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A.G. vows to enforce federal marijuana laws

Did someone forget to tell government officials that it is the people in the government who make the rules. This is a democracy, not a fascist dictatorship. Nevermind the fact that we have been jailing non-violent people over marijuana for decades, or that it doesn't kill you like alcohol or cigarettes do, if the people decide that it is legal to use cannabis, then who is one government official to decide that millions of people are wrong?

The empirical evidence that supports the idea that marijuana should be legal is staggering. many local governments don't even bother to enforce it. Drug addiction is a medical problem, not a criminal problem. Amsterdam has proven that legalizing cannabis does not actually make more stoners. More people are habitual users across the sea in the UK, California and New Zealand (by far) where it is still illegal.

It is literally impossible to overdose from cannabis. Experiments have shown that even 100 pound dose will make someone juts take a nap. Despite Nancy Grace's claims to the contrary, it is impossible for marijuana to kill you. I won't even go into how it causes autophagy in some types of cancer cells, or the innumerable medical benefits, since we aren't talking about medical marijuana (which the federal government also has fought against and arrested users and producers of mm alike), but I will mention that it is a joke that alcohol and cigarettes are legal while marijuana is not.

And let us not forget the people who are currently making money from the illegal trade of marijuana. Wouldn't we be serving our debt ridden governments a lot more by taxing it?

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