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Douglas County to seek construction manager for Public Works facility

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Downtown Lawrence British restaurant Queen Lizzy's closing Dec. 21, but seeking new location

Can you tell me how many times JW has done a story or update on Queen Lizzy's? Quite honestly for a kinda lame place to eat they sure seem to get alot of ink !!

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Trains, trolleys, trails among the projects city commissioners considering for grant funding

Restore the trolly tracks between 6th and 8th on Indians st?? Are you F Kidding me!! I say throw that 20% ($132,000) the city will have to match into the much needed Library! What A joke!!!

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Knology set to drop WGN, RFD TV and other networks from cable lineup; Baker files plans for $1.2 million wetland education center; study finds Lawrence has among the lowest development fees in the region

Looks like someone on the other side of the fence is excited! He may have a lynch mob after him if he speaks too much!! Kidding of course!!

“I’m still pinching myself,” said Boyd, who has been officially overseeing the care of the wetlands since 1982 and has been wrapped up in all the legal wrangling of the SLT project. “I’m still having a hard time believing that it actually is going to happen.”

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Letter: Natural rights

Well Elizabeth sounds like a very depressing time you had on your walk!

Did you really write that with a strait face?
Because it cracked me up when I read it.
Then I realized "I think she may have been serious"

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Town Talk: On the lookout for buried soldiers at Ninth and N.H.; does a one-block bike lane do any good?; fees for new electric golf carts on the rise at Eagle Bend

Yet a vast majority of bikers will still run stop signs and traffic lights, or bike all the way to the front of the line at stop light and stop signs. Bike lanes are great, however following the rest of the traffic laws might benefit you better.

"Lawrence bicyclist Mike Myers said having a place to get out of traffic, even if it is just for a block, is a big deal to a bicyclist. "

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Nickerson residents upset with plan to drop police

Time to watch Blazzing Saddles!

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