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Lions to rotate QB duo, for now

Both great kids, both hard workers! Good luck to all tonight!!

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Lawrence High graduate honored for winning Buick Achiever Scholarship

Congratulations to Kelsey and her family!! What an honor! You should all be very proud!!

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To be determined: His position pending, LHS football's Sutter intent on leading

Tucker is a great kid and he works his tail off along with a lot of other players at LHS. This class of seniors may not be the most talented that LHS has ever put on the field but you won't find a group of boys that have worked any harder or that play with more heart and desire. I hope they have the great season they deserve!!

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Harmon-Thomas 16th in World Youth heptathlon

Way to go Alexa! So proud of you!!

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Alexa Harmon-Thomas in high jump finals

Amazing! Awesome! Congratulations Alexa!!

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Sound Off: School district conference

Man, they could have used that money for a new weight room at Free State... oh, wait, that cost well over $150,000 and they already did that! Nevermind then, off to Destin you go!!

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Former LHS ace Cleavinger named freshman All-American

Congratulations Garrett and the entire Cleavinger family!! I am sure that is one proud group, from little brother up to grandpa!!

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Lawrence pizza restaurant to donate all sales and tips to Oklahoma City tornado relief effort

Thank you so much Roger and Linda! What an awesome gesture!!

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Vehicle rolls over near 10th and Mississippi streets

At this particular accident, my car was parked less than 6" from the curb. I know because we talked about it when we parked yesterday afternoon. Poorly parked cars were not the cause of this wreck but I am anxious to find out what was. And I am very glad the young woman is going to be okay.

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After 38 years, Douglas County's most senior fire captain retires

Congratulations Allen! So happy for your whole family!!

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