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Today in Lawrence: Rainy but warm, Big Event sign-up

Volunteering for The Big Event is open ONLY to KU Students - not Lawrence residents.

Register if you want to provide a volunteer opportunity for the event.

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An update on Menards and other retail and restaurant rumblings

Lawrence should look in to building a Braum's......that would make me so happy.

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Faith Forum: At college, is it OK to bring up religion in my dorm, scholarship hall, fraternity or sorority?

That's until fellow students turn against you for reading about Secularism. Do know that KU offers a wide variety of religion courses and they're a great opportunity for students to understand more about world religions! :-)

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State moving ahead on science standards

Here's some more information, coming straight from the National Center for Science Education: (url: http://ncse.com/news/2013/09/anti-ngs...)

NCSE's Joshua Rosenau told the Associated Press (September 26, 2013) that it was a familiar argument, but "no one in the legal community has put much stock in it." He added, “They're trying to say anything that's not promoting their religion is promoting some other religion," and dismissed the argument as "silly." Steven Case, director of the University of Kansas's Center for Science Education, concurred, citing previous court rulings as evidence that the new lawsuit "won't hold up." "This is about as frivolous as lawsuits get," Case told the Associated Press. The Kansas state board of education voted 8-2 to accept the Next Generation Science Standards on June 11, 2013, as NCSE previously reported, and the lawsuit is evidently attempting to undo the decision.

The complaint alleges that the NGSS and the Framework "seek to cause students to embrace a non-theistic Worldview ... by leading very young children to ask ultimate questions about the cause and nature of life and the universe ... and then using a variety of deceptive devices and methods that will lead them to answer the questions with only materialistic/atheistic explanations. ... The effect ... is to cause the students to ultimately 'know' and 'understand' that the student is not a design or a creation made for a purpose, but rather is just a 'natural object' that has emerged from the random interactions of matter, energy and the physical forces via unguided evolutionary processes which are the core tenets of Religious ('secular') Humanism" (p. 15). Both the Big Bang and evolution are emphasized as problematic.

**Case in point: Science wins.

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Opinion: Shooting raises mental health issues

By the 80's you mean in the past few years, right?


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Senate Majority Leader Bruce calls on KU to fire journalism professor over Twitter comment on Navy Yard shooting

See now you're trying to twist this all around. The NRA is in no way the same as a demographic. Esp. when those listed are possibly (more so very likely) discriminated upon by the NRA.

There's really no reason to continue this fuss over who's right or wrong. It clearly wasn't his brightest moment in posting the Tweet, but we're all human and we're bound to make mistakes.

Will this incident change gun laws, or anything really, besides creating mass hysteria over the internet? Lets just see what the NRA has in store, and what stories and events unfold over the next few weeks.

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Senate Majority Leader Bruce calls on KU to fire journalism professor over Twitter comment on Navy Yard shooting

KU's J-School offers a class on this very subject.

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Senate Majority Leader Bruce calls on KU to fire journalism professor over Twitter comment on Navy Yard shooting

With everything posted after the incident, there are reasons to agree with Prof. Guth. The NRA had NO response following the shootings, as if they knew they were at fault. Not to mention, the NRA continues to blame video games (i.e. the newly released GTA V) for the shootings. So they're able to continue to blame video-games for shootings and not the fact guns are 'freely' available to well, just about anyone, thanks to the newly establish guns laws? Sorry, but the NRA needs to rethink their priorities and take responsibility for actions caused by their push for gun sales.

Anyway, more about my first statement:
Here's some insight. I do warn, realities of the situtation may come as a surprise:


I am neither for or against gun sales, as long as they are used responsibly, but Prof. Guth in no way, deserves what people are doing to/ saying about him. He just stated his own opinion - yeah, that can get you into a lot of trouble today if 99.9999% of the population doesn't agree with you - and shouldn't lose his job because of it.

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Simons' Saturday Column: University athletic spending is out of control

When has the NCAA not been corrupt?

Unpaid Professionals:
Commercialism and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports

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