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One dead after car-motorcycle accident near 27th and Missouri

The world has lost a wonderful woman who was doing something she loved.

And amen knypthal, these stories do not need comments, let people mourn in peace....

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Free Cereal At Target

Fluoride in cereal? Cool. They can put it in EVERYTHING as far as I'm concerned.

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Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting?

Everybody needs at least one - makes the body easier to identify!

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Line forms early among those seeking free dental care from clinic

This is a good thing!

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Farmers' Market to feature wild entertainment, school garden

Factory farmed eggs are an abomination. No, I can't afford to buy as many, but they're worth the premium price.

And the last time I was at the Farmers Market I came away with a whole bag of "seconds." Squash, tomatoes, pepppers - for under $5.

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Performers to take to downtown streets this weekend

will the bagpipes be back this year?

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Mom, baby OK after bizarre accident

I wouldn't say this if anybody had been seriously hurt. But since every one's ok, this has to be just about the funniest story I've read in a long time. An "I Love Lucy" moment for the new millenium. And the Mary Kay factor is just the perfect capper. Night of the Mary Kay Commandos, anyone? Wow, those Mary Kay ladies are tough..very tough...

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Couple speak out on transgender issues

Jay and Jessica may be the bravest people I know..

But that Jamie Lee Curtis thing is a myth....

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The ink crowd: Tattooists reveal their skills on traditional canvas at Ichiban art show

everybody needs at least one - it makes the body oh so much easier to identify....

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Swine flu leads Tonganoxie couple to cancel honeymoon trip to Mexico

This sounds more like a story you'd read in The Onion. Are these people related to the Editor or something?

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