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Sheahon Zenger: Beaty will return as coach in 2018

After further review, the ruling on the field stands...In my humble opinion of this coach and this lowly program, I'd say let the guy serve out his contract, we're paying him anyway. Let's see if his rebuilding strategy pans out. If it does, he's a hero and we can rename the stadium after him. But....if it doesn't, and if this program is the weakly and weekly embarrassment that it is now when his contract is up, I'd say pull the plug on this program and put it out of its misery. Don't hire any more coaches and just dissolve the program and shut it down like a Kmart store. The statistic that really jumps out at me is WSU shut down its football program when its overall winning percentage was .484. KU's overall history, not just under Beaty but over its entire history of sorry coaches and occasional good ones is .482. And that was as of two losses ago. Seriously, folks, the time has come to ask if this is worth it and could the money be better spent somewhere else, on academics, or at on other sports. I say give the guy a chance but pull plug if it doesn't work out.

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Kansas open to moderates after Brownback era? Many still see 'ultra-conservative' Kobach as front-runner for governor

No doubt it will be an interesting race next year. The real wild card is Orman and his independent bid and who the Democrats nominate. It could be a three way with the moderates with Orman, the liberals with the Democrat and the conservatives with Kobach and the winner winning by a nose and with a minority of the vote. Then he has to govern.

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Kansas Board of Regents gives key approval to Lawrence's Peaslee Tech

It's good that Lawrence is developing other higher education. KU's mission is a major research university and is more selective on who they admit. Not anyone can or will go to KU. At the same time Lawrence will be passing the 100,000 population mark. Another type school Lawrence should consider is a community college. One thing I have noticed after leaving Kansas is how many more community colleges that there were in other states. In university communities there was a college to go along with the university. In Kansas there is either a university or community college but not both.i am surprised that none of the larger cities except KCK and Overland Park have a community college. Since Lawrence's mission is to educate it should consider adding this option as well.

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Tobacco 21 Task Force launches with goal of raising tobacco-purchasing age to 21; public meeting set for Thursday

You want to prohibit adults from buying tobacco? Why don't you raise the age to 100?

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Lawrence sales tax questions pass overwhelmingly

I want to thank all of you who voted for those ballot questions. I don't live in Lawrence yet but I am planning to move there to retire. The appeal is of a city with a small footprint with good transit and my concern was housing costs on a fixed income.

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Tom Keegan: Clear need emerges on cloudy day; time for change

Something has to be done. This football program is a humiliation and embarrassment to the school week after week. What would KU be doing if a chancellor, professor, student, or campus organization embarrassed the school with actions or words and made the news constantly over a period of time? Wouldn't the school stop it? And it wouldn't take the better part of a decade would it? If teams were like cars basketball would be the souped up Ferrari and football would be the rusted out Chevy Impala on blocks in front of the house. We ignored the Chevy and waited for our ride in the Ferrari every year. And the other sports were functional or at least didn't make national news on how bad they were. KU coasted on basketball's success. As a fan I was guilty, too, ignoring Memorial Stadium and its teams like a pimple or mosquito bite on the rear and even tried to look the other way going down 11th Street. Like many I just waited for Bill Self's guys, the real Jayhawks, to start play.
Maybe it really is time to hit the reset button and clean house. After all there is a new chancellor so it literally is a new era for the school. A $350M campaign has started for a renovated stadium, practice field, and perks that are needed to entice championship players to KU. May I suggest hiring someone who has built and run a winning program like KU did with Bill Self, not someone's assistant. It could be someone from Arena football, the CFL, Division II or a junior college. Pittsburg State won a national championship in the recent past and a coach from a program like that like that would have been better than what we've had. K State was at the bottom and turned it around with Bill Snyder. Same argument for an athletic director. Get someone who has built a well oiled machine in there. Marry up like the old saying.
I don't think the game of musical conferences is over and the Big 12 doesn't appear to be in it for the long haul. 3 of 4 of our neighboring states have already bailed. KU is a great school and has a legendary basketball program founded by the inventor of the game. It should be able to land in a conference like the Big 10 who did take Rutgers after all. KU is an AAU school with great academics that great conferences look for. But should we bank on it, gambling that we can land in a power conference while dragging a moribund football program like our pants down around our ankles across the floor at a black tie banquet? It is time to clean house with athletics.

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Transportation plan to include major changes to local roadways; public input period to begin soon

The things that really jump out at me as a visitor and future resident is the west leg of K 10 and why it wasn't built with the east leg and how dangerous it is. They had to get those wetlands at any cost it appears. The other two roads are 9th and 19th. They need two lanes on each side. I almost got smacked on 9th once.

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Editorial: LMH expansion is a good sign

Lawrence is about to pass the 100,000 population mark and could support two hospitals easily. At the rate it's growing it may even be able to support three by the time LMH West were to expand to a hospital. LMH is excellant and kudos that LMH wasn't sold to some health conglomerate back in the 1990s when it was common to that. Another great decision by Lawrence on its development. My curiosity is whether KU Health would move into Lawrence and build a satellite facility like its Indian Springs campus. KU and Lawrence does sound like a logical mix. It does have a ring to it. This western campus is in a good spot, near new neighborhoods and Rock Chalk Park where sports medicine would be needed and near I-70 and K-10 for access and visibility. It will will probably jump start retail around the 6th Street exit area.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider contract for affordable housing study

They need to do this. I live in a state, California, where greedy Realtors have raped the public for generations and where most everyone has to have room mates to get by whether they own or rent. Boulder, CO, where I went after Lawrence was the same way. While Lawrence isn't like that, it must make sure it never does. Lately I have seen Lawrence along with Olathe on best places to live and do business lists. If the area booms Lawrence may face a housing shortage. There are also two economic wild cards. First is the airport. If the KC airport terminal fails in 3 weeks, a new airport may be built on the Sunflower site in Johnson County. That's only 10 miles away. The other wild card is a real long shot, Amazon, but if lightning were to strike that would drive housing demand. As I say Lawrence should take steps to make sure housing does not skyrocket like some places especially like out West.

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Lawrence City Commission candidates weigh in on growth of Lawrence, use of tax incentives

I haven't moved back yet and will not be voting but as a future resident there are several things I would like to impart to the candidates. The first is the importantance of affordable housing, especially for us senior Jayhawks who would like to retire back to that wonderful city we went to school in. As for business I feel Lawrence should have a goal to have several business parks full of homegrown home based companies in 21st century technology companies in the next 20 years. You want companies and executives who have a stake in the community and its citizens and institutions, not managers in Lawrence till the next promotion. Lawrence is sitting on a gold mine of KU alums and students for potential entrepreneurs. Just today I saw Lawrence on list of best places to live in the U.S. along with nearby Olathe and Lees Summit. The city's next leaders should nurture and develop its business potential. Finally, I want to throw something out I have not seen discussed. One thing I have seen lacking in Kansas since I left Kansas in 1980 is the number of community colleges compared to the states I have lived in like CA and CO. Since KU is a major research university and is now more expensive and selective on students it admits, Lawrence should consider building a community college for local and area students who can't get admitted to KU, can't afford it, don't want to go, or in jobs where a degree is not necssary. In other states that I have lived in, a city like Lawrence would have had a community college along with its universities. Something to consider as you grow the community.

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