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Editorial: Small 10

This conference is a joke and an embarrassment. it doesn't even live up to its name. It's not big and it's not 12. Only 5 of the old Big 8 remain. I really was hoping the Big 12 would make it. I was pulling for state flagship schools CSU, getting the league back into Colorado and UCONN, a worthy basketball competitor for KU to be chosen. I would have settled for SMU and Houston for their Southwest Conference history. I even thought a 16 team national conference stretching from SDSU in the Pacific Time Zone to Temple and UCONN in the Eastern Time zone might have been interesting. But I really don't think the Big 12 has the will to live and TV might really want a Power 4 instead. My personal preference now is KU in the Big 10 with other AAU heavyweights. ISU could come along or even better, if what Bill Snyder said was true and CU is really unhappy with the PAC 12, the Lawrence and Boulder schools should elope to the Big 10 together. The one thing holding back KU is its moribund football program having barely more of a pulse than the WSU Shocker football program. The Jayhawks need to be functional there so they can move on.

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Colorado's legalization of marijuana has changed the way the drug is used in Kansas, AG reports

I wonder if the KS Attorney General's office said the same thing in the 1930s, when Prohibition was repealed and all our neighboring began to legalize liquor.

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Pro-business think tank not impressed with Kansas tax cuts

So this plan even bombed with the people it was supposed to impress.

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Current zoning could add 6,000 more apartments to Lawrence

I know one type of apartments the city needs is senior housing. Senior as in senior citizens not college seniors. I had one person tell me there is a lengthy wait list for such housing right now. The baby boomers are retiring and their college towns are a popular choice. Although I have several more years of working life planned, I would consider coming back to Lawrence in my final years for an active retirement but will the affordable senior housing be there? So if there are thousands of apartments slated for construction, here is a niche to fill.

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Journal-World parent company considering demolition of large downtown Lawrence building

I don't know if the building is structurally sound to be rebuilt as a convention center but that might work if it was. To answer the question, downtown does need another hotel or two. When I come to Lawrence I like to spend time downtown and there is Springhill, Towne Place and the Eldridge, and I am sure that there is a market for meetings in Lawrence.

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KDOT considering alternatives to closure of Farmer's Turnpike, Kasold Drive from K-10

This K-10 bypass has been so screwy someone ought to write a book about it. It took 20 years and plowing through the wetlands and building new ones, the curvy divided two lane frontage road, the crazy crossings of Haskell and Louisiana where those roads jog over. Louisiana might have made sense if Naismith Drive had been extended down and an interchange built so basketball traffic would have a direct shot, but's that is not happening either. After the wetland thing got resolved and they were Johnny on the spot with construction, you would think the plans and funding would have been in place to build the west side at the same time so Topeka-Overland Park traffic would flow smoothly. After all they only had 20 years to get ready. And think about traffic currently on K-10. I hope when they talk about four lanes I hope they mean four lanes each way not four lanes total. That road should be three lanes each way to JO County, Right. They'll build it in the future when billions are needed to build it. And now here here is a proposal to build a stoplight at 458. You are driving on a freeway from I-35 and there is a stoplight where an interchange should be. Farmers Turnpike is a growing business area and you know with two major highways intersecting in a thriving community that more will come. You have excuses instead of planning. Is it really crazy and complicated to build a road in the 21st century in Kansas?

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Lawmakers consider increasing Kansas speed limit to 80 mph

I am definitely in favor of an 80 mph on I-70 from Topeka west and the Kansas Turnpike where the speed limit was 80 back in the 1960s and early 70s. Another road it would work on would be I-35 between the Johnson County line and Emporia. I was on a road trip to KS from CA last summer and the 80 mph speed limit in NV and UT helped. When you're in empty spaces, drowsiness is a bigger threat than speed. These roads were engineered for 80 mph plus anyway. K-10 is a good example of a road not to raise the speed limit on.

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Kansas ranks low on new list of best places to retire; report predicts job gains for Lawrence in 2016

As someone who is in their 60s I looked at articles about "the best places to retire." Forbes touted Fargo, ND, Rochester, MN, and places in the Great Lakes and New England to retire along with a smattering of depressed locations around the country. So I take these guides with a grain of salt. I did know someone who did want to retire in Lawrence but there was a lack of senior housing and a waiting list. She retired in MO.

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Neighbors concerned about stalled construction near Peterson and Monterey; city, KU transit system named tops in state; a bus hub question for Centennial Park

None of these transit hub proposals make any sense to me. In every other city in America the transit hub is downtown. The one site that would make the most sense would be a small park on Sixth between Kentucky and Tennessee or the electrical substation next to it. These properties have the railroad in back for Amtrak, close to I-70 for Greyhound and any other intercity services, easy for the JO K-10 Connector, and the city buses. I don't know if the current Amtrak station is suitable, but many old train stations around the country have new life as transit hubs. The outlying proposals might be good supplemental hubs but ideally you should have a place where one could jump off a bus or train, transfer to a city bus and arrive at their destination as seamlessly as possible.

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Take a look at the new 31st Street and rebuilt Haskell Avenue; federal figures give Kansas economy middling rank; BBQ contest this weekend

Look at this road. It's a joke. It's half a road. Is this the Kansas budget deficit in action, you only get half of a road? Not even landscaping! You guys got screwed, plain a simple. Someone made a bundle off this road. They plowed through your wetlands to build this? You should rename this road Tax Cuts Parkway!

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