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City has limited recourse after 3 acres of neighborhood's mature trees were bulldozed

It seems the property owner bulldozed out of spite. But let's not pretend this was prime timber. Basically this is hedge and piss elm as my grandfather called it. If these were good property owners and neighbors they would have allowed people to haul if off for firewood. Either way the trees were coming down. Now or during development. But no one is going to keep thsee types of trees in a developed area or backyard.

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Study tallies Haskell's economic impact on area

This seems to be more of feel go article than a critical look at the quality of education. It's my understanding the graduation rate at Haskell is very low. I would like to see comparisons to our Junior Colleges in the state. When we look at graduation rates and all other
services provides I imagine Haskell becomes one of the most expensive 2-4 year colleges in the state.  In the end the only ccontributing factor of success is the graduation rate. Lets add some facts and make this an article worth the time to read.

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Lawrence High shot putter pushing past cerebral palsy, conventional expectations

I'm happy for the guy. But I don't recall if shot putt is based on individual scores or team score. I would not be happy if his score negatively impacted a team score which would impact state competition and other awards for the team individuals. Seems special Olympics is a alternative. But if there is no team impact I'm glad he gets to participate.

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Letter: Where is the anger?

I routinely decide who to do business with based on my values. I don't go to gay bars but go to most other bars for example. On the other hand I don't puposely avoid a business owned by a gay individual. But then again I don't ask. If you wear it on your sleave I will too.

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Lawrence school district expects to repay $672,000 in state aid

I still can't get past the 10 million for baseball, soccer and football fields when at the same time the district was claiming they were broke. That was the final straw. If teachers didn't stand up and ask what the hell was going on, i am completely convinced our schools have far more cash than they are telling us.

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Saturday Column: Education needs stronger champions in Kansas

Honestly you can bring any person on earth to come talk about education, but if its the same speech about the only road to improvement is more money it can only fall on deaf ears. What have we received from the current education model? No improvement in education at any level, administrative costs of nearly 40%, common core, increased dropout rates and fewer and fewer students ompleting college. Unless the education czar you speak of is willing to dismantle the failed educational system and move it forward with expectations of success I don't think Kansans should invest one penny more in an industry.

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Taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of flights that KU defends as essential

So the chancellor is so busy and her time is so valuable that she has to fly the corporate jet from Lawrence to Salina at a cost of nearly $4000. A two hour drive by the way. I'm sure the chancellor knows very little about our state because she flies over it. How about a limo ride at 100 an hour with internet or satellite connections and a lobster and steak dinner on the road to distract the chancellor during the boring drive through the flint hills. Again I will call my legislators in Topeka to continue to push our univesities to eliminate waste. There is no shortage of cash on the KU campus.

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Letter: Education future

This letter sound more like union propaganda than fact. 2 x 2 will always be 4. Slowing the growth of the public school is going to force out the union influence and bring different approaches to education from different states. Driving out common core and Washington influence is a good first start.

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Kansas Senate endorses ban on specific abortion procedure

If it were not for the abortion procedure and only abortion services Planned Parenthood wouldnt be in business today. There are no other services they provide that are already provided by public health departments and other government agencies. The vast majority of PPH clinics are nicely located in black, and other minority neighborhoods. It has to be the single largest and racist organizations in the nation.

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Highway Patrol, local law enforcement to target high schools for seat belt use

Is this what we are spending tax dollars on, new jail, police dept, etc. No wonder we need more police in Lawrence. During the seatbelt stops how many cars will be searched and civil rights violated all in the name of collective safety?

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