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Family and friends remember LHS math teacher Debra Green

That's not true; I was there, too. They were voted on by the student body. Several of my black friends were very talented in sports, and had been cheerleaders at Central Jr Hi. But as the article said, there was a lot of racial tension in the late 60'sd at LHS. There was in fact a Black American club, and there was specifically a Black Spring Queen and also a Native American Spring Queen. Because of a lot of peer pressure, the black girls did not try out for cheerleaders in the open tryouts; they surely would have been elected if they did, because they had had already been elected in Jr Hi and were very popular.

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Kansas House chamber set to host Christian workshop

no...if a buddhist group asked to use the facility, they would probably be allowed to use it, too; but there wouldn't be all the negative nonsense comments. The only time you see church & state hostility is when the denomination is Christian.

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Rail route

not quite 'nuff said . . . Amtrak does not go from Kansas City To Denver; from KC you go to Lamar and points south; Omaha will you get to Denver.

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Rod's Cards and Gifts stores selling out remaining Hallmark merchandise

There's always a "rest of the story" . . . Rod's ran themselves out of the Hallmark business, Hallmark the Corporation didn't do it. Any shop that wants to stock their shelves has to order and PAY FOR their merchandise. Rods did not do that. All the tacky signs they posted on the doors about Hallmark not providing them with product is baloney; he didn't pay his invoices so they stopped delivering the goods. Hopefully we'll gain another Hallmark store in town, one with better management. It' not just about the cards, and its not just about geriatric customers, Some of you need to get out more.

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Do you think the city should allow the use of artificial turf in landscaping for businesses and apartment complexes?

How many ways are there to spell "tacky" ? . . . A-S-T-R-O-T-U-R-F maybe? Hard to believe we have become so "plastic" that we would consider turf instead of real grass in a place where people live, not a business or sports complex, but where we live. Have you ever played on turf? Imagine the rug burn on your kids knees. And consider the actual 'heat' burn you could get from a plastic surface out in July sun. Ever walk across the KU stadium turf on a hot summer day? Its a good 15-20 degrees hotter out there in the middle of it. If its really low maintenance they want, I would consider ornamental rock surfaces before I would consider turf. I have a small turf rug on the porch for scraping shoes, etc, and I know how tacky it looks after a while, I replace it about every year. I don't believe they are lower maintenance than real grass, unless their standards of general maintenace are low to begin with. I want a natural lawn; its cooler, safer, more inviting, and in the long run I think cheaper.

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Jefferson County Commission denies permit for Meriden strip club

and we have a winner . . . the "don't restrict our rights& freedoms card" has been played . . . well, right back at ya buddy. Why do you suppose people choose to live in smaller communitues or rural areas? Because they don't want to be around certain influences, perhaps? Or they want a better life style? And why do you suppose some business owners try to force their way into those smaller communites? Do they believe its easier, less restrictions, fewer resources to launch a counter campaign? Probably.

Let me tell you about MY rights according to the Supreme Court: in 1973 the US Supreme Court ruled that each community can set its own community standards. In 1981, Chief Justice W Burger defended that ruling, and addressed the rights of communities to refuse businesses such as this one . (Schad v. Borough) "Citizens should be free to choose to shape their community so that it embodies their conception of the 'decent life'" . Justice Rendquist ruled with him.
If you want to argue First Amendment rights, there are things that are NOT protected by that particular Freedom; again, the US Supreme Court interprets the First Amendmant like this: "This much has been categorically settled by the Court, that obscene material is UNPROTECTED by the First Amendment". (Miller v. California, 1973).

Those points should be enough, but also consider the negative seconday effects to a community. Numerous studies PROVEN that crime accelerates on all levels when SOB establishments are introduced. (ironically, Sexually Oriented Businesses are abreviated/referred to as SOB's in legalese...no kidding) Jefferson County doesn't have as many resources as neighboring Douglas, Shawnee, or Leavenworth Counites. We are not without excellent law enforcement protection, but a handful of deputies cover 500 square miles of mostly rural county. If you would do your homework, you would find that the business owner proposing this establishment already operates one in Douglas County, and records indicate that DougCo deputies made 39 visits to his business last year.

So my friend, I have every right to protect my home, my property values, and my life style. Don't use your "don't tread on my rights" argument on me.

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Jefferson County Commission denies permit for Meriden strip club

It may be a just matter of time, but we have more in our arsenal than just the County Commisioners decision. There is currently a bill in the Kansas House, Community Defense Act, House Bill #2107, that will restrict businesses such as this one statewide. It came out of committee last week even stronger than it went in, and it is expected to pass the House and go on to the Senate. So unless he plans to sue the entire state of Kansas, it would probably be a waste of 'his' money. We have a very strong, supportive group in Jefferson County that has been working to prevent this business from succeeding here in our backyard. After all, there is plenty of vice just down the road in Lawrence and Douglas County . . . you can keep it.

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New coalition pushing to relax Kansas liquor laws

there is plenty of liqour available now, without it entering grocery or chain stores. Personally, I enjoy the luxury of being able to avoid it altogether; I don't drink therefore I don't patronize liqour stores. I have very strong personal feelings about even entering a liqour store; my father was an alcoholic, took me with him to bars and package stores as a child, and I don't even want to be around it anymore. And, by the way, I Have Ever Right to My Own Feelings, thank you very much. I don't want my children exposed to it either. I don't think non drinkers should have to put up with those products in the grocery store.. It is readily available for those who want it elsewhere. You want a movie, you go to a video store. You want a book, you go to a book store. You have to have a drink, you can waddle into a liqour store to get it . . . leave the other outlets alone.

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Kissinger: ‘We did to ourselves’ Vietnam failures

you really are "just another loser on the bus" , , , you didn't listen to a word of what the article was trying to say did you?

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