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No insurance and hooked on drugs? Chances are, you won't find treatment in Douglas County

Over the last few decades we have seen an explosion in homelessness, people living under bridges and begging on the street corners. I know it's not as bad in Lawrence and Kansas as it is in San Diego and warm places. These folks are mentally ill and/or addicted. They're not in a position to help themselves. The occasional person who is just down on his luck can bounce back and get on his feet. I know. But most of these people need help. The decision is do you spend a few extra pennies or look the other way at the person on the corner flying a sign or when you see sleeping bags or tents in public.

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A look at how high Lawrence's sales tax rate would be if voters approve increase for jail, mental health

There's a fine line between genius and insanity and while the best and brightest are going to KU, there are also a lot of those with mental health challenges in Lawrence and I applaud the community for addressing this issue.Yes the taxes are a little high and getting higher but is solving these issues worth part of a penny? If you get the issues solved aren't you getting your bang for the buck at the end of the day? Lawrence does have a higher quality of life than the average town in America and definitely the average town in Kansas and that does cost a little more.

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Editorial: Updated master plan a smart idea

Lawrence is about to pass the 100,000 population threshold and I don't have any problems with 12 story buildings with one caveat. Don't be ripping down historic downtown buildings to build high rises like what happened in the case of the bank at 9th and Mass back in the day. In retrospect this building should have built somewhere else downtown. This development at the old JW print plant would be ok and maybe one at the other end across from the court house and possibly one at the 9th and Vermont parking lot. But whatever, please don't disturb the character of downtown by ripping the place apart and making it Anytown, USA.

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Conceptual plans for city bus hub include mixed-use downtown building

This 900 block of Vermont is great spot, centrally located. If you go for the mixed use residential building concept, please consider making this affordable housing. In other words housing for someone who would ride the bus. They could ride the elevator down and hop on the bus, Gus. This would be a good use of the two bond issues voted on last month, transportation and affordable housing. And just between you, me, and the wall, I'd love to see some affordable senior housing built downtown. I'd love to call downtown Lawrence home some day.

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Developers to propose downtown project with conference center, hotel and high-rise condos

That looks good. I thought they would put the hotel at the entrance to Mass but that's an improvement and a nice entrance to downtown. I hope someone is working on the other end at 11th and you would have two nice entrances.

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Editorial: Depot project long overdue

I don't know what the city is proposing but it would make a good transit center. It's downside is being 3 blocks east and not in the center of downtown, but an Amtrak/Greyhound/K-10/ T/and KU On Wheels combo would be good for the city. It works in other places.

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Organizer apologizes for Confederate flag appearance at Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

I am sorry folks but there is no excuse for a Confederate flag in Lawrence. Besides the bleeding Kansas territorial sack of Lawrence by pro slavery forces there was the infamous Quantrill raid and massacre that was one of the worst acts of terrorism in our country's history. The guy should spend an afternoon in the cemetery contemplating.

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City of Lawrence reveals 5 potential locations for new bus station

I think it should be downtown and the Greyhound and K-10 buses should use it as well. In addition to residents it should be easy for someone arriving in the city to transfer to a local line. At some point in the future it would be nice if you could fly into KCI, take a bus to Lawrence and transfer to a city bus that would take you to or near your final destination affordably and seamlessly like many other cities or ride to and from Olathe, Overland Park or the Plaza quickly and easily. Downtown would be the best primary hub location.

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Brownback to meet with Mitch McConnell as confirmation process slows

Sam must have really burned some bridges in Washington. His party controls the Senate and he used to be one of them. This is a nothing nomination, maybe a step above a third world hellhole or Antarctica. For him not to have gotten this nomination and walked away from Topeka speaks volumes. If he doesn't get this appointment pretty soon Kansas will be stuck with him for another year. And you can add him to the things you can't rid of like aids, herpes, and a condo in Aurora, CO.

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Fast-food hamburger restaurant, with a Mexican twist, coming to 23rd Street

Jack In The Box's corporate HQ is just up the street from my office in San Diego. They keep mixing up the menu and adding new things. It really is an innovative fast food chain.

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