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Closings and cancellations for Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011

Its on the school website oldku...maybe Julie is already in bed? :D

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Closings and cancellations for Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011

Wonder if state employees have to have a snow "make up" day? Ironic isnt it, that state offices will be closed tomorrow, but yet USD497 is balking on cancelling school in blizzard warnings because they are nearing the end of the "forgiven" days and will have to make future snow days up...per state law? derf...

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Two people killed in fiery K-10 car crash

I'm just wondering if the fact the West entrance to the turnpike is closed has played a part in increased traffic on this stretch of K-10? I find myself using SLT far more than I ever used to since the Westbound entrance has been closed. Maybe it's just a coincidence? Nonetheless it's still a very tragic loss for the families who have lost loved ones.

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Six arrested outside downtown club

Well, let's face. It was just a matter of time.
Remember when everyone was having cows over "corporate america" moving downtown? Businesses like the GAP and Borders?
Remember how everyone was up in arms over Lawrence becoming the next Westport?
The beauty of Lawrence has always been the fact that it opens its arms to ALL people. All genres, all social classes, all religions, etc. Good, bad and ugly.
Does that mean we like it? Nope. But it's going to happen eventually. We can't live in a bubble our whole lives.
I'm sure the Cleavers weren't too happy when all the hippies moved in back in the '60's either.
Nobody likes a troublemaker, don't get me wrong; however, it's (violence, crime) a part of the real world that many people here would rather cover their eyes to.
Personally I think the michievious makers that come from out of town come here just for that.....it's not their town, they don't live here, they don't care.
I'm sure there are a lot of people that act differently when they are cutting loose in a different town than their own. Ok, so maybe Lawrence isn't exactly Vegas in comparison to Topeka and Kansas City, but maybe it allows the trouble makers to feel like big dogs because they can't cut it for real in their own hoods? Maybe they are just ignorant? Maybe they are really smart and are just doing stupid things?

I too have seen plenty of "bar" violence in Lawrence, not just at Last Call. Music has nothing to do with it...it rarely does. More times than not it's due to testosterone OD.

There used to be a place here in town 15-20 years ago called the Outhouse (think it's a strip bar now). People always tried to get it shut down because of the crowd that went there. At that time everyone was scared of the skinheads and punk kids. **Usually** the only real trouble was from the outside crowd (frat boys, cowboys) coming to instigate fights with the "freaks."

Oh, and also, someone said something earlier about the crowd that goes to Last Call....about college coeds doing things their parent's wouldn't approve...I totally agree.
People metamorphosize sometimes when they start drinking or doing drugs. They somehow develop alter egos....some good, some bad.

Common sense isn't so common.

Don't blame the cops, don't blame the owners, don't blame the patrons that come to have fun...blame the individuals.

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Pom squad coach may lose job following student drinking incident

It sounds to me like the sponsor was trying to give the girl the benefit of the doubt...now look where it got her.

I think the girl involved should voluntarily give up her pom pons...that would be a decent thing to do considering a teacher's job is at stake....

Perhaps the sponsor should have just pulled the girl that night and told everyone else that there was a sudden illness? I've seen routines with people absent before...big deal, the show still goes on. At least the sponsor's job wouldn't be on the line now.

And I respect the fact that the sponsor did report the incident to both the parents and the supervisor. How many football coaches overlook the same incident involving their players?? Wasn't there something about jocks taking speed or caffeine pills not too long ago? Didn't see anyone losing any jobs over that...

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Parents protest yearbook content

I bet Phile Kline could help them out with some names....hee hee

I remember in my old high school yearbook there were pictures of kids smoking and drinking beer on senior skip day. They just blobbed out the label on the can and put a pencil in the kids hand (how very Bob Dole)..lol But nobody complained.

All of the things those parents are whinging about aren't even news to the kids. And actually, there is probably a good chance that the things those parents are having a fit over are some of the things that their own kids will experience at some point. (Bet their own kids arent as innocent as they think.)

Those parents are naive to think they can shelter their children from life. Good or bad choices. They cant live in a bubble forever.

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N. Lawrence looking to benefit from publicity for CBS drama

Oh, and I almost forgot.....a native Kansan that is actually mentioned in the original article....Stan Herd...he is a brilliant artist for those of you that may have never seen his work. He is also a really, really nice person and very down to earth. He has gained world-wide success over the years, and well deserved at that. I believe there is a book of his works in publication if anyone wants to check it out. Very creative and a true original!!

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N. Lawrence looking to benefit from publicity for CBS drama

Wasn't Lou, from the Mary Tyler Moore show also a native Kansan?
What about Billy Mills? the famous Native American track olympian? He was from Kansas and there was a movie made of his life I think....
Think Carrie Nations was a Kansan too...
William Allen White would be a good one considering his involvement with bringing WWII realities to America...
Dont forget Bonnie and Clyde...were they from Kansas?
Mom of 3, I think I have it the same as you...cant get it out of my head...grrrrr!!!! :) Its like that bad pop song you cant get out of your head! "OOps I did it again....." (hope that gets stuck in somebodys head..lol)

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N. Lawrence looking to benefit from publicity for CBS drama

mom of three--
you are hot today!! lol....thanks for jogging my memory...my moneys on you... ;)

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N. Lawrence looking to benefit from publicity for CBS drama

10. Amelia Ehrhart
11. William S. Burroughs
12. Langston Hughes
13. Charlie Parker
Oh, I can go on...lololol

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