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The Milky Way Woman


your poem is very powerful and hopeful

i too am interested in others beliefs and your poem shows how we might all gain something valuable from them if we just open our hearts

best of luck

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Longtime — and much beloved — KU economics professor to retire

harry is one of a kind. he can rest assured that his good influence has rippled out into the the world in the hearts and minds of his former students. the world is a better place because of him. happy retirement professor shaffer.

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Congress and President Bush Bailout Kansas Grandparent Caregivers

john - i appreciate your updates on these social issues. as a grandmother, this subject is close to my heart. i admire and, at the same time, sympathize with grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. i love to keep my grandchildren but at the end of the day i am exhausted and ready to send them back to their parents. i can't imagine never getting a break. i have always wondered if there was a respite care program for these grandparents. i would be interested in being a part of something like that as a volunteer. - ginny

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This One's For Toot

max - i didn't know who was responsible for the emails but i did receive them from my conservative friends (mostly elderly) until two days before the election. each time i received one, i refered the sender to factcheck.org, which ironically was fox news sunday's power player of the week a few weeks before the election. i felt angry, not only because i feared the effect they would have on the election but also because my friends were being exploited.

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This One's For Toot

alia, ronda, marlo - thanks for reading and commenting. i believe this will be a time of healing for our country.

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Election Day Freebies

have a great day marlo - for me the real treat is being a part of something big! barack on!

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My New Love Affair with Rain Boots

ahh...if only some parents and teachers who bring children to our pumpkin farm would read this blog. it breaks my heart to hear them tell the kids to stay out of the mud. the look of disappointment on the kids' faces says it all. great blog sandy.

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Are you a Silent Reader?

hi joyce - i tend to be a silent reader for the most part but i do appreciate your post. i don't post as often as i'd like and i only comment when i feel i have something important to add to the conversation.

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Nebraska's parenting problem: Is it happening here?

invictus and pogo - how cold hearted you are. bet you'll make loving parents.

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Saturday Night Live: A New Low?

tom shewman says: These lousy shows and personalities seem to be gather their scripting material from the far-left blogosphere.when asked why the left doesn't have a counter to fox news, bill o'rielly, rush limbaugh and their ilk; my son said it best when he answered, "we do - only we call it commedy."

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