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City voices support for $725k loan to shelter but wants further discussion of terms

My understanding is the city is quietly drafting plans to raise the Mill Levy in order to have a fund when such things arise.

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City Commission set to decide issue of rental licensing and inspection program

Yes you are correct. We have allready started having our attorney start drawing it up. A $75 one time fee for all tenents as part of any new lease. In the future depending on how nit picky ($ of repairs) the inspection is that may have to increase.
Sorry tenents, but but we landlords cant keep eating the costs of the citys programs.
I pearsonally am not that concerned with condition of my units, but with the rise of the Mlll Levy for everything aroud here I just can't keep acting like it's the cost of doing business.

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Lawrence wants property to house multimillion dollar police headquarters

I've got plenty of land to give the city. All I want in return is to lease it back to the city and name it " Rock Chalk Police Park"
Hang on a a second Thomas Fritzel is returning my phone call on the "how to screw the city" hotline.

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City seeking volunteers for snow shoveling program

No Thanks

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Good Neighbor program breaks the ice between students and their new neighbors

Rest assured Candice, after they meet you they will have wised they hadent.

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For tenants and landlords, knowledge is power


Wonder why you didn't mention that heating and air conditioning personal were at your apt each time you called to try and fix a/c issue? They always reported it was working as it should. (never was operating above 80 degrees of top floor apt)
Wonder why you didn't mention that contractor blew a foot of insulation in the attic to try and help matters?

Caitlin Doornbos & Nicole Wentling — Lawrence Journal-World- I would suggest that just because Jenna writes for daily Kansan you dont take everything at face value.

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Letter: Unsafe spot

I ride that path often and havent seen or been involved in even the slightest close call. I still want to see the accident report so see what the factors involved were. There are many other intersections in town that are far more unsafe than this one. Such as 23rd and Iowa, 6th and Walkarusa, 6th and Kasold, the list goes on.
As tragic as this death is, the reality is people must be more aware both driving and biking/walking anywhere.

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City prepares to approve budget tonight, including $62 million worth of road and infrastructure projects

Except for the property taxes you pay probably dont amount to sh-t.
I sure dont have a problem spending more to the west as they spend way more in property taxes. Hows that for keeping it westside REAL???

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City agrees to expand rental inspection program to all areas of Lawrence

Maybe not all of them

joes_donuts 1 hour, 3 minutes ago
As a tenant, I am just going to refuse the city entry into my dwelling. My landlord takes good care of his properties, so I don't need a stranger looking through my underwear. If they want to go to court, so be it but by the time the case is heard I will be living in another city. Without probable cause, I don't think they have the authority to enter my home.

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