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Kansas Supreme Court justices grill lawyers during school finance appeal

I'm with you 5X5 on that, jafs.

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Letter: Hate speech

Although I don't like the words of Prof. Guth's message, I read it as an impassioned, rhetorical personal comment. It had never crossed my mind that he was promoting violence or hatred toward people, rather to a concept concerning behavior that he considers contributory to violence, and the people who are adamantly supportive of that behavior.

Comments hastily spoken are often ill-considered. I attribute that to being a human with passionate feelings on an issue, and the facility to express them.

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Kansas Supreme Court justices grill lawyers during school finance appeal

ps(Sorry, Miss James, for the atrocious sentence-a-graph above. You DID teach me to write better than that)

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Kansas Supreme Court justices grill lawyers during school finance appeal

I agree up to your conclusion, jafs.

I think the best way to deal with this issue is for the self-absorbed prima donas to get off their high horse, work together with the Board of Education to determine minimum levels, exceed them by 20% and bring education back toward the middle, rather than racing toward the bottom, wasting our greatest resource as they play their self-serving games, while blatantly NOT doing what we pay them to do. It's OUR state, OUR children, and these "public servants" are on OUR payroll.

The ----'ing nerve!.

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More than 1,100 furloughed because of federal government shutdown, state officials say

oldvet--The ACA most closely resembles Bob Dole's own counter to the Clinton-era healthcare reform movement. Former Republican Pres. candidate Romney implemented it, successfully, in his state.

It was passed by the legislature, signed by the executive, and given the thumbs-up of constitutionality by the supreme court. The republican house has tried over 40 times to overturn it, resulting in perpetual failure.

Royal edict does not describe that reality. What's your point?

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Letter: Chaos in store

"can't the government print money instead of borrowing it?"
According to the Constitution, this is the only established source. Pursuant to another later act, that is only done by a privately controlled central bank, the Fed.

Shortly after JFK proposed this, someone put a bullet through his head.

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Neighbor questions church's use of school

Democracy is a principle--"People govern" It is the foundation for virtually all systems of representative government. A Constitutional Republic is one form of government that a democratic nation may establish. There are several others.

In principle, we are a liberal democracy, Our governing form is a Constitutional Republic. No need to continue the error that they are not both accurately describing the same thing.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

To those who say this is not necessary and that the city should not be involved, I'd suggest that every person who gets shelter there is worth every bit as much as you or I or your banker or our Governor. Their circumstances are different. I think they need shelter and sustenance, just like you or I. And the fact is, they are your neighbor, and my neighbor, and being a crank about it is not helpful.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

The article stated the roof part of the money was 225,000.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

This is not a business. It is a necessary service. They can not be operated in the same way. A business owner can fire, lay off, add or subtract a product offering, close shop, take a vacation. The needs for these "safety net" services can not be treated in the same way.

The shelter moved because the need was greater than what the previous location could handle. The City and a lot of local groups had significant influence on the selection of facilities.

This is potentially a good investment. The money saved will provide more services that can get people currently homeless better prepared for independence -- employed and productive.

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