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Health concern

With the exception of Jimo-like thinkers, common-sense is in short supply. Animals die every day. Coyotes and vultures and other critters are happy to take care of that problem in the countryside and on the highway. Yes, it's their dinner.
We always scooped the poor little guy up with a shovel and gave it a Christian burial in the backyard.
And dogs love to roll in anything dead. It is disgusting but they just love stinking to high heaven. You guys need to get out of the city.
And remember this one thing. If you touch anything, wash your hands with soap and hot (not boiling) water. Sheesh. Why did I think it was necessary to add that? Cause there are too many idiots out there.

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Group assessing function of community schools

I couldn't agree more. You are right on the money.
And “The neighborhood doesn’t create the school community. The community creates the school community.” is one of the silliest things I have ever read. Did he really mean to say that?

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Brownback named in complaint about C Street House; spokesman denies the allegation

This group, CREW, has been a little busy lately. And the MSM doesn't seem to mind being a party to this "Guilt by Accusation" ploy. Check out their accusations against Freedom Alliance, the group that provides scholarships for the kids of soldiers that have been killed or severely injured in service to our country. Investigate it a little before you form your opinion--and don't quit because you need to dig deeper to get a better idea. Here's some help to get you started: http://spectator.org/blog/2010/03/19/...

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Parkinson: GOP budget cuts ‘irresponsible’

For Heaven's sake, more money does not equal better education, and being responsible does not equate with spending money we do not have. The economy is the problem. Raising taxes will have a negative effect on the economy which will lead to even less in revenues. Let's study on how to improve the economic health of Kansas. And watch out for the flood of taxes that the federal government is about to unleash.

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Court ruling a simple free speech issue

Mr. "bozo"
If you had read Mr. Will's column, you would have answered your own question.
"The Times, a corporate entity, can engage in political advocacy because Congress has granted “media corporations” an exemption from limits."
And the first amendment states,
“Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech.”
So, are you for free speech and the constitution, or do you think it's okay to say, restrict my speech, because I don't agree with your uninformed opinion.

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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

Leave it to Mr. Rothchild to slant this into an "anti-democrat" affair. The 10th amendment states that those powers not assigned to the federal government by the Constitution shall be powers held by the states and people. The States' 10th amendment rights have been eroding for decades and, finally, the federal government is overstepping so egregiously that people are paying attention and taking steps to put a stop to it. Calling people names and insulting their intelligence is a poor way to thank them for trying to protect the freedoms of every Kansan.

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