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Speculation increases that site near The Oread hotel may be in running for convention center

This idea is as outstanding as Herbert Hoover's legacy. As they say in real estate, location, location, location. The problem with this location and the KU campus in general is it's on the summit of a large hill with no major cross streets, just local residential streets. I'm sure there is a market for conferences and small conventions in Lawrence, this just is not the place. Most convention centers are in downtowns and near the river perhaps at the old LJ World print plant site would be good. If one would go in on the KU campus it should be along Iowa, around 23rd and Iowa where there are major cross streets to get in and out. The wild card location would be the proposed Delaware "reservation" and a casino resort, or even a distant runner up, the Clinton Lake resort that was proposed.

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Wind energy company NextEra eyeing Douglas County

This is a bad idea. I googled a map of Kansas wind. Douglas County is marginal to poor. The areas rated excellant are Southwest Kansas, especially near Dodge City and a ridge south of I-70 roughly marking the divide between the Smoky Hill and Arkansas basins. The western half of the state is rated good along with a small part of the Flint Hills near El Dorado. Roughly flat treeless plains. There's where wind farms should go. A wind farm near Lawrence makes as much sense as a hydro electric project on the Arkansas or Cimarron Rivers. It's the wrong shade of green!

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Modern architecture tells story of midcentury Lawrence

Two other mid century buildings were the Santa Fe depot which replaced a Victorian building, and Fraser Hall, the building which resembles a Monopoly hotel. Personally I wished their predecessors had survived, but since they didn't I would like to see that they continue on for furture generations. Americans have been too quick to tear things down, and now as modern buildings start becoming era buildings I hope the mid century ones get preserved.

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Compton hopes to develop multistory apartment, retail building at 11th and Massachusetts

If I was moving back to Lawrence and living in an apartment I'd want to live there amid all the restaurants, clubs, and stores.

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Railway construction will disrupt traffic along Sixth Street downtown through Wednesday

I never saw a public works department move so fast. The LJ World just announce the print plant was closing a few days ago.

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Lawrence Journal-World to move printing to Kansas City Star in January

I can fully understand this move. I stopped reading physical copies of the newspapers because they piled up. I then completely got out of the habit. I am moving to a new house and actually needed papers to pack dishes and still used cloth instead. I asked a client in the paper business what was going on these days and he said that they were pretty much in packaging and boxes and operating with a fraction of their former workforce. The company I work for only uses paper for a few elderly clients who do not own computers. The post office is also operating at a lower level than before. We saved the trees! The LJ World sits on some of the most prime real estate in Lawrence so it will be interesting to see what becomes of that site. The train will no longer be dodging cars on Sixth, Vermont, and Mass. When I was in college 6th and Mass was an industrial area so an era ends with this printing shift.

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Idea for Clinton Lake resort scrapped by state; city asked to approve name for Farmland business park

I can only speak as someone who likes to come to Lawrence when I am in the area. When I stayed in Lawrence I wanted to be downtown by shopping and entertainment and I paid more to do it. Same in the future. The only way I would stay at the lake is if it were a casino resort. If the state scrapped their southeast Kansas casino near I-44 and put it at Clinton or allowed an off res Indian casino I might stay there but otherwise I want to be in the city. My guess is with Rock Chalk Park going in nearby and the potential of lodging on Sixth, more hotel rooms downtown, and even the Delawares moving in as a wild card, this project was a long shot.

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Local leaders dissect the Lawrence economy's challenges and opportunities

I don't live in Lawrence and haven't tried to move there or get a job, but the place is constantly growing, especially compared to the rest of Kansas. If the place was last in the nation economically it would have an abandoned downtown, empty lots everywhere, and a bunch of rusting industrial hulks . Lawrence is probably headed for 100,000 plus population and new businesses are popping up. I don't think the popular will exists for it to become a major city, becoming the Kansas City-Lawrence metro area but a healthy small college city.

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House, Senate send bill to Brownback that would make KDOT secretary in charge of operating turnpike

Now that KDOT has taken the Turnpike over, all or part of it should be made a freeway, especially the I-70 segment and I-35 south of Wichita. The road was never intended to be a toll road this long. I remember when the tolls were extended for a 20 year period, then indefinitely. When you are traveling I-70 cross country you really notice the little segment in Kansas where you pay. The good thing about this transfer is the road didn't get sold or contracted out to a private or foreign company like in some states.

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Crime rate on KU's Lawrence campus rises in 2012, with addition of DUI offenses

This is cooking the books. Counting traffic tickets as criminal offenses is pushing it. If they're counting this fake ID stuff as part of their crime statistics, it's really cooking the books. If they're counting someone under 21 as a minor, this is fake crime. This wasn't even illegal when I went to KU. The age needs to go back to 18 like it was before. I can't believe this so called crime has gone on this long, like prohibition and the 55 mph speed limit before it.

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