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City's affordable housing board looks for new ideas, new funding

There is one aspect of affordable housing that not just Lawrence but rest of the country are dealing with is retiring Baby Boomers who will be living on Social Security. I have a relative who wanted to live in Lawrence but there was a multi year wait for senior housing.And many Baby Boomers have an affection for their college towns. I know I do and it's on my list. But right now I'd have to sign up a few years before I'd actually be moving to get a place. So Lawrence should address this aspect of affordable housing.

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Whitewater group explains how $70 million Clinton Lake project would be funded; it involves help from the public and a new shopping center

I think it's wonderful idea but some questions: Where are you getting 1500 acres? I was there in December and the ran ger told me the proposal is for the middle undeveloped area of the park.The entire park might be 1500 acres. That's over 2 square miles. You can easily tell how big 2 square miles is on Google Earth as the country roads are laid out on square mile grids. No doubt the Charlotte shopping center developer and Charlotte park developer are working together though I am surprised that if the shopping center is paying the park's way it isn't proposed for the park's area along K-10 at 6th, the best spot or near the park entrance at Clinton Parkway or Bob Bullings exits. For that matter I'm surprised some master planned community on the north side of the park boundary with hotel and golf course wasn't thrown in the mix by the Tar Heels.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider takeover and restoration of Santa Fe depot

This is where Greyhound needs to stop,not the library,an actual depot built for passengers and make sure local transit stops there as well to connect with it. If the proposed Amtrak route to Texas is established, a second route would be stopping as well.The place could have a good future as a transportation hub.

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A conversation with Lawrence's tourism leader; city set to give $150K to local events; advocate selling KU basketball tickets for affordable housing cause

I'm one of the tourists that visits Lawrence. I live in California and will be there this week. I never visit friends in Kansas City without going to Lawrence. On many years I would attend Lawrence's Christmas lighting along with the Plaza lighting. I am drawn to downtown Lawrence and its restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. I hope the city continues to grow and develop that asset and downtown could use a few more hotels. Beyond having a good shopping and entertainment district, I have read proposals of redeveloping the old JW print plant into a convention center and a faux downtown type shopping area for North Lawrence. I don't know if those are dead proposals or if they await better economic conditions. Lawrence would make a good conference center and place for small conventions. This proposal for Clinton Lake is intriguing and I have been impressed by the videos of the US Whitewater Center and its locale looks like Clinton. Lawrence should seize the moment on this.Clinton Lake is a great asset. Lawrence is a great place to visit and I keep planning to come at least twice a year.

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A look at what a downtown grocery store would look like and details of a new lawsuit aiming to stop it

If they have to ask the condo owners about locating a grocery next door ask them on a cold icy day when they have to drive on slick streets to pick up a few things. As for the store itself, if it's serving Lawrence condo owners it seems a Sprouts, an upscale grocer or a smaller one like Aldi would be a better fit than Price Chopper. There's not even a 7-11 down there right now. Finally, what ever became of the development across the bridge? A grocery store over there would make sense.

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New details on proposed hotel, restaurant development in eastern Lawrence

I am surprised that after K-10 is rerouted a hotel would go in there. The developers must be optimistic on the future of the old Farmland site. The place in eastern Lawrence I thought would get a hotel would be the Haskell exit on new K-10 and I am really surprised a hotel casino convention hotel isn't built on the Haskell campus itself near K-10 as part of a university hospitality management program since hotel casinos are such a huge part of the economy of the Native American nations these days. Lawrence would be a natural for conferences and small conventions.

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Editorial: Small 10

This conference is a joke and an embarrassment. it doesn't even live up to its name. It's not big and it's not 12. Only 5 of the old Big 8 remain. I really was hoping the Big 12 would make it. I was pulling for state flagship schools CSU, getting the league back into Colorado and UCONN, a worthy basketball competitor for KU to be chosen. I would have settled for SMU and Houston for their Southwest Conference history. I even thought a 16 team national conference stretching from SDSU in the Pacific Time Zone to Temple and UCONN in the Eastern Time zone might have been interesting. But I really don't think the Big 12 has the will to live and TV might really want a Power 4 instead. My personal preference now is KU in the Big 10 with other AAU heavyweights. ISU could come along or even better, if what Bill Snyder said was true and CU is really unhappy with the PAC 12, the Lawrence and Boulder schools should elope to the Big 10 together. The one thing holding back KU is its moribund football program having barely more of a pulse than the WSU Shocker football program. The Jayhawks need to be functional there so they can move on.

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Colorado's legalization of marijuana has changed the way the drug is used in Kansas, AG reports

I wonder if the KS Attorney General's office said the same thing in the 1930s, when Prohibition was repealed and all our neighboring began to legalize liquor.

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Pro-business think tank not impressed with Kansas tax cuts

So this plan even bombed with the people it was supposed to impress.

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Current zoning could add 6,000 more apartments to Lawrence

I know one type of apartments the city needs is senior housing. Senior as in senior citizens not college seniors. I had one person tell me there is a lengthy wait list for such housing right now. The baby boomers are retiring and their college towns are a popular choice. Although I have several more years of working life planned, I would consider coming back to Lawrence in my final years for an active retirement but will the affordable senior housing be there? So if there are thousands of apartments slated for construction, here is a niche to fill.

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