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Cliff's Notes: Turner Gill press conference, 9/7/10

"Actions speak a lot louder than words!" Last Saturday was a day of statements as far as the Big XII North was concerned as four of its teams previously were rejected for consideration for admission by the Pac Ten & Big Ten leagues. KSU & Missouri both proved they could play and beat Pac Ten & Big Ten Teams. KU on the other hand proved they could beat very few teams, including North Dakota State, and that they are an total embarrassment to everyone in the Big XII's Northern Division. Coach Gill now needs to show the football world his KU team is more than a very poor joke.

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KU athletes tie school's GPA record

If you haven’t played NCAA Sports you have no idea of time and effort it takes. Every effort should be made to congratulate and encourage these athletics. I do wonder how this grade point average compares to the overall student body.

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Departures of Mangino, Fambrough comparable

I respected Mangino as a coach. However Mangino’s persona and style of coaching were very different from Coach Fambrough‘s. Don Fambrough was a tremendously compassionate coach both on and off the field! His interaction with “all” his players was beyond reproach. The players he coached loved him and would have laid down their lives for him. Mr. Woodling is right, Coach is a living legend. If you get a chance thank him for dedicating his life to KU.

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KU football players release letter to fans

I am pleased these players have expressed their view. For now I think Mr. Perkins should be left alone to concentrate on the selection our next football coach. After the coach is hired the University might need to conduct a comprehensive review of Mr. Perkins performance and the activities that have taken place within “his” athletic department. Necessary actions if any need to be taken. Then troubles need to be set aside and everyone should move forward with a focus on the positive.

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Nutt so fast: Ole Miss coach staying put

Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt would be a lateral move for KU. There are better coaches out there.

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Uncertain futures: Recruiting challenges mounting for interim coaches

In sports when one multimillionaire AD, Perkins, fires another multimillionaire, Coach, Mangino, it makes sports news. I am not judging that getting rid of Mangino was either good or bad. However the timing of Perkins announcement of the “Mangino Investigation” was absolutely terrible! Perkins based on his reputation should have known better. I am not judging that getting rid of Mangino was either good or bad. Both of these men have been paid very well! Mangino & Perkins have both become rich. I am however concerned about our Kansas University Football program. What I am most concerned about are the players. Once a letter of intent is signed the school or rather the athletic department they own until you are no longer on the team. Many of our football players will have nothing left of this football season but bad memories. An athletic scholarship is not an easy “full ride“! The hours spent preparing and playing the game of football are countless. If the athletes were paid by the hour based on the price tag of their education their pay would be less than the minimum wage. The school and athletic department owe them more than just a scholarship. Without the players there would be no team. As of today the players and the team are in a very bad situation. The decisions made in the next few days will determine what will happen for the next decade. Let us hope Perkins, this time, will make the right decisions. I for one don’t want our football team to face mediocrity or worse.

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Uncertain futures: Recruiting challenges mounting for interim coaches

Mr. Perkins, Thanks for thinking about Kansas University Football. Jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Business owners wrestle over land near Lecompton

This land has one of the most incredible views of the Kansas River valley that I have ever seen! This beautiful land should not be violated. It should be preserved in its natural state If it is developed into an industrial area it would rank above the destruction of the Elkins Prairie.

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Millions can be donated to the Kansas Athletic Department. But Perkins has shown that money can not buy respectability!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Call it what you may; the KU football Program has been shafted by Perkins! The negative way this came about will be used against the KU Football Program for year to come. This incident has and will cost the University of Kansas a great deal more than money!

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