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Letter: Selfish choice

Every day I get to see a sonogram image of those fingers and toes, and that beating heart. Nothing better than watching a sonogram of a baby in the womb sucking their thumbs. It takes a cold hearted person to look and watch a sonogram and suggest it's something but a baby. Yes in technical terms we call it a fetus. But those who use the term fetus somehow find justification in killing the baby and believing they can walk away with a clean conscience. 56 million times. I'm sure those who drive the women to the abortion chamber sitting in the waiting room as the abortionist picks apart the "fetus" limb by limb keeps a clean conscience.

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Letter: Selfish choice

As many in Kansas defend the destruction of a human fetus also support and defend the Lesser Prairie Chicken and assure not a single egg in a single nest is disturbed. If only those human fetuses had feathers...

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Letter: Selfish choice

Nice letter Carl. The most disurbing part of the article I read about the baby killing clinic in Wichita was how they bragged about their profits they make from the women who decide to kill their babies. This clinic isn't about solving inconvenient problems for women, it's about killing their babies for profit, nothing more.

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Letter: Due process

Your arguement about voter I'd is simply leftist, progresive, liberal talking points that don't bear fruit. To suggest the Secretary of State and any other honest American want to surpress voting of American citizens is ridiculous. The old have been around long enough to get proper ID. The poor can get it for free and the youth will assure they have it because they want to drive. But each of these groups are provided an abundants of government resources to do so. If they decide not to this is somehow a conspiracy for voter suppression by those who support liberty. With that said I hope we are supressing 100% of the votes by the millions of Illegals in our nation who have the support of both moderate republican and the democrat party leadership. As for the 15,000 Kansans who can't vote because they have not provided proper documents of citizenship. What is their responsibility to follow the law? That list has been there for not a month or two but for going on years. I will argue that they have used there right, their liberty, their individual freedom to refrain from voting. Its amazing that its more important to you that they vote than it is to those on the list making no effort to remove themselves. I would argue further that its more important to certain groups that the list doesn't go away because of the talking points it creates for these individuals and groups so concerned.

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Letter: Due process

Clearly the league of women voters have become seriously political. I hate to upset the league but the reason the legislation passed is because most Kansans don't support teachers unions and the strong arm tactics that became all too common in the past. The only fear I have in the defense of our republic is the fact that this organization has control of our voting booths on election day. Putting the league of women voters in control of the ballot is like putting a coyote in the hen house. Conservatives, libertarians, and the tea party must insist on being at every polling station in the state to be official observers. The league clearly is an arm of the teacher union and can no longer be trusted.

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Kansas teachers vow to fight for rights

I think this legislation is way past due. Teachers should be identified and through a normal counseling process they correct their porformance or be terminated. I keep hearing they have lost their due process. That is simply a lie or ignorance.

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Opinion: College degree gains in importance

I don't ever see a day when KU will consider serious reduction in its budget. It will have to be forced on the school. The cost of a four year degree is ridiculously high taking years and years to repay. The cost of living is so high today that the debt load isn't sustainable. I realize certain degrees need advanced studies but for the most part the only way to reduce the cost of education will be to make difficult choices. The universities must be able to react quickly to changes in the demand. Where are the jobs in the future and limit loans to those students who are willing to meet the demand. The tax payer shouldn't have to secure debt of students who are not meeting demands in the marketplace. Most reasonable people could be provided a list of all degrees from the university of Kansas and quickly reduce degree programs that will not produce those $40 thousand dollar salaries promised by higher education. Higher education wants it both ways. I comletely agree that higher education can produce higher paying jobs, but at the same time universities don't hesitate to take tuition money and provide students a product that has no better opportunity than those who don't go to college at all.

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Brownback says state will sue feds over threatened' listing of lesser prairie chicken

I have seen more Prairie Chicken in the past two hunting seasons than any time in my life. I am amazed what a great job Kansans do to protect wildlife and practice conservation. I would spend any amount of money to keep environmentalists out of our state. There is nobody more dangerous than progressive environmentalists who know nothing about our state, determining what is best. Keeping Washington DC out of Kansas is critical to our economy, our environment and the lives of Kansans. One thing I have learned about progressives is they rarely leave their back yards, and spend more time fishing at a carnival from a child's plastic wading pool.

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Victim 'remains hospitalized' following throat stabbing at Lawrence Community Shelter

The shelter has a responsibility to keep shelter residents safe. The only victim is the guy who got stabbed. I for one am very concerned that Mr. Henderson sees the suspect as a victim. This would indicate to me that the shelter lacks screening processes that can keep others safe. It concerns me that there are other violent "victim" living in the shelter who are also a threat to my neighbors and neighborhoods near the shelter. I don't buy the victim argument and I don't buy the argument that all residents at the shelter are working hard to turn their lives around. Neighbers in and around the shelter need to be cautious of the danger that lurks in the shelter. As for the shelter residents, not all are suspect but Mr. Henderson and staff are not victims, they are responsible for allowing violent individuals into the shelter. Just like a bar owner who attracts violence, the city of Lawrence should demand the same, stop it or shut down. Yes Henderson is absolutely responsible.

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KU track champs invited to White House

Who better to celebrate with than a south Chicago community organizer.

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