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Chase near Tonganoxie ends with one man taken into custody

Some people just can't resist a good car chase -- even if it endangers the lives of everyone else around.

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Lawrence High soccer captures first victory in 2OT

Go Lady Lions! Kudos to all of the girls for hanging in there during a tough season. Special thanks to goalie Alex for all of her great blocks.

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Lawrence library wants $18 million expansion, asks city to schedule public vote

How fortunate that we commenters have computers that enable us to make statements about the library that run the gamut -- hopeful, cynical, misinformed, positive, judgmental, homeless-phobic, negative, and factual. (Had to look hard for the hopeful and positive, as usual). Oh wait -- maybe some of us don't have our own computers, but are logged on right now at the library.

Hard economic times = increased library use. Check it out-- the Paradox of Increased Library Use: http://www.cslib.org/connector/09conn...

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Reported rapes hit six-year high

Rape is violence. Here's an analogy for those who have difficulty separating the concepts of sex and violence: If I hit you over the head with a frying pan, would you call that cooking?

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LMH says 2 people have been hospitalized with swine flu; 7 others have symptoms

LMH is tracking those who decline the vaccine for only one reason: it's a regulatory requirement. JCAHO, the organization that accredits hospitals, requires that we track the number of individuals who don't take the vaccine.

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