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House Speaker O'Neal representing plaintiffs in lawsuit against state over budget bill

DeNada. I don't think the LJW article was intended to go into the nature of the suit much. It was more focused on the story about the Represenative's dual roles.

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House Speaker O'Neal representing plaintiffs in lawsuit against state over budget bill

While I certainly am confused as to how someone can ethically be the leader of the entity being sued AND be on the team doing the suing, the issue is one that needs to be addressed. For years, members of specific groups that are licensed/regulated by the state have paid fees that are meant (by law) to only cover the costs of regulating that sector, only to have the Legislature RAID those fee funds to spend the money for other things, leaving the state regulatory bodies strapped for cash and unable to do their jobs properly. The legal challenge is a valid one, but the state agencies in question never had the nerve (or perhaps legal standing) to challenge the entity that funds them (the Legislature).

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Sales tax proposal rejected

So it's just fine to have a sales tax on baby aspirin, but not viagra? There are tons of tax exemptions for special interest groups that would ONLY impact those who use those types of products or services, but could bring BILLIONS more into the state coffers. So we cut back (even more) on government services, or we find a new source of reveune.

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Proposed bill would let judges reduce sentences for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder

Judges do not need this power. They already have it. When giving a sentence, even one that deviates from the grid, they can decide to be lenient. They just have to give reasons. And if a defendant is found guilty, but there is some reason to mitigate the punishment, the judge should be able to make that decision. Otherwise, we'd not need humans on the bench; a computer would do fine.

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Proponents of tax increase urge legislative committee to approve Parkinson's plan

Much I detest the idea of raising taxes, the equation is simple. We can either eliminate some tax loop holes, or cut back even further on government services. We can do things like shut down schools (including diminishing services at postsecondary institutions, which can seriously have a negative impact on the economy, not just directly, but indirectly; people out of work need to attend classes at technical and community colleges, not just universities, to get more training). Or not give aid to the elderly who need help. Etc.

Here are just a few examples of the hundreds of tax exemptions, the elimination of which can bring billions of dollars into play. Do a search yourself at www.kslegislature.org Read some of them and decide for yourself if these people and groups should continue to be exempt, at the expense of the poor, roads, schools, and other critical governmental services.

74-8721. Ticket sales exempt from sales tax. All sales of lottery tickets and shares shall be exempt from retailers' sales taxes imposed pursuant to K.S.A. 12-187 et seq., and amendments thereto, and from the tax imposed by the Kansas retailers' sales tax act.
79-3424. Exempt from other taxes. The business of using, manufacturing or selling of motor-vehicle fuels or special fuels shall not be subject to any excise, license, privilege or occupation tax other than the one herein imposed, whether such tax be imposed by the state of Kansas or by any municipal corporation or other political subdivision of this state; and no municipal corporation, or other political subdivision of this state, shall levy or collect any tax upon, or measured by, the sale, receipt, importation, distribution or use of motor-vehicle fuel or special fuel, or any excise, license, privilege, or occupational tax upon the business of manufacturing, using, selling or delivering motor-vehicle fuels or special fuels. History: L. 1933, ch. 317, § 24; L. 1992, ch. 106, § 21; L. 2006, ch. 81, § 8; April 13.
79-201k. Property exempt from taxation; purpose; business aircraft.For all taxable years commencing after December 31, 2002, all aircraft used predominantly to earn income for the owner in the conduct of the owner's business or industry. If the owner's business or industry is the leasing of aircraft, the lessee's use of the aircraft shall not be considered in determining this exemption. For purposes of this provision, "predominantly" means: (1) At least 80% of the total use of the aircraft; or (2) utilization of the aircraft such that all of the aircraft costs are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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Beware of idiots

I read all I needed to know when he admits to deliberately being mean to his own child.

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City of Lawrence backs off issuing tickets over unshoveled sidewalks — until next week

I got my driveway cleared (I don't have a public sidewalk on the property) and then (1) the city snow plows put 3 feet of snow AND ICE back onto my driveway (at the end) and (2) it snowed again last night.

Maybe we don't need this ordinance. Anyone who slips and falls and gets hurt because someone responsible was negligent in keeping things safe ( and that are open to the public) can make a claim against that entity or person's insurance. What does the ordinance provide that simple liability law does not?

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Candidate needed to pick up Democrat banner

Dennis Moore would have the best shot at beating Brownback, imo.

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Audiologist donates hearing aids to tumor patient

Bonnie, you may want to save some of that $$ that was raised for you to cover the costs of batteries! Sounds like that is going to be pretty expensive too. Thanks to all who donated - good karma coming your way(s)!

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Woman uses Facebook to raise money for hearing aids

Bonnie's (many) friends are also putting together a silent auction to benefit this cause (and she also has a ton of medical debt for the cancer surgery and treatment). Anyone wanting to help this lovely young woman out is encouraged to go to the Vineland site, read her story, and donate. Every dime helps out a worthy person and cause!

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