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Kansas ranks low on new list of best places to retire; report predicts job gains for Lawrence in 2016

As someone who is in their 60s I looked at articles about "the best places to retire." Forbes touted Fargo, ND, Rochester, MN, and places in the Great Lakes and New England to retire along with a smattering of depressed locations around the country. So I take these guides with a grain of salt. I did know someone who did want to retire in Lawrence but there was a lack of senior housing and a waiting list. She retired in MO.

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Neighbors concerned about stalled construction near Peterson and Monterey; city, KU transit system named tops in state; a bus hub question for Centennial Park

None of these transit hub proposals make any sense to me. In every other city in America the transit hub is downtown. The one site that would make the most sense would be a small park on Sixth between Kentucky and Tennessee or the electrical substation next to it. These properties have the railroad in back for Amtrak, close to I-70 for Greyhound and any other intercity services, easy for the JO K-10 Connector, and the city buses. I don't know if the current Amtrak station is suitable, but many old train stations around the country have new life as transit hubs. The outlying proposals might be good supplemental hubs but ideally you should have a place where one could jump off a bus or train, transfer to a city bus and arrive at their destination as seamlessly as possible.

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Take a look at the new 31st Street and rebuilt Haskell Avenue; federal figures give Kansas economy middling rank; BBQ contest this weekend

Look at this road. It's a joke. It's half a road. Is this the Kansas budget deficit in action, you only get half of a road? Not even landscaping! You guys got screwed, plain a simple. Someone made a bundle off this road. They plowed through your wetlands to build this? You should rename this road Tax Cuts Parkway!

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Kansas' broad marijuana bill attracts bulk of GOP votes

This is a step in the right direction. The lawmakers are paying attention to election results instead of trying to overturn them and condemning them. The state should move forward with industrial hemp not merely study it. What isn't known about it? Kansans grew it during WWII and other countries are successfully cultivating it and creating useful products with it. If anyone needs to study anything let the KU Cancer Center study treatments or the School of Pharmacy study cannabis medications. The state can't seem to balance its budget and does not have the will to raise taxes, so here's opportunity knocking for new revenue streams. Kansas needs to think outside the box to get out of the box it put itself in.

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New proposal for 120-foot tall tower in eastern Lawrence; hotel owner confirms Holiday Inn to become DoubleTree by Hilton

I forgot for a minute it was Lawrence. When I saw 120 foot tower with the hotel headline I thought someone was building an office tower or hotel tower, 12 story buildings. When Lawrence builds a tower it's a tower, lol!

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Editorial: Highway move

The Kansas Turnpike was supposed to have been paid off decades ago. The tolls were supposed to have paid for the road which was built before the interstate system in the era of two lane roads that ran over hilltops, were only a lane and half wide, and had 10 mph curves on them. The Turnpike is now nearly 60 years old and has evolved from futuristic to dated with its narrow median and sharp curves to enter. Since KDOT took over KTA maybe it's time to think about retiring the tolls like the Boulder and Dallas-Ft Worth Turnpikes and Kentucky's toll roads did. Also old US 40 and US 81 and 177 south of Wichita can become county roads like the segments along the Interstates did years ago. That is, instead of becoming a cash register for other projects.

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Haskell: 'On edge' but excited for upcoming reaccreditation review

As a source of funding perhaps Haskell should consider building a hotel and casino on its campus near the new K-10 freeway. Nearly every Indian nation has one now and it could be used to educate and train for jobs so native Americans will be employed and managing the casinos on their own lands. Meanwhile the place could be a dining, entertainment, and meeting destination in Lawrence and be a source of income for the university and jobs for students. I'm surprised Haskell hasn't done this already since the advent of Indian casinos as an industry on native American lands.

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Your turn: Jail expansion proposal spurs questions

Is the Douglas County population projected to nearly double like this jail, or is this jail to be a rent-a-jail for other agencies and juristictions?

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Numbers show retail sales in Lawrence grew faster than many cities in 2014; west Lawrence retirement complex seeks sales tax break

I'm a person who Lawrence should fit into the retail equation. I'm a tourist, someone who does not live in Kansas let alone Johnson, Franklin, or Jefferson Counties. When I come to Kansas I never fail to come to Lawrence and spend money. Why, because the place has atmosphere, it's cool, and of course memories. I go to restaurants, occasionally nightclubs, and shop downtown and sometimes in the shopping centers around town. I may watch the Plaza holiday lighting but my dollars tend to be spent in Lawrence. Also, there are others who love Lawrence and got in the habit of dining and shopping there because I brought them there initially. Lawrence is as cool as anyplace in America, plus I am in the travel business and that's my professional opinion as well. And if you keep adding places for people to stay, shop , dine, and be entertained to Lawrence, people will come. I did.

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Lawrence planning to throw an international party; South Lawrence Trafficway, Part II; police HQ listening session tonight

I was disappointed when the South Lawrence Trafficway began that that both legs weren't funded and constructed. How long has this road been planned now? So when the eastern leg is finished it will dump four lanes of traffic into two. Lovely. I was in a favor of a freeway, but this freeway seem s like it's designed to cause the most environmental damage, screw up roads that intersect with it, just half baked planning from the get go. It's like a big middle finger on the Lawrence landscape, the gift that keeps on giving. If Lawrence doesn't honor the governor by naming its new waste water treatment plant after him, they should rename the South Lawrence Trafficway the Sam Brownback Parkway.

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