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Gov. Brownback signs Kansas drug test law for aid recipients

You seem to miss the point about civil liberties?

Anyway, the Florida law has not only been more costly due to the extremely low number of failed tests vs the cost of paying for testing, a Federal Appeals Court just upheld the ban on the program. The state paid out for testing that came up empty, and is now paying out for court costs. Not exactly fiscally responsible.

For a cite, here's fox news!

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Amyx, Farmer, Riordan win election to Lawrence City Commission

You just took a huge leap there. Having district elections (like many, many other localities across America already do) would mean that each area of the city would get a voice in city hall. You could even have a hybrid system (again, quite common here in America) where some seats are elected by districts and others are city-wide elections. Heck, there are even cities with district, super-district, and city-wide seats. Amazing, I know.

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Editorial: MU who?

I thought KU basketball was scheduling a tougher non-conference schedule (particularly with teams from larger conferences). Why would they want to add Mizzu to that? They bring nothing to the table. (Except their terrible fans)

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Sound Off: Post office number

It's not directly subsidized, but do they get indirect subsidies to offset the cost of non-profit junk mail?

Did the post office receive government funded start-up capital and, if so, was that cost repaid...

If we're going to drop all the Congressional regulation of the post office, I would hope that also includes the regulations protecting USPS first-class mail and mailbox delivery.

USPS: Can't offer additional services, but can start an apparel line...

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Governor's bill on third-grade reading standards raises eyebrows

You just went from passing the third grade reading assessment to not being able to read in high school--quite a few grades missing somewhere.

Funny thing is, in some ways I agree with your larger point, that students should not be shuffled along from one grade to the next with little regard for whether they are prepared. However, nothing like terrible implementation to screw up a good concept.

The question is whether this plan will actually create some positive change; or whether it's yet another attempt to push something that in the long run actually benefits friends of Sam but has little actual value to Kansans and their children; or whether it's simply (as someone else has already wondered) just a policy meant to look like the Republicans are doing something, when in fact they are not.

This is a reply meant for two above me. Apparently my eyes decided not to work before I finished my coffee today.

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KU student arrested on felony drug charges Wednesday night

Have you ever attacked vehicles?

Well, have you ever attacked vehicles on weed?

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Lawrence City Commission race attracts 11 candidates, including four new candidates who file on deadline day

Your perception. Perhaps they gave their candidacy so much consideration they waited until the last day just to be sure it's what they really thought they should be doing?

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Compton says he thinks convention center would be good addition to downtown Lawrence

The academia comment is true for the most part, either the same hotel or a couple hotels within in a block or two of each other. I also suspect that for a lot of academic-type conferences the Abe and Jakes spot is too small.

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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

I could be wrong, but doesn't the police department have a non-emergency number? I took that comment to mean that calls to the non-emergency number were put on hold, not that they deemed any calls to 911 emergency or non-emergency situations.

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Library project moves forward

I don't have an issue with letting in natural light, and I tend to like more open looking spaces. However, I have to wonder, in the middle of the summer, with the sun beating down and the temps in the upper 90s or higher, what will that AC bill look like?

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