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At Kansas senators' request, committee will not consider Steve Six's nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

Whatever saves our beloved state of Kansas from the Libtards is fine with me.

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Real Brownback?

when I moved to Lawrence in 1968 the so called wetlands were FARMED cornfields. Suddenly in the late 70's when the bypass was in the negotiation stages the cornfields were purchased, flooded and suddenly deemed wetlands. Another Liberal scam to halt progress and to keep Lawrence the hippie enclave it wishes it still was. You can't halt progress though. Don't worry as we drive the bypass around Lawrence to avoid the 23rd street congestion, we will still think of you as The People's Republic of Douglas County where old progressives go to die!

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Real Brownback?

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Kobach at center of two Supreme Court decisions in illegal immigration cases

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GOP plan?

the progressives, liberals, lefties, Barry followers whatever you want to call them are all SCARED to death that the PEOPLE will be in charge again. Scott Brown's victory proves the old adage that "One man can make a difference". His election has all but killed Obama Care. That is a fact. And it has the left running scared. The fore fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote the constitution. The Demo's want the power and they know that to keep that power they have to make some consessions to get re-elected this fall. The only loyalty they have is to their love of power and money. They will do whatever they have to do to keep their jobs. If that means leaving Barry out in the cold and kissing up to Scott, by golly they will pucker up! Sarah Palin is suddenly viable to them, and the terrorist trials in NY are suddenly not the thing to do. Get some priniciples guys. Sarah has 'em, Glenn has 'em, Scott has em and it kills you.

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Factual error

Here's to Al Gore all those global warming believers as I shovel out of this 4-6 inch snowfall again during one of the coldest winters on record........

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New legislation in Kansas House would overturn local smoking bans, including Lawrence's

Socialism is socialism whether it's banning smoking in public places or forcing me to have government health insurance. Take back your state and take back your country.

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Store needed

Genie,If we put usable, successful stores in North Lawrence, then folks would pull off the turnpike, shop and then get back on the turnpike without ever experiencing this lovely city that is "The People's Republic of Douglas County". You would'nt stop at the overpriced specialty shops on Mass Street. You couldn't experience the pot hole riddled streets, the ridiculous traffic or the lovely prestigeous over hyped west side. Not to mention a drive by of one of the nations most liberal, left wing overblown University's. Alas poor Genie, you'll just have to drive a little further to Topeka or risk it by entering the inner sactum that is Lawrence Kansas

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EPA impact

The headline say's the findings could effect KU's reputation. I assume they mean their positive reputation. I didn't know KU had a positive reputation. Except of course with the drug induced, beer soaked, over sexed liberal graduates. This coming from a drug induced, beer soaked, over sexed KU grad.

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13% turn out for vote

People are tired of politics and politicians. I voted, it took only 4 minutes. I feel it is my duty to vote. But It doesn't matter who you vote for. They WON'T represent their constituents, they only want to advance their own political aspirations. Bored housewives who want to be a congress woman or Senator because they have nothing else to do. Ex Olympic athletes who want to extend their 15 minutes. Or legal aces who have NEVER done a lick of real work in their lives. Little Lawrence, Douglas County and the state of Kansas are just tiny little steps in their walk to power and prestiege.

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