration at any time during the budgeting process so why bother to show up just to be ignored. I've attended several meetings where public input is sought only to learn from commissioner statements that the real meetings & decisions have already taken place at some other undisclosed place and time.

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City to begin searching for sites for potential multimillion dollar police headquarters

Commissioner Riordan, the LJWorld's go-to commish for his expert knowledge of the police department needs. Needs? More like wants, nice-to-haves, but definitely not needs. Remember new guy, better to look like a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

Go back and research why Olin wanted the western site and then-manager Wildgen's explanations for telling the Commish why it should be split. Now, Corliss & Co. are saying we need one centrally located building. The only thing Corliss is definitely sure of, is his insatiable taste for big ticket, tax and spend policies.

btw: Chad, did Corliss ever provide evidence of the federal reimbursement for the police officers who raked in more than Chief Khatib last year? If not, why does your paper never seem to follow up with what Coriiss tells the public to obtain what he "needs?" Why does it seem there is never any follow up from the LJW?

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Attorney general wants rewrite of Hard 50 law

This is simply a I-intend-to-run-for-higher-office-political-grandstanding maneuver ... It's for society's safety blah blah blah. If these crimes are so heinous, then the likelihood of a person so convicted receiving parole the first time eligible after 25 years is remote. Just read the "up for parole" notices in this paper and see how many convicts get passed over for crimes which would not even make the "worse of the worse" list.

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Lawrence attorney Wakefield may challenge Jenkins in U.S. House race

The more candidates the better off we are. I suggest that you travel far and wide outside of Lawrence . Here in Lawrence, you will get slaps on the back, praise up and down both sides but be slaughtered in the district election if you don't learn what others in this State want.

Driving around here during the last election, one would have thought Holland and Six could muster a fight. Not a chance, those two races reminded me of that youtube fight where the guy dances around for 5 minutes, then finally approaches the other fighter and immediately gets knocked "the blank" out by one punch.

Good luck Margie, you're going to need it since there's more to the distict than Lawrence. If you don't think and act like a Lawrencian, you might just have a chance.

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Opinion: Former district attorney comments on concealed-carry law

Mr. Wells: is this the kind of "criminal" you would have prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Doubtful, if you wanted a 2nd term even here in anti-gun Lawrence.


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Latest Census numbers show Douglas County had fewer private sector jobs, businesses than in 2000

Private sector down, but I'm sure gov'ment suckling jobs are way up in this town. Chad, do you have any numbers in "government 'job' growth" during this same time frame?

Perhaps if the City and County, when handing out all that "free taxpayer money" to the local 1-percenters, they could include one clause, "Unless otherwise exempted, all materials, labor, etc., must originate within the geographical boundary of City/County if taxpayer monies are utilized or tax receipts abated" Recall all the unfair labor signs at 9th & NH when Compton brought in mostly out-of-area workers to construction his building with taxpayer assistance.

Speaking of Compton, DG CO & City gave him "Eco-Dev" money for firesprinklers approx. $300,000+ as it was going to be used as a new business, generating tax revenue according to DG CO Commish Gaughn who voted for it for this handout to the 1-percenter. How much is that Church pulling in for Eco-Dev money Mr. Gaughn?

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