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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

If Kansans who receive state benefits have to take a drug test in order to receive benefits, I believe Kansas politicians should also have to take a drug test in order to get paid. And any state employees. ANY Kansan who receives any money from the state. Fair's fair, right?

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Victim advocate recognized for decades of working with traumatized witnesses

Dolores is incredible. The work she does is hard and traumatizing, but she continues to do it. She is an asset to the DA's office. Thank you for the work you do for this community Dolores!

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Bailey, Reaver named Lawrence Teachers of the Year

Becky is awesome! Congrats!

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Native Americans, supporters put on flash mob demonstration in South Park for Idle No More

@thingtwo, just ignore the trolls. I am quite sure all the racist, red-necked trolls will soon be posting. Par for course.

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Suspicious cooler contains rotten fish bait

Thank god it was only fish bait.

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Mobile homes at Riverview Trailer Park declared unfit for habitation

When a landlord has to state he is not a "slumlord', he probably is a slumlord. $800 a month, ridiculous.

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Invisibility deadly to teen

So Zimmerman has "many black family members and friends." Of course he isn't a racist (sarcasm). He killed a child who did nothing but go to the store to get snacks. End of story.

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Occupy Lawrence members ticketed in South Park

He wasn't elected by the"majority" of Kansans. He was elected by a very small group of people who unfortunately got off their a**es to vote. I do admit that part of the problem going on right now is very few people exercise their right to vote and now we are living the results of that right, on-going poverty for the middle class (the working poor), people in positions of power who unfortunately do not have our best interests in mind, etc. But the great thing about this country is that we have rights...that includes the right be civil disobedient when we believe there needs to be a change.

So Mr. Lippencott, what have they been teaching you lately? Or are you an old dog who refuses to learn new tricks?

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