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Contractors say county getting overcharged for roof work

This is simple. Just google: garland roofing scam and follow the testimony, news articles and TV spots on how slick salesmen worm their way into public contracts. Like P.t Banum said, there is a sucker born every minute. Of course Gwaltney is correct and brave to create this issue. There was zero competition in roof materials because Garland wrote the specs and of course they will say their products are far superior. Plus, there was no bid opening for contractor labor because as I understand it, those bids were faxed to Garland's home office in Ohio and not read aloud. There were five bids on this project, four non-union and one all union company and we are to beleive that the union company was low by almost $100,000. Please ! This entire project stinks. Gwaltney should be applauded for his honesty and the project should be re-bid but without all the stench and questionable methods. Open spec, open bid, same 30 year warranty. Let Garland bid it again, just this time let there be some competition and have a public opening. This aint office supplies were buying here!

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