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Chalmers diving in

Does anyone have any inside info or rumors. here in Nebraska we don't have anything until, well its on here.

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Legends hit the links

Who was ALL there, what were thier scores???? Perhaps a box sciore or recap, that would have been nice.

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Rushing off

Oh he can come back to college if he dosen't pull his name out of the draft. he will be inelligable to play for Kansas, an thats where most of you are basing your feelings on. If he won't play for KU he's making a big mistake, he this guy(not kid) is 22 not 18 or 19, he's very smart and can make that decision for himself and his family.
We as fans can only take what he does and support him and cheer him either way. What it sounds like if he goes pro you will boo him and if he stays you guys will disown him for even thinking about leaving.

He's a Jayhawk no matter what, why should the fans alienate that?

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Self, Wright to hold 4 p.m. press conference: Coverage live on Channel 6

Ithink most have forgotten what the NBA draft is all about...Its not about a teams needs, its about a players upside, the future. If it was what a team needed then KG and Kobe would not have been top 5 picks, but the scouts saw thier upside and even then people were saying it was crzy for teams to take them, those teams look pretty smart now.

If Ju goes or stays I wish him luck, he has tremdous upside and skill. I think he is more built for the NBA/street game instead of the half court game in college.

Many have stated "so many great players coming out" But no one has mentioned a name to go with them. yeah the Florida 4 will be up there but Green will not be a top 10 pick. Ju has a chance for a lottery pick, youi know as well as I do, if that was there for the taking you would take it.

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