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TV news teams forced to relive on-camera humiliations

"(All clips cited can be found on LJWorld.com.)"Where? There are no links in the article or posted clips in the Multimedia > Videos section.

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Economic troubles don't affect reverse mortgages

Mr. Belt, why would you write an 'article' about reverse mortgages with only a mortgage broker as a source? Perhaps you could have consulted/quoted consumer advocates or others with different perspectives. The piece reads like an ad from the mortgage industry.

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Hospital, KUMC reach affiliation deal

What is the relationship between KU, KU Hospital, and KU Medical Center? Why is there a KU 'hospital' and a 'medical center'? Does KU own/control both/either?

I have read a few of LJW's article's about the ongoing affiliation negotiations and have never figured out the relationships. Maybe I missed the article that clearly covered it.

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Lawrence subdivisions run deep

I meant to say -- I'm just tired of hearing 'East vs. West.'

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Lawrence subdivisions run deep

I live in a neighborhood just southwest of Kasold & Clinton Parkway. It was built in the 70's and 80's, from the look and condition of the housing. Much of the neighborhood is rental property, and many folks here cannot even consider buying a house in Lawrence thanks to the cost.

Does that fit the stereotype of West Lawrence?

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Slow sales

Aren't the Manhattan/Junction City numbers skewed by the large increase of military personnel stationed at Ft. Riley? Isn't there a building boom in that area to provide housing now? Too bad that wasn't mentioned in the story.

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/feedback/redesign/07/ -- LJWorld.com 2007

I would like to see the distracting Comments feature replaced by a discussion forum feature. A link to the relevent thread could be provided at the end of each story. That way, Comments would still be readily available to readers who are interested, but not immediately visible and distracting to readers who are not interested.

Sunday classifieds should be available for those who wish to view them later in the week.

A section for all of the local ads run in the print edition would be nice. I would like to see what sales, business events, and services are being advertised locally. Unless I'm mistaken, the "Current JW Ads" link seems to include only a few ads from the print edition, plus some classifieds.

And of course, more cow bell.

Thank you.

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Turnout disappoints vendors at Holiday Bazaar

I am at the Community Bldg. twice a week for a Parks & Rec. class. Did I overlook the flyers about Sunday's Bazaar? I just don't remember seeing anything.

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Beer expert recommends brews to complement holiday meal

Our Thanksgiving meals tend to be pretty heavy so I would prefer a lighter beer, like Stella Artois or Yuingling Lager for balance. That's just my personal preference. Then afterwards, I know I'll be enjoying that yummy Blvd. Nutcracker.

Hopefully the inlaws will not make bourbon a necessity...

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TV series has Lawrence seeing stars

"In order to get a better view of the 20-acre scene, a helicopter gave Ulrich, media-types and almost anyone else a ride up for an overhead look."
Actually, non-press types were politely asked to leave the area by the owner of Bismark Gardens. Despite the fact that LJW published the time and the address of the crop art unveiling, she said it was not intended to be a public event. Interesting since they were apparently trying to raise public awareness about the show.

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