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Legislators vow to oppose proposed Tyson plant in Tonganoxie

I can't remember a time when several thousand people got together and were unanimous about something. Tyson should get the message now. This chicken plant has laid a giant egg.

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Questions emerge about whether Tonganoxie mayor has conflict of interest in Tyson project

What a shock, right? This thing is so shady from top to bottom. This thing was rammed through and sprung on these folks. Contrast this deal to the Amazon Headquarters campaign which cities actually want and are seeking out. No surprises there, media coverage, press conferences galore, and an active campaign in full view. You had none of that in Tongie. Here's your shiny new chicken plant, folks, isn't it great? No regard at all for the townspeople who have to deal with all this.

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Colyer: Kansas making major push for Amazon headquarters

If Colyer can pull that off, he'd be a miracle worker and it would definitely be a game changer for next year's elections. It would also be a game changer for Kansas and Kansas City economically for sure. The upside for Amazon is that they would be the top dog in the region. The downsides are lack of a good transit system, which is correctable, and the airport, although since it appears the KCI terminal ballot question may not pass in November, it opens up the possibility of a new Johnson County International Airport at the Sunflower site. If Colyer can get Amazon and a new airport it would be historic and a sea change for Kansas. KU and Lawrence could really transformed as well. Amazon headquarters certainly beats a chicken plant in Tonganoxie doesn't it?

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Editorial: Mixed reaction on Tyson plant

You know few locals will be working at that meat plant. It will mostly be third world immigrants coming in to work just like in Southwest Kansas and other Midwest towns who host meat processing plants. Is Tonganoxie and its neighbors really prepared or really wants the expense of not only providing the infrastructure for this plant but to absorb and provide services for several thousand new residents? I am sure there are other communities who would welcome this opportunity rather than have it sprung on them. Southeast Kansas has a few large towns who lost their major industries like mining, railroads, and refineries and whose populations are several thousand off their peaks. Their schools could more easily absorb a major influx of students and their infrastructure could more easily handle a major manufacturing plant. I keep thinking Cherokee County would have made a better home for this facility off I-44 where the trucks could come in and out easily and area cities and towns can accommodate the workers. Or a place like Elwood, with a freeway link to I-29 and St. Joe could have handled the workers and their families better. Or putting the plant in KCK or Topeka would have made much more sense.

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Governor set to make major economic development announcement in Tonganoxie; speculation rampant about meat processing plant

Normally I am an advocate of economic development and a conservative on business but there is something fishy about this thing. Usually a town campaigns for something like this. It doesn't just show up on a town's doorstep. This project will turn Tonganoxie and its neighbors on their heads. Take a look at the cities of Southwest Kansas and how they have changed. Is Tonganoxie ready for the population change and especially the demographic shift that will occur? It probably won't be locals working there. A slaughterhouse is messy and unpleasant work that Americans usually won't do. Several thousand residents will have to be housed and their children educated. North Lawrence may be a community of choice for these employees. Is Lawrence ready for the housing, schools, etc? I keep thinking a larger place like KCK, historic meatpacking center, or Topeka, Atchison, Ottawa, Emporia or a southeast Kansas town would work better.These towns would appreciate the growth and be better prepared to handle it.

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Large convenience store project planned for Iowa Street

Sounds like they'll have either a sit down deli inside or a fast food franchise or two. I've seen McDonald's, Subway, or even old classics like DQ or A&W in these places.

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New comprehensive plan could change the look of Lawrence

Just from what I am seeing in this draft, it looks like Lawrence will grow about like it has. It will look like a bigger version of what it is now and not high rises and urban sprawl. If you look at KU's AAU peers and their communities, the ones that are not in major cities are mostly in cities in the 100,000-200,000 population range and that's where I speculate Lawrence will end up. The one wild card in all this is what happens in this KCI Airport vote in November. Keep your eye on that development, folks. If Kansas City votes down the new terminal, Johnson County could step in and develop the Sunflower site into a major airport and that would bring real growth pressure on Lawrence along with convenience. Even if no airport goes in there what happens at Sunflower will affect the city and county in the long term. The only thing that I can think of that Lawrence and Douglas County lacks is a community college for those who can't get accepted into KU, lack the funds, who are not interested in a university, or who want vocational or miscellaneous classes. Lawrence is one of the nicest cities in the United States. I am thinking about coming back to retire in a few years and the biggest draw is a city with lots to do in a small footprint that's easy to get around in. It has a great quality of life..

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Questions still surround local Kmart distribution center as retailer closes more stores; a look at other Lawrence firms on Wall Street

I'd say Lawrence better start lining up a replacement for Knart to take over that warehouse space. That company's done. It's been a long time coming. Readers, hen is the last time you shopped there? They're beyond salvage, they're liquidating. Kmart and Sears are the definition of fat, dumb, and happy. They sat back on their laurels and let stores like Wal*Mart, Target, Costco, and online retailer Amazon pass them and their 20th century stores by. Finally, I have to give 1970s Lawrence leaders kudos for keeping a mega mall out. Can you imagine Lawrence stuck with a shuttered dinosaur once anchored by Sears, Penney's and Wards?

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State Sen. Tyson enters race for Jenkins' congressional seat

She has a memorable name which is a plus. Will she serve Tyson chicken vat her rallies the way Bob Dole served Dole Pineapple back in the day at his rallies. It worked for him! When I lived in Nevada, since everyone was new, people who had famous names like Michael Douglas and Steve Miller ran for office.

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Comedy theater opens in eastern Lawrence; more on the water bill dispute between the city and local golf courses

If you bet on KU football you'll need some comedy relief.

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