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Kansas Rep. Pete DeGraaf explains why he proposed a 7.5 percent pay cut for state employees

The Kansas Legislators and Senators don't make that much. Its about $20k. The FEDERAL politicans are the ones that make $100k. Someone posted a link online yesterday about state employees that make over $100k. There was a link for a few school districts. I was AMAZED at how many Olathe (closest one to Lawrence) school employees make over $100k and over $70K! Wow! I always thought they were underpaid!!

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State Rep. Anthony Brown criticizes Lawrence, KU

Pretty POSITIVE this wasn't said by Rep Brown. Just another reporter trying to start something.

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Education cuts

I know first hand one school district in Kansas that paid way too much in employer taxes and made lots of mistakes and only found out because the person left her job and someone took over that caught her mistakes. That had went on for atleast 4 years. We need them held accountable. I have never understood why they will not change over to the standard accounting practices.

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Listen, legislators

I've told my local rep and senator - NO MORE TAXES! Live within your means!!!!

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Kansans support increased tobacco, alcohol taxes, according to new poll

Just curious...how many of you participated in this poll? I don't think 500 people is enough people to get a census on Kansas. That's too small a number in my opinion.

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Some parents not against closings at last forum

KSManimal - I really don't think that anyone would LOVE to see public education destroyed. That is such a cop out on your part. I think a lot of areas are cutting back and starting to live within their means.....it's too bad it got out of hand. All areas are hurting not just public education. It's called being responsible and not trying to waste tax payers money. There is a lot of areas that require the State's funding....public education being one of them. I know other organizations are scrambling to find ways to fund their budget also. It's not a simple as raise our taxes to fund education - that will be divided up among all areas (or should be) and education will still only get their share. I guess you feel it needs to be a LIONS share and forget about the rest of those funded by the state.

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Some parents not against closings at last forum

I think we deserve to see a comparable spreadsheet budget on each school to see how they compare to each other. Such as line 1: Admin. salary, line 2, techers salary, line 3. food, etc so we can compare across the worksheet and see if something is out of whack. Also, I'd like to compare schools like this of realively the same size so we can see the items that are way out of line. If something is higher or lower, they can explain why.

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Budget shortfalls mean some senior citizens in the state are going hungry

This is not about politics - its about helping those in need. You can be selfish all you want or call it whatever but it is true. Like I said, as long as something doesn't effect you its ok.

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Budget shortfalls mean some senior citizens in the state are going hungry

Another suggestion, as you are all doing your taxes and IF you are getting a tax refund whether its Federal or State, I challenge you to donate it to these agencies or the State. I don't think schools will even accept your donation, but I KNOW these agencies will. I think most people WILL NOT do it becaue you want it or think you NEED it. You don't really care about the budget shortfall and cuts - as long as it doesn't effect you. We don't need to raise taxes, we need for all people and all organizations to start living within their budget of NEEDS not WANTS!

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