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Song Title and Lyric Game: It has to ask a question

Please forgive me if this one has already been posted. I am just so excited about being able to get back on the posts!!! Why Me Lord? Kris Kristofferson

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"I Love You...But Not Enough To Ruin My Life" - Mike Calzone . What lines do you wish you'd created?

Beachlady (cuz) : The expression " You can't have your cake and eat it too", started in the1540's. This is according to the Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms. The original version of the expression is "you can't eat your cake and have it too." Just a fun bit of trivia for you all.
I am getting so excited to see all my best friends and relatives in July. Today is the last day of school here. WHEE!!

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"I Love You...But Not Enough To Ruin My Life" - Mike Calzone . What lines do you wish you'd created?

I once saw a T- shirt that said " Body by Chocolate " Sure fits my life!!!!

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"I Love You...But Not Enough To Ruin My Life" - Mike Calzone . What lines do you wish you'd created?

Here are several that I really like. My friend is always saying " Pull up your big girl panties and get a grip!". I also remember one that Aunt Glenna used to say. " The faster I go the behinder I get".

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String Me Along: A Musical Monday

Here comes the country western players. I think that Brad Paisley and Keith Urban are both wonderful guitarests. Don't count out Roy Orbison.

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What Are the Chances the Kentucky Derby May Be Rescheduled? Wanna Bet?

I am just as anxious as you are! Can't wait! Why is it that we are both so "in" to these races every year? I know we both loved, and still love horses, from early on. I wonder if brother is as obsessed as we are? I haven't really looked at the field either so don't know who I will go with this year. I don't bet on this race although I do "pick" my choices. I can also still do a really good "shout and holler" through the whole event and lord help anyone or anything that might interupt this race! I have, in the past years, taken to recording it. Just in case.
I hadn't really heard about the bad weather but I know that will be a big concern. I will also pray that the horses and jockeys are safe.

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When Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures: Takes One and Two

On Christmas Eve, our family lost a wonderful and loving lady to cancer. I say lady because that is what she was. Right to the end. The picture of grace. She had two young sons who will remember a mother that was loving and kind with a heart like a lion. Willing to fight to the end.
Thank you for this very thoughtful article sis. Goes to show that we shouldn't judge the cover . No one knows what someone else is going through in life.

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Songs and Lyrics: It's A 'Musical' Monday!

Wand'rin' Star from Paint your Wagon. I believe it was Lee Marvin that sang it in the movie version. Always reminds me of my father.

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Curried Green Splits: Smelling Mighty Good!

Sounds interesting. Have you eaten this before or is this the first try? Let me know how it turns out. I love curry, as do a number of my friends at work. I will pass along the recipe.

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Song Titles and Lyrics: There's Got To Be Two

Righteous brothers, Jan and Dean, Tim McGraw with Faith Hill or vice versa. I love to listen to Kenny Chesney singing with just about anybody. There is a new country group that has great vocals. They are Lady Antebellum. I love the harmony between the male and female lead singers. Also, Sugarland. That's enough for now. Got to get to work.

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