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Lawrence Memorial Hospital to get a new name; hospital has revenues exceed expenses by $18 million in 2017

That's not much of a name change, just going by their initials. If it's city owned why not call it Lawrence Health, or give it soothing or symbolic name like Sunflower or Meadow Lark or Cottonwood, or best yet, Sky Health. When you go in you think of the comforting blue sky and when you come out you think of your sky high bill!

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Lawrence doesn't fare well in ranking of best places for new businesses; numbers show a historic low for Kansas economy

This is something Lawrence needs to work on unless it's content as it is. I was seriously considering moving there prior to retirement but I didn't see that many job opportunities there unless I wanted to hop on the highway and commute. What few jobs I saw were similar to what was there when I was in college, restaurants and stores. Lawrence has a lot to offer as a place to live and I am surprised there aren't office parks full of companies founded by alumni like you see in many other university cities,

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OC Doug Meacham now KU football's QBs coach, too

Gee, the Villanova game doesn't seem so bad now that you brought up KU Football. I pray this depressing program can claw its way up from disaster to embarrassment or maybe even all the way up to just bad this year.

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Editorial: The big picture on 19th Street

19th Street is a major arterial street and always has been. I imagine with the both the Central District and the Venture Park it will run most of the way across town and don't be surprised if it becomes a four lane street as well. I've always seen it as a reliever for 23rd. Don't give them ideas for 15th Street though!

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Editorial: Transit center key to ridership

I am a faithful transit rider. Let me give you my impressions of transit in Northeast Kansas. Like the old Rodney Dangerfield joke, you can't get there from here. Some of this isn't Lawrence's fault, but it still affects it. First off, when you fly in to KCI, you have to have someone get you or take you. I would love to have a bus service that ran to Lawrence down I-435 ideally to either I-70 or K-10. There is no airport bus service whatsoever, even to Kansas City or Johnson County. Every city I ever lived in or visited had airport transit service. As far back in the 70s at least you could ride from Denver's airport and downtown to Boulder on a regional city bus for example. I have a friend who lives at 91st and Metcalf. I tried to ride to Lawrence on the K-10 bus, but no can do. Again, it wasn't so much Lawrence as it was the transit system in Kansas City, which is the worst I've ever seen. I wanted to ride but I couldn't. As for a Lawrence transit center, you really need two, because these are two erstwhile systems, the KU On Wheels and T, downtown and KU oriented systems. Ideally a transit center should integrate Amtrak, Greyhound, and local and regional transit. There is one spot near downtown, on 6th and Kentucky and Tennessee with the railroad in the back, where a gas station once stood, that is now part of a park, where you could have all those systems meet. The current Amtrak station would also make a nice transfer center, but it is a few blocks east of downtown. If not there, a downtown station with Greyhound and transit would be ideal with a second transfer center for KU. As a would be rider, I'd like to see a seamless system where you could go to and from your bus, plane, or train, and to and from your Lawrence neighborhood.

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Developers still pursuing south Lawrence shopping center; lawsuit over former plans still pending

I agree with the two previous writers, on over retailing, but beyond that, what's the plan for US 59, or is there one? Right now the 59 freeway turns into a surface street a mile or two south of this proposed development. Is the plan to develop S. Iowa to the hill or convert that last stretch to a freeway, with a freeway to freeway junction with K-10? Development there looks problematic. Personally, for what it's worth, I think the city ought to keep development inside the K-10 corridor to keep down sprawl.

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Is a downtown grocery store still going to happen? Key players talk through the issues, including a new plan for parking

This project does not sound viable if it needs loans and subsidies. Maybe it is a cookie jar with a broken lid. If this cannot be built without public money, perhaps an alternative site should be considered such as across the bridge in North Lawrence. Those folks haven't had a store in years since the IGA closed and it's still close to downtown.

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As thousands more vehicles travel South Lawrence Trafficway, timeline for lane expansion remains unknown

This is worse than I thought it was. I haven't been on it at rush hour, only on holiday visits. I guess they're going to have to 6 lane it or 8 lane it with HOT lanes(carpool/toll) in the middle like a lot of places are doing like here in Southern California. If it is going to cost $200 million to build 8 miles of road on an existing roadway with one new interchange and 3 new bridges, maybe they should spend a little more on a wider road that can handle present and future traffic better. I didn't know Lawrence had bad traffic like that. So much for visions of easy driving in Kansas. I just hope folks don't have to wait till 2040 for road and street improvements. If it takes that long, I may be watching the earth movers from the retirement home window!

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As thousands more vehicles travel South Lawrence Trafficway, timeline for lane expansion remains unknown

Years ago, I talked to a transportation official about a traffic bottleneck and how it could have been prevented with a little planning and he told me his job was not to prevent problems but to solve them after they occur, which is usually years later. This fiasco reminds me of that conversation. When this road was built back in the 90s, why wasn't it built to four lanes in the first place? The concept was to bypass Lawrence and even though there was the wetlands issue, officials had to know either the road would eventually go through or at the very least it would have provided a link to the US 59 freeway that was built to Ottawa. When the wetlands issue was finally resolved, why was the road not four laned then at least? It seems to me, they were so determined to plow through the wetlands at any cost, they didn't care that a dangerous situation was created not completing the entire road. I got a good taste of this road's danger driving from Kansas City when all of a sudden there's the Wakarusa red light and you sit there wondering if the cars behind will notice and stop. it's not a comfortable place to be.

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New report says Lawrence is not a very diverse place; as deportation cases make headlines, a look at our foreign-born population

This survey is pure BS. Does anyone really think Lawrence is not diverse? Or KCK is really more diverse than Lawrence? Lawrence was my first experience with people from all over the world. I met people from every corner of the planet there in a variety of situations from school to work. But if you really are convinced that Lawrence is not diverse, come to California, and you'll get all the diversity that you can handle!

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