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Underage sex law goes into effect

Listen to me dear, it can be extremely difficult for people to take anything you say seriously when you demonstrate an inability to type a sentence (or sentences) properly.

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Underage sex law goes into effect

Well, it sure as hell looks like you need help with your punctuation/sentence structure!

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Underage sex law goes into effect

First of all, I'm not Joe.........but I agreed with what he said.

Also........You're saying you want me to mix it up with you and many others on the other board.......which translates into......."I, hottruckinfool, can't handle dealing with someone else on my own, I need help. I don't have the backbone or brains to defend myself so I need others to assist me."

You're as sad as that now-dead grandfather of yours was when he was alive and schtoinking teenage girls!

Hmmmm...........must be something in your family genes, I guess.

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Police say suspect admitted hitting girl

Yeah, he'll be in hell someday, alright!---Sitting right next to your "sex with teens" grandfather, momma!

BTW.....it's "Brian"....not "Brain".

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Underage sex law goes into effect

Oh, shut up, you fat slob.

Granddaughter of a sex pervert!

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Underage sex law goes into effect

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August 10, 2005 at 11:42 p.m. ( )

Do you think there is room for another ice cream shop downtown?

Hmmm......Another day of anal jokes/references, I see.

My! My! What is this board coming to?!

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Have you ever eaten bison? Do you think it will become more popular as the price of beef rises?

Yes, I've been reading both boards for much of the afternoon, Redneck Gal. And you know something? "Mister Joe" sounds very passionate about older men taking advantage of younger women, and frankly, I don't blame him one bit! There is something rather disturbing about a twenty-nine year old man having sex with a sixteen year old girl (past or present).

And as far as this board goes, what's with all of the "anal talk"?

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Is it fair for police to sit and wait for drivers to disobey temporary traffic signs?

You mean "twig and berries", don't you, Simon? :P!
Sorry, Simon! But you left yourself wide-open for that one!

Linux Chick, I have to ask you something about an earlier post of yours. Did I read you right? You were a male poster before you became a female poster? Why did you pretend to be a male poster? And you became a female poster because why? I'm just curious.

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Amputee happy to be reunited with foot

"all y'all".......

So well put, lexy. So well put.

This guy sounds like an idiot, and honestly, so do you, lexy! So do you!
I feel sorry for both of you!

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