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National Republicans air ads for Brownback

Average spending on a per student basis is almost $12,000 per year. It is up to the local school boards where that money is allocated. We need to hold them accountable if the money is funding retirement or building unneeded facilities.

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Letter: Party first?

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." --
Thomas Jefferson

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Saturday Column: Obama will use all means to push change agenda

Obama hasn't changed anything in Washington but has instead doubled down on everything already there. He renewed the Patriot Act & signed into law the NDAA where anyone can be unlawfully detained without criminal charges. instead of ending the wars, he has escalated them killing civilians with drone strikes, including a teenage US citizen, now.
If this must be an argument couched in terms of parties, it's time both parties cleaned up their own acts and stop blaming the other.
Or is this really about party?

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Saturday Column: Why do Koch contributions trigger such scorn?

You just scorned Carolyn above for misspelling Mozilla. Pot meet kettle.

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Jenkins bill to delay individual insurance mandate would be vetoed, White House says

You answered your own either buy insurance or you don't. If you don't, you get fined & if you do, you pay through the nose for a product you don't want & in many cases don't need. So, your choice is to pay the insurance company or to pay the government. You deprive someone from making a choice because you judge it to be not much of a choice? Who are you to judge?
And furthermore, what if I judge that purchasing an overpriced insurance plan with unnecessary coverage is not much of a choice? Why is my money taken from me and used to support someone else's poor choice?

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Lt. Gov. Colyer to testify to Congress that economy hurt by Affordable Care Act

Dr. Colyer is exactly right. 13 days from the launch of exchanges & you can't know what the policies will cost or look like for sure. I've used for years and can choose from 42 different policies & pay as little as $135/mo for myself & dependent. Same info on and I have a choice of 2 companies and get an estimate of $338/mo. I'm either paying for coverage I don't want or the prices are going up. But I'm sure that's the Kochs fault, too. LJWorld commenters really need to get over this idee fixe!

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Editorial: Drone policy?

"Let’s be clear also that any local policy would not control how the federal government chooses to use drones..." That's an issue to be argued under another amendment but just because a city resolution might not curtail our federal overseers from using drones in inappropriate ways, why would we not want to curtail our local overseers from using them inappropriately? One layer of overreach is not enough? Just think if the city police were routinely collecting all of our emails & phone records like the NSA is doing. Would we not want to put an end to any department, no matter what level, that is infringing on our civil liberties?
And I thought Lawrence considered itself a leading city!

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ALEC meeting draws Kansas legislators

Why is ALEC behind Common Core? According to this video, they're supported by many of the groups that support Common Core
What's up with that?!

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Lawrence-Douglas County health department unable to bill Medicare

All a provider had to do to be "revalidated" was get an account & log on to PECOS (Provider enrollment, chain, and ownership system) website. Yes, it was a pain but not that much time. This smacks of sheer laziness & incompetence. If they can't handle the 2012 rules, how are they ever going to handle the layers upon layers of bureaucracy coming down the Obamacare pike?

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New 'no gun' signs posted in public buildings

I'd sure rather have a legal gun in the building with me when the criminal starts shooting. Might have a chance. This sitting duck would prefer to fight back.

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