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Letter: Stand required

I'm sure writing this letter makes you feel as though you stand for something. But when you yourself don't have the courage to say who the threat is, your words are no better than the silent media. Your silence is deafening. When you have the courage to say Islam your letter will actually have meaning. Hurry though because yours and others silence will only increase the violence.

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Letter: Humble opinion

I've at least had the opportunity to meet Judge Stegall and listened to him for a couple of hours. Longer than most I'm sure. He was articulate but humble. The single most important thing I noticed was his support of the constitution. I hope this means his opinion of The Law is narrow. Law is plunder.

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WOW to increase many cable bills by more than $15 a month; Eudora bests Lawrence in young families ranking

We are done with cable. Paying for sports channels and the shopping channels we never watch is over. I installed my HD antenna and my ROKU Box and life is good. It's only a matter of time befor cable folds. Those who want to watch NFL and othe sports packages will have to buy from those producers and not be subsidize by charging all the rest of us. The beauty of all this is the messages we get from TV will be controlled by no one.

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Letter: Angry at results

I yelled out in jubilation, we can continue to eliminate the income tax and keep the hard earned money in the hands of workers. We can continue to drive down government spending and move more people off government dependence. As for those who claim they can't vote, you have two years to get your I'D and register. Very easy to do. 700,000 Kansans figured it out and voted the other day. Voters defeated the police department expansion. Imagine the impact of 9%.sales tax on families and poor. That's 9% on everything we purchase after we have already paid all other taxes imposed on us by government, and government regulators. By the way where did the whole Topeka Baptist thing come from. Let me guess, because Brownback won an election that somehow makes him and those who voted for him a supporter of the Fred Phelps cult. How pathetic.

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KU chancellor remains mum about UNC academic fraud

The University of Kansas continues to stumble along with its elitist game plan that isn't working well in the state. The chancellor's spokesperson make it clear that this attitude hasn't changed when she says the chancellor's office won't comment on the NC events. If the chancellor doesn't come clean and proves to Kansas taxpayers we were not duped when we hired her, the Kansas legislature should increase the financial pressure necessary to break the chancellor's silence.

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Kobach re-elected as Kansas secretary of state

Be very cautious of those with hyphenated last names.

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Letter: Middle ground

To suggest the citzens don't support their community is ridiculous. It's not the duty of the citizen to be the soul source of of economic growth by government that doesn't promote private sector jobs. How is a new jail going to help the low wage workers who then pay 8.9% on food and every basic item they need for necessitates?

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Letter: Middle ground

I have no intention of voting for this increased funding. This city seems to be living on the taxpayer and seem unable to expand private sector business and jobs. We are pretty much a welfare community with everyone's hand extended for more from the taxpayer spending. With that said I think you need to be cautious in trivializing the work of our local police force and what they put on the line day in and day out. This massive government grab for more spending isn't going to improve the risks associated with the job of our police department.

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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

Wrong place, wrong time is a patented answer from politicians wanting to avoid an explanation. He wasnt simply representing this scumbag. I guess they were talking law between the lap dances. He wasn't simply meeting to discuss a case at the guys place of employment. He was partying with the guy and his strippers. Davis suggests he was simply doing business. He was certainly taking care of "his business"...!

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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

At a strip club, in the middle of a lap dance, (exploiting women) when police raid the place when reported his client was dealing meth at the time Davis was at the business, during a time when SE Kansas was awash with Meth cookers and meth distributors. I for one would like to hear a bit more about the business and the personal relationship Paul Davis had/has with a meth dealer. I certainly understand an attorney representing a meth dealer and strip club owner, but it's a lot bigger deal when he is partying with him and his strippers while at the same time police are concerned enough that meth is being sold at that moment that they serve a seach warrant. Davis was no boy at the time, he was a practicing attorney. There is no relevance to him being single or married. Very troubling and an issue that needs a better explanation than "wrong place at the wrong time".

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