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Town Talk: Rumors of Starbucks looking to build in northwest Lawrence; city and convenience store exploring options for compressed natural gas; how about a bicycle fleet for city workers?

Let's make the new Starbucks totally original.

There's a similar building made of shipping crates at the Presidio, in San Francisco, and it's very impressive.


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Kansas group to show Gaza children's art exhibit in Wichita

The children have many points of view other than Hamas or the Palestinian Occupation. Let them speak for themselves!

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Brownback urges earlier start to Kansas State Fair

It's a great idea. But keep the fair in Hutchinson. It's a very good location, central to Kansas.

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Speaking in Osawatomie, Obama sees 'make or break' time for middle class

The Journal-World really failed this time. Apparently they failed to send a reporter and photographer to report on this event. It's a real shame, because Google News just had top coverage (it was the first thing on their web page), and the third down after the New York Times and Wall Street Journal was the University Daily Kansan!

That's not to say that I don't support the Journal-World. Their staff does some incredible stories, and they are right on top of so many things. But on this one, had they been there, it would have been such a great story, with great pictures.

Instead, it is just a small AP story. It is very unfortunate, and I hope the Journal-World staff does some serious thinking about what has happened.

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Few things remain of dead Kansas town

This is great! Please give us more stories of old Kansas towns, as well as farm history. Thank you Amy, of The Hutchinson News

These stories AND PICTURES--where are the pictures??--along with the oral history of survivors will give us a picture of older Kansas before it disappears.

There are stories like this all over Kansas - waiting to be told.

It reminds me of the WPA days - when a whole generation of new writers received their grounding in state history and geography. Could we not do this today?

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65 years later, vet receives high school diploma

Congratulations to all of you! (I myself am a veteran.)

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Church leaders ask Kansas Legislature to stay out of illegal immigration reform

No, that is not the best reason for learning Spanish. People who come here must learn English. But rather it is because there is no other way to expand your knowledge to include other people of other traditions. Or do you not care at all about any other traditions? Do you not care to have friends from other countries?

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Church leaders ask Kansas Legislature to stay out of illegal immigration reform

Part of the reason many Kansas react as they do is that they don't know any Mexicans or other nationalities as close friends, and they don't speak another language, so they have no idea of what their life was like growing up, or their country.

Learn another foreign language besides English! Become more aware of what's happening in the rest of the world.

And the Journal-World should do a series of interviews with people from other countries, so that many Americans, who live such closed lives, can look out and really begin to meet people from other countries.

And include a section in Spanish on the web each week for Lawrence and Kansas!

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Teacher loss

I completely agree with this Editorial. I grew up in Hutchinson, where we had small classes and GREAT teachers. It's a very important time for all young people - to have good teachers, and to have space to breathe in so that they can open as many different avenues as possible for themselves and for society.

And in that regard, why not have a much larger Opinion section every day of editorials from newspapers throughout Kansas? Just like this one - it should be read in every part of the state.

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