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Lawrence group expects to oppose sales tax proposal for police headquarters

Salina blocked a new jail in the early 90's saving the community and taxpayers millions. Who owns the property. Remodel what we have. We don't need a new PD. The cost is just the building. There will be millions in hidden "security" costs they are not mentioning, take it to the bank.

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Letter: We’re to blame

Joe Blackford, please read your post, it bleeds white northern liberal elitist. You shared your knowledge and wisdom, an eagle scout, impressive, but you certainly know what's best for others. No rifles, no pistols, yet yours are safely locked away. Like most elitists you dazzle us with what others should and shouldn't have. It would be fun to sit down with someone with all this wisdom of what you think others can't have but you can. You bring your semi automatic rifle or shotgun to the local range and I'll bring my scary AR all black in color and you can explain to all of us why your rifle is safer, less deadly, mechanically identical and explain why in the end you can own your rifle but others can't. Sir you are the poster child of elitism. You can explain further some of the things that will keep me safe if only I don't posses it, eat it, drink it, or read it. Get back to Detroit and explain to the dozens and dozens of citizens mostly black who have defended their property and lives with hand guns, shot guns and rifles over the past year. Explain to them how they would have been better of with no gun and to wait on the police to come to their rescue. Tell them "how in reallity nobody should own a pistol or rifle. Such wisdom in deed.

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Letter: We’re to blame

I would encourage the white liberal elite to move to cities like Ferguson, Detroit, or South Chicago, and practice your community service and see how far you get asking the honest hard working citizens of those communities to give up their only means of self defense. Have a discussion with the police chief of Detroit about the wisdom of giving up your gun. A lot more innocent people die following the advice of people like those who write these letters that deny reality.

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Letter: Unsecured guns

I am far more concerned that your liquor cabinet is locked that the guns. I grew up with guns in the house but it was the booze me and my friends were interested in not dads guns.

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Brownback appoints former aide Stegall to Kansas Supreme Court

I met the judge in person, which is more than most anyone posting to this article can say. We did not promote right wing ideas or left wing ideas. But he did speak to the constitution and the rule of law. For some reason that seems to be disqualifying to many on the left. Why is that?

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

After a short investigation it's obvious that Michael is right he had tar in his hair, it also contained the traces of nicotine stained fingers......from the guy who dripped tar from the roof while doing some repairs. Case closed and Michael can safely walk down Mass with his fragile wife and child who seek their progressive utopian society.. Chelsea, you are ASSUME. Thanks for calling out Mike for coming into our city and making an ass of himself. Globs of tar, that's the problem with the likes of Michael, they make stuff up, it makes them feel important, kind of like a community organizer, a new cause, hope and change.

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Dole tries again to push U.N. disabilities treaty

In watching actions of the UN I wouldn't agree with Dole. I would love to see the UN move somewhere. Maybe Iran, or North Korea, the Gaza Strip, or one of those other democracy loving countries that promote American values. Dole needs to return home and have tea with Roberts at his home in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Roberts touts farm expertise as Wolf criticizes ad

I met Dr Wolf and listened to him for over 3.hours. I know him much better tha Pat Roberts who has been in Washington for all these years. Wolf seemed like a guy who had good ideas. I especially like is attitude toward very large corporations. He said any benefit given to big business should be given to the small business. That is not happening under Obama or congress, democrat or republican. He Said he will only run for two terms which is nice to hear. He is not an attorney and that tells me lot. I can't imagine we would want to keep Rorberts around for even 6 more years. He is part of the immigration, and budget problems we are in today. His defintion of political success is how much federal spending he brings back to Kansas. Enough already.

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Man with legal concealed gun had to leave Salina theater

I enjoyed Lunch today at a prominent eatery with pistol firmly strapped to my waist. No worries, no disturbances. No big deal. I asked my wife how many people in a very crowded restaurant she though we're armed. She said more than just me. I have a hunch she was right. Im just curious how many victims there are in each situation we wait for the police to arrive. I can't recall a single event where a criminal used a weapon in violence that police arrived before a citizen was injured or killed.

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Despite ban, Lawrence police respond to fireworks calls over holiday

If government wants prohibition I encourage communities to defy it. Celebrate our independence in a safe and fun way with lots of loud fireworks. My 5 year old grand daughter loved it as did many of the other families and children in the neighborhood. Happy birthday America!

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