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Residents waiting over 3 hours in DMV lines

I was there this morning,,and the line was to the door with 2 people working..another person came from the back and asked the other workers if they were busy and needed help..DUH!!

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City to study how much public funding needed for new police headquarters

Why don't they study why they are denying city workers fresh water and the ability to have a safe workplace! Seems this should be a priority!!!!!!!

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Trash costs

Has anyone bothered to check the price of the cost effective trucks? About $200,000 each..if they replace 16 trucks..that would be $3.2 million just for the vehicles..and on most of them the bins are smaller, so another "regular" truck has to come later and pick up the bulk items left behind..2 trucks on one route and this is efficient?!

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Solid Waste Task Force likely to propose city-issued recycling cart

for someone who doesnt have a clue, the trash dept. does not run in the red considering that part of its revenue is put into the city budget to support the other services in the city that do not make money. and the article said it would recomend and seek bids for the cost. get your info right before you talk

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Town Talk: Lawrence company taps into athletic-themed jewelry; artificial grass expected to produce real debate at City Hall; this and that about trash and recycling

Have heard that they will keep their jobs..but the new trucks cost over $250,000 each, and I saw one drop a poly cart from the top of the truck. Also, how are those trucks going to get down the smaller streets and alleys? It looks to me like they can't lift very much because the bucket is small.
Good use of our tax dollars!!

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Lawrence Mayor Aron Cromwell says property tax mill levy increase will be difficult to avoid

Why not take the vehicles that the city officials use for "business only" back and let them drive to work like everybody else. One city official turned down the vehicle, but still takes a mileage "bonus" to pay for gas. Try living in reality for a change.

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Budget discussions threaten future of Kansas Neurological Institute

I think that those wanting to close KNI should adopt a resident for a week and have to provide their 24/7 care. Instead of walking the halls in an expensive suit, walk a mile in a staff members shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

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Former manager of KU athletics ticket office Kassie Liebsch sentenced to 37 months in federal prison

Inmates earn a wage while in prison..I think at the state level it is .60 per day..not sure about federal.

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Lawrence city commissioners set one-year deadline for trash task force to make recommendations

Spell check would be awesome!! Please use it.

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Which restaurant do you wish delivered that doesn’t?

Chipotle and munchers

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