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Taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of flights that KU defends as essential

A superb article, Ms. Dillon and the Journal-World.

This is what high class reporting is all about!

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Lawrence Journal-World wins 33 Kansas Press Association awards

Congratulations to the Journal World.

And to those who didn't quite make it, but with excellent stories as well, also congratulations.

I would like to see the entire awards report for the whole state of Kansas.

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Lawrence religious organizations joining to 'go upstream'

It seems like a very important group to me.

Are any Buddhists involved?

Any atheists?

Any other branches of other religions, including the ahmadiyya muslims who I work with in The Gambia?

Why is it so important to reach agreement before you have public meetings? I would have thought that the public meetings would expose all points of view.

It's a very good article, but you never mention the twelve themes. What are they?

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Kansas high school's piano purchase hits sour note

Thanks, David, for your correspondence with the school. I've learned a lot, from this posting and your previous postings on this article, which got into the history of the school.

I will take piano playing for a school subject any day compared with football!

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Kansan to cut print edition from four days a week to two, citing 'digital-first' push

Why doesn't the Kansan combine with other newspapers from 5 or six, or more, states? These could include high school newspapers and community college newspapers, as well. Then, all of these papers could together present news from a large state area which otherwise most students (and adults) would never be aware of.

They could still use the individual headers for each state.

And - there could be cross-fertilization from various schools, so that students could get an idea what is happening at other schools. This combined paper could come out every day, in print and online.

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Kansas high school's piano purchase hits sour note

I would agree completely with Leslie on this. Music is just as important in life - perhaps more important for many people - than football!

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As audit begins, questions about Rock Chalk Park accounting grow

I agree. He is an incredible reporter - this approach makes the Journal-World amazing to have a reporter of his quality on their staff.

But I also agree - having the "humor" doesn't help the articles. In fact, I think it lessens them.

I hope the Journal-World and Chad gain at least one award for this tremendous kind of work.

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As audit begins, questions about Rock Chalk Park accounting grow

This is high quality, in-depth investigative reporting.

Thank you, Chad Lawhorn and the Journal-World.

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Your Turn: Ninth St. concerns deserve attention

(Continued from the post above)

The third article concerns public spaces and citizenship. "If vibrancy is people, and citizenship is creative, it follows that the more citizens feel they are able to contribute to their public spaces, the more vibrant their communities will be."

In San Francisco, for example, wonderful places for sharing, discussions and even a game of dominos have been created: especially by eliminating some parking spaces, and turning the spaces into mini-parklets. People of all colors share space there, and there are people of all sorts of incomes, too. It's amazing, and this could be done easily in Lawrence. But it has to be in the right spaces, and people have to be outside to take part. "There is an undeniable thing that each resident brings to the has to do with the openness and feeling of the place; it's not something that you construct, physically, it's something that you feel. And it is us as humans that convey that feeling to each other - or not."

I have wondered - how many reporters of different races are employed by the Journal-World. A year ago I asked how many veterans were employed - and I think the answer was one.

The final article includes people of all generations, who can share with each other in public spaces. There is much to be learned from each generation, and the right kind of pubic space can "cause the magic"!

We could start out, in our pubic spaces, with dominos - and go from there. It certainly happens in San Francisco, and it could happen in Lawrence just as easily. But we need to pick people who are from the area, who have a sense of what is possible.

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