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Coyotes reported within Lawrence, likely due to a cold winter

The coyote presence is much greater than this article implies. I live in the 6th St., and Lawrence Ave., area close to the golf course. We have seen coyotes for years running through our side yard, yelping in packs around my house, fighting in the street. They are NOT shy or afraid of humans at this point. They laze licking their leg in our side yard.
I didn't mind them until one grabbed our Maltese over a year ago. The neighbors helped do a search. I received a call from a neighbor the following day stating they also lost their small dog to coyotes, and they'd seen one looking happy lounging in their yard just that morning. They also said coyotes were coming into their yard in full daylight while people were outside.

I contacted the City Animal Control and was told coyotes have as much right to be in the city as we.do. I appreciate that.

I contacted a specialist in Nebraska and he was kind enough to share this info.

1) the city is feeding coyotes via compost and allowing chickens.
2) coyotes will become tame enough that they will take household pets and will approach them on a leash as they become more comfortable.
3) coyotes will begin to attack humans (children) if they need a food source.

Ways to prevent coyote kills.
1)don't throw scraps out, cover compost, keep pets inside.
2) use tall fences that are pointed at an angle to prevent coyotes from jumping them.
3) make lots of noise should you see a coyote (helps keep them afraid of humans). Grab a pot and bang on it, honk car horn, etc.

Good luck everyone.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I love Gootsie!

And it's not ruined....it's just different, as are we, that's all.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Tisk tisk....and I thought I had a hard time with change. This is well past due and it won't destroy the Journal World or prevent people (who have something to actually say) from participating in a heated discourse.

We were asked during the Citizen Journalism Academy if we wanted to be anonymous or not. We voted to be required to use our real names. I regretted that only in reference to one 'in tang able' person. For the most part it has been a good thing and helped me consider and reconsider implications of what I would say.

The only down side was that others weren't required to be their authentic selves :)

I've made amazing friends through this forum and remain in contact with many of them today. I have The World Company to thank for that.

So suck it up, sign in and justbegintowrite again.

A shout out to River, Kansas52, Camper, Schula, Irish, OBob, Jonas, auntie autie (a cuzin twice removed and officially from another family), RoadApple, Marion (yep, love the guy), Ron Holzworth, piano man,Aisling, Multi (may she rest in peace), Lady Jane, Gnomie, and so many others......snappy. David Lignell, I could and should go on and on....but I won't.

Onward and upward. A sign of the times.

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Jose Pacheco's enchanted truck

What a terrific story and video! Richard Gwin has always had a keen eye and a different angle that he utilizes to capture, via camera, and then to captivate the viewer!

One would think he's an award winning photographer. ;()

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Kansas Humanities Council announces new state poet laureate

Congrats to Wyatt. She's an amazing poet and spirit. Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg left some mighty big shoes to fill - Wyatt doesn't wear the same style - both nurturing, spiritual, fine poets.

Wyatt's husband Roderick is a terrific poet - and author of 15 children's books - in his own right (write!).

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What is your favorite poem?

Wings of a Redbird
Ronda Miller
In loving memory of my niece
who would have turned 32 today.

Out of the corner of my eye
Your bright red wings spread
Catching me by surprise
Take my breath and use it
To lift yourself away
You fly on some higher plane
Encircling all you've loved
In one uplifting swoop
And now you're gone
I continue to hold my breath
Until I find
One lone feather left behind
To hold against my chest

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Vigil held to promote gun control

Good discussion everyone. That's generally the first step towards reaching an agreement.

Fred_mertz, I don't know that we are coming from opposing sides. When I said I don't want to take your guns, I wasn't referring to all guns. And it was my personal statement. Truly there are people on far left and right sides. It isn't about an all or nothing in my mind. Just sensible restrictions, laws, health care for AlL, preventative measures, societal awareness and responsibility.

Reality_check, I agree that registered gun owners are not responsible for committing most crimes - it, registration, helps make people more accountable. That stat may change once all gun owners are registered. Registration isn't the end but a beginning. It also helps track a stolen or gift gun...to assist in finding criminals.

I disagree that this issue has come to the front in response to the ill person who committed the mass murders in Sandyhook. I think it's more about honoring lives of tiny bodies riddled with bullets. People have been fighting for these same changes for many years - our children being shot down has sickened a nation.

And, Larry, I grew up on a farm in NW Kansas. My grandfather didn't have a semi or automatic weapon. He shot coyotes for a couple of bucks for their ears, sometimes a rattlesnake, although my grandmother could use a mean hoe, and sometimes he put an injured animal - wild or tame - out if its misery.

I've shot guns for decades, am a former PD and enjoy target practice whenever I get the chance.

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Vigil held to promote gun control

Fred, I agree with your suggestion - then again that check shouldn't be just for people with health issues but former criminals too. Most of the murderers won't be stopped via checks though. That doesn't mean we should've stop those we can. And I absolutely agree we need health care for all - not only those with brain (it's an organ folks!) problems but fit ALL.

There are mental health vigils. Get out more!

Larry, honestly I do find it odd that the stats are low in deeming that people with brain dysfunction (it's an organ, folks), commit few of the homocides, read them for yourself, because I think anyone who kills anything has got something wrong going on. I appreciate their are so called crimes of passion - aren't these also referred to as temporary insanity?

Gun control, back ground checks, better health care for ALL, no semi automatic weapons, social conscious are all factors. it. with so many issues. isn't as clearly defined as some would have it.

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Vigil held to promote gun control

The real losers are the people killed each year due to gun violence, the additional sixty plus thousand who are wounded by gun violence, and the thousands upon thousands of parents, brothers and sisters, friends, children left to attempt to go on with their lives.

For those of you who were not among the dozen of us there last night, there is a difference between gun control and gun violence. We aren't trying to take anything from you, we're trying to give you something back. The ability to go to a movie or out to dinner without having to make an exit plan should a shooter with an automatic or semi automatic weapon appear.

And for clarity - there were at least a couple of republicans present last night. Caring about America the Insane's future is a bipartisan effort.

Additional clarity, very few people with brain illness commit murder. Are there statistics about how many people with high blood pressure or diabetes commit murder? We need to stop grouping people by political party and illness for starts. Once we begin to do that, maybe all violence will dwindle.

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Behind the Lens: A religious experience in Nicaragua

What an amazing trip and adventure, Richard! Thanks for sharing your story and, as usual, your amazing photography skills! Fascinating lifestyle and sights to see.

Retirement tiny home......

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