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Haskell: 'On edge' but excited for upcoming reaccreditation review

As a source of funding perhaps Haskell should consider building a hotel and casino on its campus near the new K-10 freeway. Nearly every Indian nation has one now and it could be used to educate and train for jobs so native Americans will be employed and managing the casinos on their own lands. Meanwhile the place could be a dining, entertainment, and meeting destination in Lawrence and be a source of income for the university and jobs for students. I'm surprised Haskell hasn't done this already since the advent of Indian casinos as an industry on native American lands.

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Your turn: Jail expansion proposal spurs questions

Is the Douglas County population projected to nearly double like this jail, or is this jail to be a rent-a-jail for other agencies and juristictions?

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Numbers show retail sales in Lawrence grew faster than many cities in 2014; west Lawrence retirement complex seeks sales tax break

I'm a person who Lawrence should fit into the retail equation. I'm a tourist, someone who does not live in Kansas let alone Johnson, Franklin, or Jefferson Counties. When I come to Kansas I never fail to come to Lawrence and spend money. Why, because the place has atmosphere, it's cool, and of course memories. I go to restaurants, occasionally nightclubs, and shop downtown and sometimes in the shopping centers around town. I may watch the Plaza holiday lighting but my dollars tend to be spent in Lawrence. Also, there are others who love Lawrence and got in the habit of dining and shopping there because I brought them there initially. Lawrence is as cool as anyplace in America, plus I am in the travel business and that's my professional opinion as well. And if you keep adding places for people to stay, shop , dine, and be entertained to Lawrence, people will come. I did.

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Lawrence planning to throw an international party; South Lawrence Trafficway, Part II; police HQ listening session tonight

I was disappointed when the South Lawrence Trafficway began that that both legs weren't funded and constructed. How long has this road been planned now? So when the eastern leg is finished it will dump four lanes of traffic into two. Lovely. I was in a favor of a freeway, but this freeway seem s like it's designed to cause the most environmental damage, screw up roads that intersect with it, just half baked planning from the get go. It's like a big middle finger on the Lawrence landscape, the gift that keeps on giving. If Lawrence doesn't honor the governor by naming its new waste water treatment plant after him, they should rename the South Lawrence Trafficway the Sam Brownback Parkway.

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

Until the early 1970's an A&P, a big east coast based grocery chain, had a store on the very same site. What is old is now new again.

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City asked to cut downtown employees a break on parking; talk of a downtown liquor store versus downtown grocery

What's interesting is there was a grocery store on the Allen Press site years ago. Up to the early 70's there was an A&P store at 11th and Mass. If the Allen Press site is redeveloped and a grocery there, things will have gone full circle.

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KU geographer challenges Kansas' "flattest state" reputation

One state is definitely flatter than Kansas--Florida. It was so flat the rivers didn't seem to flow and the water seemed to sit there and spread out. When it rained it flooded because the water didn't seem to have a place to go. Another state that seemed flat was Louisiana. Kansas seems mountainous next to them.

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Lawrence liquor store owners oppose push for groceries to sell more alcohol

The liquor stores are right. I used to live in Las Vegas and in that land of 24 hour liquor there were virtually no liquor stores or drug stores. Liquor was concentrated at groceries, mostly chains, Walmart & Target, CVS & Sav On, Sams Club & Costco. On the other hand, as a consumer it's more convenient. When I was back there at the holidays I picked up my liquor at the Costco on the Missouri side which has laws more like California where I live now. California does have lots of liquor stores because they are set up like convenience stores and delis.

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Deal struck to bring new grocer to Sixth and Wakarusa; Google's latest announcement and its impacts on Lawrence

As Lawrence approaches 100,000 population most store chains that aren't there already probably will be. West Sixth will be built up to K-10 and possibly East 23rd as well.

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Speculation increases that site near The Oread hotel may be in running for convention center

This idea is as outstanding as Herbert Hoover's legacy. As they say in real estate, location, location, location. The problem with this location and the KU campus in general is it's on the summit of a large hill with no major cross streets, just local residential streets. I'm sure there is a market for conferences and small conventions in Lawrence, this just is not the place. Most convention centers are in downtowns and near the river perhaps at the old LJ World print plant site would be good. If one would go in on the KU campus it should be along Iowa, around 23rd and Iowa where there are major cross streets to get in and out. The wild card location would be the proposed Delaware "reservation" and a casino resort, or even a distant runner up, the Clinton Lake resort that was proposed.

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