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Analysis: 2017 session leaves Brownback politically crippled

If Brownback is politically crippled, it's because he shot himself in the foot many times. This political strategy fell right on its ass. It would have been great if he could have completely eliminated income taxes. But to do that you have to replace your income stream, not robbing Peter to pay Paul year after year and drive the state into such a deep economic hole that it became a national joke. Economics 101. It could have done, there are states with no income tax. But I don't think anyone in this administration ever tried to model the state after one with a successful economy. They just lowered taxes for the rich and kicked the can down the road. They might have tried to think outside the box, like legalize cannibis and hemp or lowered the gaming taxes so a few more casinos might have located or gone into some of the lakes. Incorporation tax haven, maybe, or something that would have worked. I was never under the impression that this political strategy was ever really thought through.

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Plans filed for major new shopping center south of the SLT and U.S. Highway 59 interchange

This developer should pony up for an interchange with the county road south of the Wakarusa River. Because if that goes in the traffic on 59 will be a mess. You'll be driving down the freeway from Ottawa and then you'll slam into this development. Putting it on 6th and K-10 would have made more sense and been a little safer.

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As City Commission candidates get ready to talk about adding jobs, here's a look at how Lawrence is actually doing

Now it looks like it would make sense to get with the real estate developer and get those spec buildings erected at Lawrence Venture Park and jump start that place so some companies will have a place to go. It definitely wouldn't hurt Lawrence to grow its tax base and attract some entrepreneurs. Sure the city will grow and retail and entertainment will grow with it. But the city could use some business development. And Lawrence can do it--who wouldn't want to go there if you are in the Midwest.
I can understand the commuting. If I was being transferred to the Midwest, I'd pick Kansas City and live in Lawrence, because Lawrence is a nice city with a lot to do. Lawrence is a lot closer to Kansas City than it used to be. It used to be a toll road drive to Kansas City 45 miles or so for a commute. Now what is it, 24 miles to Olathe and 30 into Overland Park over faster freeways.

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Lawrence City Commission approves deal to take control of Santa Fe Station

There's your transit center or at least one for the downtown area. Put another at KU for and Lawrence would have a nice transportation set up.

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City leaders want clearer picture regarding future of Lawrence transit

Lawrence is spending money on the train station. Why isn't it a transit hub? Lawrence should have two hubs, downtown and KU. And ideally one should be a stop for Amtrak, Greyhound, the K-10 bus and airport shuttles in addition to city buses and obviously the railroad doesn't go through KU but a hub in that area should have multiple services as well. As a transit rider I would prefer that scenario. Hopefully Amtrak and city transit will prevail in their challenges.

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Residents voice dissent at information session on proposed whitewater center

If Lawrence and/or Douglas County is footing the bill for this whitewater park and the thing is only 40 acres, create a city park and put it there. A good place would be on or near Rock Chalk Park since it's being presented as a venue for KU watersports or the hilly wooded terrain nearby and near the K-10 & I-70 junction for access and visibility. $70M is a lot of money and the city needs to make sure it's getting its bang for the buck. It sounds more and more that this should be an amusement park on private property with hotel and shopping center and built as a real estate development not a state park attraction.

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Editorial: Reconsider transit hub site

Two transit centers make sense especially since there are two overlapping transit systems. 21st and Iowa makes sense as does the Santa Fe station. Have downtown be a hub for Amtrak, Greyhound, the down town routes and perhaps some K-10 schedules and have 21st and Iowa serve KU routes and the K-10 buses. Lawrence doesn't have to have just one transit center. Many systems have multiple centers. Since Lawrence has KU and downtown as activity centers it makes sense to have two transit centers.

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City's affordable housing board looks for new ideas, new funding

There is one aspect of affordable housing that not just Lawrence but rest of the country are dealing with is retiring Baby Boomers who will be living on Social Security. I have a relative who wanted to live in Lawrence but there was a multi year wait for senior housing.And many Baby Boomers have an affection for their college towns. I know I do and it's on my list. But right now I'd have to sign up a few years before I'd actually be moving to get a place. So Lawrence should address this aspect of affordable housing.

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Whitewater group explains how $70 million Clinton Lake project would be funded; it involves help from the public and a new shopping center

I think it's wonderful idea but some questions: Where are you getting 1500 acres? I was there in December and the ran ger told me the proposal is for the middle undeveloped area of the park.The entire park might be 1500 acres. That's over 2 square miles. You can easily tell how big 2 square miles is on Google Earth as the country roads are laid out on square mile grids. No doubt the Charlotte shopping center developer and Charlotte park developer are working together though I am surprised that if the shopping center is paying the park's way it isn't proposed for the park's area along K-10 at 6th, the best spot or near the park entrance at Clinton Parkway or Bob Bullings exits. For that matter I'm surprised some master planned community on the north side of the park boundary with hotel and golf course wasn't thrown in the mix by the Tar Heels.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider takeover and restoration of Santa Fe depot

This is where Greyhound needs to stop,not the library,an actual depot built for passengers and make sure local transit stops there as well to connect with it. If the proposed Amtrak route to Texas is established, a second route would be stopping as well.The place could have a good future as a transportation hub.

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