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Kansas education cuts among largest in the nation

Total spending when adjusted for inflation has essentially remained flat. Federal spending requires dollars from somewhere...it either is created out of thin air (hence the inflation which is essentially a hidden tax on everyone) and is accompanied by national debt or it comes directly out of the taxpayers pockets. That's why I also care about the AMOUNT of my dollars (the value of my time and labor) that are taken from me in the form of taxes and given to someone else, somewhere else, for purposes that I may not agree are the best use. It's part of being an informed citizen.

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Kansas education cuts among largest in the nation

Huh. And yet total state spending per student has continued to go up and is higher in 2013 than in 2008. As a taxpayer, I have one wallet (which also isn't as big as it was before the "Great Recession"). When the Kansas government raids my wallet, I don't care if you call it base state aid or LOB or bonds or whatever...it's still raiding my wallet.

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Kansas education cuts among largest in the nation

Average spending per pupil in Kansas:
2005-06 $10,596
2006-07 $11,558
2007-08 $12,188
2008-09 $12,660
2009-10 $12,330
2010-11 $12,283 <-- Parkinson governor when 2011 fiscal year budget set
2011-12 $12,656 <-- Brownback took office in Jan 2011
2012-13 $12,781
2013-14 $12,960
2014-15 $13,269 (est.)
Source: Kansas Legislative Research

Huh...the numbers keep getting bigger since Jan 2011.

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Kansas education cuts among largest in the nation

""Kansas began cutting budgets in 2008, under then-Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat, when state revenues began to plummet following the collapse of the financial industry and national housing market that fall. They continued in 2009 after Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican, took office."

Brownback did not become governor until January 2011 (also, note that Sebelius, and not Parkinson, was governor in 2008).

But...anything to push your agenda, Peter.

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Kansas Democrats to fight back on Obamacare

As long as we're offering anecdotal evidence, I've paid $1990 to date for our insurance out of my pocket. The only plans offered on or off the exchange this year were double the premium & triple the deductible of what I already had but Coventry was nice enough to renew my plan last December so I didn't have to buy a more expensive/less coverage plan until this coming December. I, too, have paid state and federal taxes sinc 1986. I didn't have to send off a bunch of documentation to HHS (btw, why do you not complain about having to prove citizenship for this when you complain about proving citizenship to vote?). When the proverbial SHTF this December and premiums go up even higher, be sure to thank all those working class people who are paying for their own AND YOUR insurance.

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National Republicans air ads for Brownback

Average spending on a per student basis is almost $12,000 per year. It is up to the local school boards where that money is allocated. We need to hold them accountable if the money is funding retirement or building unneeded facilities.

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Letter: Party first?

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." --
Thomas Jefferson

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Saturday Column: Obama will use all means to push change agenda

Obama hasn't changed anything in Washington but has instead doubled down on everything already there. He renewed the Patriot Act & signed into law the NDAA where anyone can be unlawfully detained without criminal charges. instead of ending the wars, he has escalated them killing civilians with drone strikes, including a teenage US citizen, now.
If this must be an argument couched in terms of parties, it's time both parties cleaned up their own acts and stop blaming the other.
Or is this really about party?

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Saturday Column: Why do Koch contributions trigger such scorn?

You just scorned Carolyn above for misspelling Mozilla. Pot meet kettle.

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Jenkins bill to delay individual insurance mandate would be vetoed, White House says

You answered your own question...you either buy insurance or you don't. If you don't, you get fined & if you do, you pay through the nose for a product you don't want & in many cases don't need. So, your choice is to pay the insurance company or to pay the government. You deprive someone from making a choice because you judge it to be not much of a choice? Who are you to judge?
And furthermore, what if I judge that purchasing an overpriced insurance plan with unnecessary coverage is not much of a choice? Why is my money taken from me and used to support someone else's poor choice?

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