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City to consider $1 million loan guarantee for downtown, East Lawrence broadband project

People should read all attachments which Michelle Falles has given here (above). They are very helpful, and Josh should receive credit for the work he has put into them!

I'm wondering - could one broadband cable be split into more than one house - 2, 4, 6 or even more? Would this make much difference in the speed? Much like a router in DSL technology, if it could be split, would this allow many other parts of Lawrence and Baldwin City to be able to take part in fast internet much more quickly, and probably at less cost as well.

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City to consider $1 million loan guarantee for downtown, East Lawrence broadband project

I'm all for Wicked and RG Fiber.

WOW and AT&T have never put forth their scenarios on the web. This has got to change!

It is very exciting that Baldwin City might also get fast internet, perhaps through RG Fiber. Baldwin City and Lawrence would make two great places to live for start-ups and established companies of all kinds (although I have yet to see what Lawrence is doing with Venture Park - a very poorly named and conceived of situation.

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Smartphone-based ride-sharing program, Uber, arrives in Wichita

Uber, Lyft and Sidecar have worked very well in many cities throughout the world.

In Los Angeles there are now thousands of drivers. The same for San Francisco. When people don't want or don't have to have a car, this service gives a tremendous benefit.

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Checkers owner confirms negotiations on downtown grocery; city set to approve ice rink; food truck debate delayed

A great location, a great idea. Now perhaps the local transit service would put their headquarters there, with buses out to all parts of the city.

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K-State offers its first MOOC; KU not interested

I agree completely with Roger Tarbutton. We are going to use free MOOCs in West Africa for a pilot course, in which the students and teacher use these courses to boost and expand their own knowledge.

KUs response is ridiculous. They are way behind the times. The Chancellor should go - be fired if necessary - to find a replacement of a very different sort - take, for example, the President of Arizona State University, Michael M. Crow. ASU now offers over 70 courses online, and it is in large part the result of Michael Crow's vision.

Errin Barcomb-Peterson, director of news and media relations, should also be fired, and replacements be hired which reflect the 21st century, not just the jobs and high pay of many professors - which makes the amount the students pay even greater. Students can't continue borrowing like this. I would not be surprised if half the professors would be made useless if MOOCs were fully operable in each university - and especially, KU.

KU is way behind the times.

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Longtime bait shop still lures in fishermen

I would hope that a casting pool could eventually be developed for Lawrence. Later on, I will do an article on the casting pool in Golden Gate Park, which is beautiful and which was built during WPA days. The same kind of thing could be developed for Lawrence, and it would draw people from throughout the Midwest!

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Managing editor: Why we don't 'unpublish' stories and photos

A very good presentation of a particular point of view.

It is certainly on a very delicate subject. However, the newspaper must remain an important resource and historical feature of the community (see my comments on Dolph Simons, Jr.'s column on "Changes in Lawrence Attitude are Not for the Better").

We need more of these kinds of columns. Thank you, Julie Wright. These columns, both by newspaper staff and citizens, should fit under a new section -- I don't know what it should be called -- perhaps "Thinking about newspapers", somewhat like the Public Editor of the New York Times.

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As city grows northwest, many new students won't be allowed to go to Lawrence schools

I don't agree with your comments on Baldwin.

I brought one of the first black students to Baldwin some years ago, and they not only had a great education, but met many people in Baldwin as well as in Lawrence, of all races. I, and they, found Baldwin City to be an amazing place.

See the article in the Atlantic Magazine today online ("Self-segregation: why it's so hard for whites to understand Ferguson"). I'll be doing a blog on this article in a few days.

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As city grows northwest, many new students won't be allowed to go to Lawrence schools

I agree with you completely on this.

And by the way, there should be single funding for all the school districts in Kansas - they should be brought together for funding purposes. It doesn't make sense, and it isn't correct, that poor districts should be side by side with rich districts.

Thjs is a big problem for the entire United States. It's one reason why many districts (which are mostly white) are much better funded than poor districts (which are mostly minority).

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