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Last Call owner questions presence of police dog

I work for the City of Merriam Fire Department and we have a bar called Rum Runners in our area. There was a shooting where a young man was killed a couple of months ago (I didn't work that one) Then a few weeks ago another young man was shot and and killed (I did work that one). Both shootings happend on a "Hip Hop" night. The City of Merriam in its infinite wisdom passed a law saying ALL bars in Merriam will shut down by 12:00 am. Perhaps the City of Lawrence needs to look into that.

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Mayor says it's time for nonsense

Thats it I'm outa here packin' my sh*t and moving on. "Thanks for all the fish..."

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Pregnant mom struggles to regain Christmas gifts after car towed

A&m Jacked the price up because they know this is an insurance gig. What a bunch of a**holes. I have always used Hillcrest even when I got in a wreck I told the cop to call no one but Hillcrest.

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Social cost

"I sometimes wonder if it would have been better if I was aborted." Ragingbear watch "Its a Wonderful Life" its on a hundred times this month and maybe you will change your mind.

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OMG I'm going to puke. Another letter from a brain dead libb. Listen up THE DEMOCRATS LIED NOT PRESIDENT BUSH!!!
The democrats are scrambling around because Bush called them out. Just listen to Kerry: I voted for the war, against the war.

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Bring 'em home

Arminus: Give em hell. Ending the mission right now would be a mistake and it would knock down the morale of the troops who busted their arses and/or died. War is hell and people will die. Yeah I support the troops AND the war. Wether or not Sadaam had WMD or not (only the democrat libbies know for sure), or securing oil fields (Like what you Micheal Moore zombies would like to beleive) isn't the issue. The issue is geting an oppresive dictator and his government out. The mission is not over until Iraq is a self sustained government and we are getting closer every day. SEMPER FI

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It's all myth

Rightthinker: The truth hurts to most liberals and they can't stand that.

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Trotters are sentenced in cocaine case

WTF??? Why didn't LJW mention that Mardell played on the LHS State Championship Football Team. Anyways I knew Mardell (from football) and he was no saint. I'm surprised it took this long to bust those two clowns on something.

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Basic logic

Yourworstnightmare, I seemed to remember that if "A" is "B" then "C" must be "A". Wow now my head hurts.

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Higher standard

STOP THE INSANITY!!!!! You know Kansas has the lowest standards of science taught in the U.S. For Christs sakes Alabama and Mississippi have higer science standars. What does that tell ya.

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