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Lawrence chapter of Black Lives Matter calls for community action

The American media doesn't like to cover violent protests if it doesn't fit the story they want it to fit.

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Local GOP candidates discuss guns, education standards at county forum

I thought reporters were just supposed to report the facts, not debate them. Biased much, Peter???

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5 lessons from Saturday's Kansas caucuses

Just FYI, the Republican party made absentee ballots available for military and for those with work or religious conflicts this year.

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5 lessons from Saturday's Kansas caucuses

Thank you, Greg, for being there. Primaries are logistically easier for the voters but are also at taxpayers' expense. Some people might not want to fund the process for Republicans or Democrats to choose their candidates who will then still need to be voted for at a taxpayer funded general election.
In the GOP caucus, voting was by secret ballot, so it was still private. Which leads me to the bright side of the caucus...it was great to see and interact with voters of like mind, even if not voting for the same candidate! Lives are busy, I know, but often too isolated. Maybe elections wouldn't be so contentious if voters saw the faces of their neighbors who care instead of just screaming at the TV.
BTW, thank you to all the voters who waited patiently and gave words of encouragement at the caucuses.

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5 lessons from Saturday's Kansas caucuses

While some criticism is deserved, please don't belittle the efforts of the "most passionate and motivated" of us all -- the volunteers of both parties, at the local and state level, working under the parameters set for them, who worked to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Not only did they give up their Saturday, they gave up hours and hours of personal time for weeks and months to serve the voters. Maybe the answer is for the voter to not only be engaged but to be actively involved.

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Transgender activist sues Kansas over birth certificate

Statute: K.S.A. § 65-2422c (2009).

Text: Minor correction of records. The secretary may by regulation prescribe procedures for making minor corrections to certificates or records.

Administrative Code: K.A.R. § 28-17-20 (b)(1)(A)(i) (2009).

Text: (i) The items recording the registrant's sex may be amended if the amendment is substantiated with the applicant's affidavit that the sex was incorrectly recorded or with a medical certificate substantiating that a physiological or anatomical change occurred.

Controlling case law: In re Estate of Gardiner, 29 Kan. App. 2dn 92 (2001). (interpreting K.S.A. § 65-2422c as only permitting “minor changes” to birth certificates and stating that this does not encompass correction of sex on birth certificates of individuals who have changed their sex by surgical procedure thus invalidating K.A.R. § 28-17-20 (b)(1)(A)(i)).
Source: lambdalegal.org

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Letter: Price of liberty

Thank you, Earl, for pointing out what doesn't seem to be apparent to most anymore: "Liberty is not infringed by other liberty which does not coerce or physically infringe upon one’s person." Being presented with a newspaper ad which you are not coerced or physically forced to read may be repugnant to some but is not infringing or coercing anyone.
Furthermore, reprinting quotes by important historical figures that should be easily found by a google search or in any US history textbook is hardly offensive and I was able to read & easily discern who had paid for the ad even without my reading glasses.

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Schools bracing for possible future cuts

Does anyone ever look at the numbers from the KS Dept of Ed itself? There was a $142 million increase in state aid K-12 funding! 2013-14 funding was $2.95 billion NOT including KPERS and $3.26 billion including KPERS. 2014-15 funding will be $3.09 billion NOT including KPERS and $3.4 billion including KPERS. That is an increase of $142.19 million NOT including KPERS and $144.72 including KPERS. There was an INCREASE in state aid even when KPERS money in not included!

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Kansas education cuts among largest in the nation

Total spending when adjusted for inflation has essentially remained flat. Federal spending requires dollars from somewhere...it either is created out of thin air (hence the inflation which is essentially a hidden tax on everyone) and is accompanied by national debt or it comes directly out of the taxpayers pockets. That's why I also care about the AMOUNT of my dollars (the value of my time and labor) that are taken from me in the form of taxes and given to someone else, somewhere else, for purposes that I may not agree are the best use. It's part of being an informed citizen.

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Kansas education cuts among largest in the nation

Huh. And yet total state spending per student has continued to go up and is higher in 2013 than in 2008. As a taxpayer, I have one wallet (which also isn't as big as it was before the "Great Recession"). When the Kansas government raids my wallet, I don't care if you call it base state aid or LOB or bonds or whatever...it's still raiding my wallet.

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