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Plans filed for redevelopment at Alvamar golf and country club; details released on 2015 Kansas Craft Brewers Expo in downtown

What happened to my comment? What I said was that this map is not clear.

The Journal World should publish a better map, and one which can be blown up.

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A concept plan for redevelopment around the Alvamar golf complex in West Lawrence.

This needs to have a better and larger map!

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Obama at KU: Some university community members came for the issues, others for the show

I don't think the Journal-World reported in depth on the Chancellor's speech either. Why was that so? Did she not have anything to say that was, in the Journal-World's opinion, worthwhile? What did she talk about?

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Commissioners concerned that Wicked Broadband is trying to manipulate process ahead of key vote

I would agree with Brad Hightower completely.

To repeat what he said: what financial information did the city require Fitzel before giving him a 12 miliion dollar no-bid city infrastructure job.

Specific answers, please - not generalities - from all city commissioners who were on the City Commission at that time!

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Saturday Column: Polished Obama message doesn’t tell whole story

Mr. Simons, Jr., instead of giving us generalities, detail in specific YOUR policies and the things that YOU would do to make things better for the middle class. Be specific.

Thank you.

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President Obama visits Lawrence, KU

Great photographs. I've sent these to friends in Europe and Africa.

For those who have never been to Lawrence, I would suggest some photographs of the campus and the town, as well. Including the library downtown and any other public businesses which showed the speech.

I would also suggest Topeka photographs and video:

and this article from the Kansas City Star:

This would be an excellent time for a selection of readers' photographs, as well.

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VIDEO: President Obama speaks to KU

Congratulations to all the people of Kansas, to President Obama, and to the Lawrence Journal-World.

In the future, we need more live streaming on the Journal-World site!

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100-year-old Kansas woman lines up for tickets to presidential visit

I hope she gets to sit on the stage next to the President!

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President Obama arrives in Kansas

Why isn't the Journal World carrying the speech live as well?

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Lawrence commission OKs Rock Chalk Park audit, due by end of February

Kate, you said it very well. He should NOT be on the city commission.

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